No more jacking off!

>No more jacking off!

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or what akari, you're just a smol loli

>Um well just stop

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but akari, its normal for males to jack off, unless you can find a replacement for it ideally you being the replacement then ill stop silly

>I-I don't know if I would be good enough for you...

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and whys that silly girl

can u faggots stop this cringe larp posting

>I don't know, I'm just too nervous

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All of this is cancer

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ok then. have sex w me?


then Im fapping faggot

theres nothing to be nervous about akari-chan, big bro will be nice with you
this is some gay ass shit nigga tho

>Ok if you say so Onii-chan

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Die weebshits

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>its normal for males to jack off
What is normal is what's the norm but such norm isn't always what's right. As far as masturbation is concerned, it is a sinful act and the wages of sin is death. Put two and two together...

Why would I stop? I don't plan to.

But, akari, there's free pornhub premium

good girl akari-chan let onii-chan do all the work and let him headpat you

>tfw at gym but op and the other poster gave me a boner

>H-hai, please pat my head Onii-chan!

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Dirty thoughts aren't allowed either!

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This thread just made me wanna jack off.

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Woah! That looks dangerous!

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formerly safe

just don't get hard

head pats are better then masturbation or sex akari-chan so you're a good girl for allowing him to do so

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Why am I reading this in a high pitched animu voice
I think I understand everything now.

Easier said than done at times. Give me enough opiates and "dope dick" should save me.

>I think I understand everything now
Do you see the superiority?

But that's literally ERP. Is that why yall want to be cute little girls?

>Is that why yall want to be cute little girls?
I never said I wanted to be one, I just say that they are superior to their 3D counterparts.

not him but why would anyone not want to be a cute little girl? or 2d qt boy, which is superior.

Well I don't see the appeal to be completely honest but taste is subjective I guess. I am more interested in exploring other aspects of this bizarre phenomenon.

you should be fine eventually