Get fucked by chad

>get fucked by chad
>get dumped
>attempt suicide
>pic related

the absolute state of women

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Someone really needs to put out a PSA to suicidefags reminding them that the brain is not located in the chin and it never has been at any point in all of human evolution. You know where the brain is, you idiots. Point the barrel at that. Like Shuaiby did. God damn.

>that center photo
you guys ever seen a dog in heat

after her parents found her they shouldn't have brought her to the hospital, they should've just shot her and finished the job seeing as that mess was completely unsalvagable from the start.

Kinda reminds me of that busted Geralt bust from a The Witcher 2 Collector's Edition (pic related) on the right photo.

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Lmao, no more Chad for the roastie. Bet she still thinks she's too good for you incels.

KEK and some people actually think women have life on easy mode. Women are S.H.I.T. cute boys are the future of family life.

Good riddance, now she even gets to experience the ugly life. She didn't die, yet she ended up in hell

Now she gets to spin her situation for max virtue and victimization points, in true female fashion

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even that can fail if you're unlucky enough. some dudes have survived suicide by pointing a pistol directly at their brain. if you want to kill yourself you do SHOTGUN TO HEAD or you jump head first from a building that is AT LEAST 30 meters tall. Being left a cripple from a suicide attempt and being unable to attempt suicide again is the most miserable state of existence anyone can experience.

Girl in the op was a shotgun to the head

I wonder what her ex-boyfriend feels like about all of this. Like if he regrets or anything. It would be quite interesting to hear about.

Clearly not to the skull, bitch pointed it upwards on her chin and the bullet flew past up her nose LMFAO. The 3% shotgun to head survival rate comes from people who do this shit.

this. just do like the kid with the faggy face mask did last year and point your shotgun directly to your forehead.
if i was a burger i would do that but no i needed to be a fucking leaf and have a more strick gun law

Or like that venezuelan thug that murdered like a dozen of people, got high as a kite, and tried to off himself with an FAL rifle, and failed, survived with the bottom half of his face blown up.

>now she even gets to experience the ugly life

This is far far beyond the ugly life, especially considering how many here are even a bit above average just with body dysmorphia and autism and few are actually eggey tier.

Everyone she encounters will react with shock and disgust to a level that most people here could only dream of.

This, fuck's sake. Even anime drawing suicides point the gun at the wrong spot. That and shitty trigger discipline get me angry like nothing else. Suicide is NOT DIFFICULT.
>find a skyscraper or a massive cliff
>jump off it, preferably headfirst
>dead on impact
If you want to do it by gun point it at the side of your head just above your ear. Presto change-o you're free from existence.
Anyone stupid enough to put the gun under their chin deserves what they get.

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>Carter was convicted by a judge of involuntary manslaughter, who stated this was due specifically to a final text in which Carter told Roy to get back in his truck, which was filling with carbon monoxide, when he became scared.

Le absolute state of women.

More specifically, they should focus on destroying the brain stem. Barrel in the mouth, straight back, any other place and you may survive as a retard.

This is unironically why girls kill themselves differently from men, and tend to take pills or some other form of suicide that doesn't involve ruining the looks.

Apu gets it I'm proud of you Apu

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Seriously why the fuck do people put the barrel under the jaw? How is it hard to shove it in the mouth and aim properly? There is genuinely zero excuse for such failures with such an easy method.

I can't open my jaw that wide user, I have a small mouth

Is this a belly button in her face? Lmao, would commit suicide right again.

What the hell type of weapon would one being trying to use that's unable to fit in the mouth?

had to remain her 2015 version, she looked much cooler

i don't think a dog in heat can crumble her nose like that

she had to get a much longer term... in any way i now feel from any moral guilt to push any woman i meet online or offline to suicide and other bad decisions

>not even capable of committing a proper suicide with a fucking .308

Absolute state of women