Go on ask the 8ball robots

go on ask the 8ball robots

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Will we get the apartment figured out and everything settled?

Should I reconnect with my old high school friends? I feel attached to them but we really have nothing in common anymore.



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Am I gonna make it, 8-ball?

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Will i be female in my next life

Fuck, i meant a qt female

Am I gonna like getting ass fucked 2nite?

does she still care 8ball?

wow that's so nice 8ball!!!

Is he still in love with her?

Will I ever get my shit together 8ball?

everyone here is being lied to, yes?

Should I break it off?

Will it happen?

will i be alone for the rest of my life, 8 ball? sure as hell hope not...

8ball will I die in 2019?

Asking again
8ball will I die in 2019?

Will I reach my goals this year?

Will i date amelia?

Will i endure xanax

will gf comings to me

gibs soon pls

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Will I actually be able to leave tomorrow on my own? Please be honest. This is important.

Will I ever fuck kemololi cunny


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can i grow a foot taller

Is she gonna show up?

Ah crapbaskets, expected as much.

Should I just forget about her and let her ass go back to China?

Will she say "yes" today?

Will my gf be real this time

Is the path im on the right path study wise

REEEE roll fuck this ball ill make it say yes

will google experience a huge data breach soon

Am I going to become a translator this year?

>Will I ever rule the world?
Probably not in this life time

Alright then
Oh wait that means that I'd probably do

Never mind, she just showed up, 8-ball don't know SHIIIIT!

Will a girl ever say yes?

Will i ever fall in love origanlo

Will i have gf and lot of money in next 5 year ?

will i get a gf this year or is it another doomed year

will she get fine soon

Will i have a gf and ton of money in this year?

will i fuck a pawg milf

What about now you fucking stupid ball faggot

Will today be chaotic?

i will fucking break you 8-ball REEEEEE


i dont want a gf at this point, will i just get fucking friends
fucking christ user you poor thing

Will I ever have a full hairline again?

i got what i wanted never give up the 8 balls a bitch that we can break

shall i end it 8ball?

Am I going to drop out of uni?

Should I play guitar every morning and Chess Titans every evening instead of coming here?

Are the odds of fate in my favor?

Am I fated to fail?

Will everything turn out right

8 - Don't count on it
We'll see about that bucko.

Fuk me in the ass

8ball, is OP gay this time?

Will i pass the semester?

will i live?

should I originally kill myself already?

is it gonna end how i know it will?

When will I go to Arkansas and see my bf


Will I look extremely qt in my ID card? :3c

oh great magic 8ball
is it worth to live