OC Pepe/Apu Thread

I'm tired of seeing the same images. But I also suck at art. We should make some new Pepe/Apu images

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I can't make very good ones. But its something, at least.

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I hope somebody else contributes soon

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trying to do some experimental shit, idk

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gives more

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okay, I made another. Here. But I can only do so much on my own. Make some, no matter how shitty

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spray pepe

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I'm really bad at drawing but I'll give it a shot, pls keep thread alive while I draw

You got it fren

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I'm messing around with different markers

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hurrrrrr derrrrrrrrr

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pepe with lung cancer. feelin' fine

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Here's one i made awhile back. It kinda sucks but there were no science helper pepes.

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i like the science boy

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This is what is known as the Frog-feels Pseudocreativity Complex. How about instead of perpetuating it you actually make something new and not just the 1 millionth deviation of the same stale shit?

I've tried making new images of characters i've come up with. But people said they didn't like them. So I made some of a character I know people enjoy. I just want people to make some with me. I'm a bored NEET, leave me be

OK I finally finished it, thanks for keeping the thread bumped
This is English Longbowman Apu
He wants to protect his frens from the nasty French who keep bulli them

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very detailed, much better than I can do. bravo user

Thank you fren, my only regret is that I made the canvas a bit small because I was originally just going to do a face, then I decided to include the whole torso but it was too late to increase the size

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If Apu is EL, does that mean Jeanne D'Arc is stacy?

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Im gonna contribute a "rare" pepe

i'm very bad but i made one

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post some of the "bad" characters

Rare as in: no one draws on paper.

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i;m only good enough to edit existing ones but at least they're somewhat original

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i fuck man ass owo!!!!

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moar oc apu

have a peppa peperino on me

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I'm the user who drew longbow apu
I'm about to finish another one for all you frens

the frenegates, donald
this took ages please give (you)'s

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heres a sad pepe i drew a while ago

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I can't share my OCs because I'm currently shilling Merryl oh well

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>the face made when not buying your current line of reasoning

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>the face made when a silver lining has revealed itself

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>a man with many feelings concerning many things

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>he swears he does not know how this keeps happening

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