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>someone save me.
Sure, I got my pliers right here.

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Why not?

I don't get it.


mine are infected but for some reason dont hurt
however im getting cavities cuz of them cuz of all the bacterial buildup

My genetics saved me partially. I was only born with upper wisdom teeth, so I only have to get 2 removed. The leftie is already gone. It's time for the rightie.
Want to know what it's like to get them removed and what to expect afterwards?

Whats that? Anesthetic? haha No this will only hurt a second.

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The teeth are just pulled out. Nothing is going to happen. Might bleed and hurt a bit, but it's not like anything bad will happen. Your teeth have already fallen out once, should be pretty similar experience.

Is what I assume, anyway. I haven't got them pulled out since I'm poor as fuck.

It will bleed and hurt a bit, but most likely you will get a sore and locked jaw for a day or two as well. Also, you won't be able to eat solid food, smoke, drink from straws, or spit for 48 hours. Trust me, 48h of eating nothing other than soup and mashed potatoes is worse than it sounds.
I also hear that getting your lower wisdom teeth removed is worse, but I was born with only upper ones, so I wouldn't know.

Is it possible to eat something like potato salad? Then it would be more tolerable. What about speech though? Isn't it hard to talk when your jaws are locked?

I wouldn't get them removed if I were you, you will not be as wise afterwards.

I think it is different for everyone, I had to be put under and have all 4 surgically removed and didn't feel much pain at all and was eating solids the next day.

Idk. You're only supposed to eat non-solids, or pasty things. As far as talking goes, you'll most likely be fine as long as you don't get all 4 done at once. Talking isn't really difficult, but it can hurt.

Idk, dude. My dentist told me to not eat solids for 48 hours, and I like to follow doctor's indications.

>tfw the dentist says theres enough space in my mouth to let my wisdom grow in without issue
Being born the ugly subhuman that I am, Im at least greatful for the one good genetic perk I have. Get fucked, jawlets

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Remove them asap user. I AM SERIOUS. Big chance your front teeth will impact and you will have crooked teeth and that's UNFIXABLE with retainer.
Also you are already suffering so removing them isn't that much worse believe me.
And they sometimes rot from inside and are very difficult to brush JUST REMOVE THEM user PLEASE

Dentist here. You live near the DC area? I could give a discount.

Wisdom teeth arent a plague... Mine have been there for 5 years (since age 16).
Nothing happened, they fit in perfectly into my jaw.. Even the dentist said so. They certainly are practical whenever im eating old dry bread, carrots or some other hard foods

tfw have teeth like skull on the left

I take care of my teeth and they're pearly white but should I get braces? I've heard they hurt much more when you get them as an older person (21)

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Wisdom teeth removal was the most pleasant dental experience of my life

>go in
>ask for local anesthesia
>dont even feel them slice my gums open
>teeth pop out with barely any struggle
>that orgasmic feeling of getting those shitty teeth out and feeling your gums heal
>get to pop percocets all week
10/10 would grow wisdom teeth again

I have this thing, yet i've never felt it.
Dentist told me if i'll need it extracted i'll have to go to the surgeon
Also i love my canine teeths

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