Who here /highstandards/?

who here /highstandards/?
Females lesser than 8/10 are invisible to me

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yeah me too
i am just wondering why you posted a picture of an empty ice-skating rink

Fulsu flaggo

t. Originalio9

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I've only dated hot girls and it worked out for me.

It is funny. The hot girls are generally cool and let you down easy while the plain janes are the ones who rip you a new one.

>Go up to average 6/10 glasses girl sitting alone in cafe
>Make an observation about the book she is reading
>"What signal did I give you to approach me? Do I look like I would interested in you?"
>"I thought you looked cute so here I am"
>"Leave me a alone, I am not interested in you.
>*Walk away*
>*Hear a loud sigh and then she furiously packs up her stuff and leaves the table*
It took everything in me not to go autistic and curse that bitch out. The nerve. While I approached some real cute girl at a local carnival and she just smiled and apologised than said she wasn't interested. She even wished me luck and gave me a thumb's up.

I don't see women in that image I see cookie cutter thots.
This isn't sour grapes, those women are the female equivalent of beer drinking construction workers watching football.
They have no substance, their appearance is their personality.

how many of them have you become close with? the kind of person i hear talking about active, attractive people being vapid are usually total losers who think abstract art and cartoons are entertaining.

>The hot girls are generally cool and let you down easy while the plain janes are the ones who rip you a new one.
Same with Chad and Brad

No, I have very normal standards I would say. I don't expect everything from a woman, only that they will love me.

This is a reminder that Stacy and Chad are generally nice people because they practically never have bad interactions due to their looks and charm, and as such treat even robots with kindness, whereas their worse versions, Becky and Brad are the true enemy.

I have un-realistically high standards, I feel like it's mostly a mechanism which allows me to make exuses so I don't have to go out of my comfort zone.

"Oh her? She's fucking fat man, fuck that."
"That girl? She's out of my league and probably a bitch."

either too ugly and not interested or too attractive and intimidating.

Abstract art sucks usually.
There are only a rare peice of art that has value even if it's just to rest your eyes on and to numb your brain. Most abstract art is designed to confuse and distort reality which is bad for you.
As for how many I've talked to? Plenty. Their focus is to look good and make every one think their life is always fun. When they don't do this they are bitching about people behind their backs instead of addressing the problem head on.
These people generally have a genuinely toxic view of the world and will do anything to get ahead.

only sheltered people never have bad interactions. if someone takes care of their appearance, they just might be more likely to be smart about avoiding conflict or making good friends. it's more like they have had so many interactions that they won't waste their time as much on petty shit.

>those grapes are sour anyway

the cope is real. fucking incel in denial. pathetic

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Yea usually 'bully' type people only pick on others to try and distract from their own short comings and make themselves feel better. Someone whose truely confident and happy sees no joy in putting other people down.

Stop being so fucking self-absorbed, and your problem will go away. Seriously, trust me on this.

Stacy and Chad nearly never have bad interactions because most people like them. They are funny, charming, good looking, and overall pleasant to be around. This makes them less jaded and believe that people are generally good
t. best friend is the epitome of army Chad

t. I watch Chinese cartoons therefore I have personality

>hey why did you make that abstract art
who said this? i think you're full of shit.

I didn't say talk to, but that's nice man.
p. toxic to judge people like that from a photo alone but if the not-like-the-other-girls you hang with are better for you, then i'm not complaining.

They had countless bad interactions, they just learned from them over time. Only sheltered people don't have them.

>Fox wants grapes
>Everyone else has them
>He can't have them so he says they probably are sour anyways
>Sneaks a taste when no one is looking
>Holy shit these are sour wtf

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The not like other girl girls are like other girls, I wasn't denying that.

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If the cute, intelligent boys you date are less toxic, I'm not complaining homie

nice cope you got there kiddo

Same i just hate ugly girls

lol get fucking owned kid

Same. I just finished up in a 10 year long relationship, been single for the last 6 months and have started looking again. The two things I've learned so far are that online dating sites have shown me is that that "the wall" is very real. I'm 31 and get recommended matches with women around my age and they are all trash. Fucking awful looking. The other thing I've learned is that I have very high standards, most women are so easy to pick apart for negative reason.

i actually did some real research on bully behavior of women and men with quite fascinating result.
its usually expected that low status people who try to distract from their shortcomings and insecurities will bully. this is not entirely true.
it only is true for men. insecure men elevate themselfs by picking on weak males by using physical force usually.

women however dont bully physically. they prefer more verbal tactics. women spread lies and rumors to hurt ones reputation. whats very interesting in contratst to male bullies is that female bullies arent low status females. most female bullies are high status women with lots friends and high reputation.

one additional fact is that women prefer male bosses over female bosses by a whopping majority of 70%.

Nope. Went from fat to skinny and went from almost all interactions bad to all interactions good no exceptions. If you have bad interactions its because there is some physical flaw on you. If you are not fat, it is genetic and unfixable. Stop rationalizing away your bad interactions as you not being ugly.

never understood "lower your standard" meme
how the fuck you can start to be attracted to people that are not attractive to you

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I actually did some real research into you and discovered that you are a colossal faggot with a penchant for stating the obvious.

They had too many bad interactions to let them affect them anymore. Only if you're totally isolated you can avoid them.

>start talking to a girl on tinder
>great interaction, having fun texting a tinder girl for the first time in ages
>wants to meet up for a date, very enthusiastic
>she has some cute pictures but her personality really won me over
>we set up a date and time
>we both show up at the location
>realize her photos are either very old or just super misleading
>instead of slightly chubby she is squarely in the obese category
>face looks a lot more tired, skin in worse shape
>not very physically attracted at all
>we have dinner anyway
>conversation is still great, she just has such a wonderful personality
>go back to my place because had some wine and want to smash even though she looks the way she does
>sucks dick better than any other girl I have ever seen, had to stop her before I just blew my load in a couple of minutes
>actually an amazing lay overall
God fucking damn it lads. This girl is great in every single way except physical looks. I think I am gonna friendzone her.

the meme only exists for getting pussy, for the autistic virgin it's better than absolutely nothing

Why not just settle on her as wife material? They tend to be the best kind and decent mothers. Then you're free to do what you want on the side.

mmm imagine their feet coming out of those ice skates after working up a sweat, I hope they own them personally and use them often.

Footfags need to die. In the most original way possible.

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Lad we only just met, not sure either of us are thinking about anything serious. The choices are between friendzoning her and keeping her as a friend with benefits/casually dating.

When you make a thread like this what are you hoping to accomplish?

The best blow jobs I had were from fat women

I've got high standards.
I don't see why I should lower them.
I'm lonely... but I'm not a woman hating incel that's desperate for some kind of companionship... I'm a failed Chad and still feel like when I'm in a place in my life where I'm not NEET and depressed, I can still aim high like I used to back in the day.

>Dated and fucked 10/10 once.
>Won't settle for any lower than that.
I CAN fuck hot girls apparently, so why should I lower myself to fatties or uggos.

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>Dated and fucked 10/10 once.
wtf are you doing here?

>Things can't ever be like you say they because that would be wishful thinking
Then nothing we know is true.

My standards are p high ngl, doesn't help that I went through an incel/doomer phase for a while as well.

But now I don't really care about sex or gf, rather be on my own.

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Not the same guy but how do I stop being self absorbed?

For porn I have very low standards. I fap to chubby and fat girls very often. But in real life I don't find anything below 8/10 attractive.

Acknowledging it is the first & hardest step (which you have just passed, congrats).
But yeah, listen. Don't talk beyond what is necessary to propel a conversation, just listen to others. Practicing concentration/mindfulness meditation works as well, it's a very useful practice for breaking down the barriers between who you think you are and who you actually are.

they have no ass and no tits
>ugly smiles
>caked up makeup
>look annoying and bitchy

>who here /highstandards/?
checking in. i wont settle for anything less than a cutie with big tits. however women like that arent interested in ugly lads like me so i'll die alone (they might find my height ok, 6'3, but everything else is just a huge let down)

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user you might be homosexual

At least you have a shot, your height by itself is attractive.
I'm 5'10 and average looking and I no matter how hard I "try", I can't be attracted to anything else than cute girls.

those bitches have harder abs than i do and their tits are about half the size of my fist. you sure I'M the gay one you faggot?

nigger you're out here posti g women with the bodies of 13 year old black boys who shoot hoops all day. bitches look infertile as fuck

>high standards
>browsing/posting Jow Forums

yea have fun with that user

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Are these trannies? Where are le tits?

The implication is that your standards are unnaturally high.
Instagram thot pictures and porn have deluded you into evaluating girls based solely on physical attractiveness, and raised your standards to the point where only the top 1% of females even show up on your radar.
Abstaining from these influences will almost certainly drag your standards back down to the natural level.

...maybe. I don't know if any of this is actually true.

don't you get it?? I HAVE HIGH STANDARDS FOR WOMEN WHO I HAVE NO CHANCE WITH. See guys see how hard I fit in here? You relate? You know that feel? Wow I'm so cursed, haha

I don't think it's true, I'm not the guy you're responding to but I've stopped jacking off and I don't watch porn, but my "natural level" for my standards still seems pretty high.
It's mostly the face, I don't care if the girl has some chub, small tits or whatever, but if her face isn't pretty I just fucking can't

user I hate to break out to you, but real life is not porn

> not chad but ever since I was 21 had lots of sex with attractive women
>got out of a long relationship a few months ago
>meet an incredible woman a bit older than me (32, I'm late 20s)
>spitting image of Anna Karina
>we hook up and hang out, see eachother several times every week
>it's been going on for 4 months now
>today we have some heart to hearts, in a laughing way
> she tells me more about her ex boyfriends which she had for many years
>tells me she likes me and wants to keep seeing me but will not want anything long term 'for the moment' (I know this means not with you, not for anytime soon)

what do bros. I think I love her, I mean I have no problem sleeping around and all that, and we can keep seeing eachother, but I think it's actually getting rejected for once that makes me want to love her. I never thought after a few months with anyone else I would actually want to marry them

on the downside she isn't as horny as my exs

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Not them but I still like how conveniently guys skip over the
>evaluating girls based soley on physical appearance

I just hope you are prepared for those same women to treat you the same way, and I hope you have a lot of anti-depressants for when you realize that the Stacys you covet all fuck a few select attractive chads and it is not proportional at all.

Perhaps they should say "evaluate" your standards instead.

I understand that, but if a girl doesn't look good her personality won't make me attracted to her, I know this from experience.

Funny enough you're invisible to prime females yourself.
sub 8 = death rule

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>not chad
>had lots of sex with attractive women
>what do bros
you should probably kill yourself

Woops. Wrong pic. I meant to poost this, he's your competition.

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that's mean m8 why
i'm sad

if user was in my situation i'd try and be nice

So all the thicc/cowtit/big tit/cubby threads and propaganda on here constantly are a meme? I am so confused, 90% of the time this board shits on how ugly they think skinny white girls are, but then you have these "confession" type threads where people say what they really feel and it shows. So you are all that basic, and don't like latinas, or asians, or girls with nice thighs and boobs. These are your standards?

>not chad but ever since I was 21 had lots of sex...

I was a Jow Forums posting virgin til i was 21-22 , and my virginity experience was weird, like if it's hard for you just lose weight, try and be honest and considerate, don,t talk about internet shit, read and enjoy literature, etc etc

im sensitive and i date cute sensitive girls im not chad or muscular im 170cm

How do you go from r9k KHV at 21 to fucking several cute girls?
Also what country are you from?

THOSE are what you consider to be 8/10 or above? Holy shit, your taste is bland.

You sound like such a delusional, groveling sycophant.

yes those are my standards, I'm not from US, so latinas, blacks and asians are not an option, nor are my cup of tea, I like women that look like me (white)
thighs and boobs are nice, but those girls will let themselves go and get fat as they get older and boobs are gonna drop to the floor, fit girls take care of themselves and gonna be attractive for much longer

I grew up in US, moved to UK and lost my virginity. I live on the continent now

the secret: don't be fat, have good hygiene, like literature, don't be too obnoxious and meet people half way, go to uni where everyone is as insecure and horny as you

bros I was chubby at 15 playing TF2 (I was alpha af at tf2 tho) but then started running (fucking hated it tho), been like 60-70 kg ever since. there's always hope I promise, the internet is for losers which is why I'm here right now I'm lacking self confidence obviously, but once you get into uni or something you can push yourself and meet people in a real way. at least that was my path

>I like women that look like me
Because you want to fuck your mum.

The thing that I don't like women doing is that stupid whore pose where they stick their asses out like in your pic. I don't have particularly high standards but I'd find those 3 more attractive if they didn't signal that they are slutty whores.

>don't be fat
>good hygiene
>like literature
I don't read much but I know quite a bit about literature, why is this important though? Most people (that includes girls) don't read anything interesting.
>don't be too obnoxious
I'm introverted as fuck, definitely not obnoxious
>meet people half way
Not sure what that means but doesn't seem like a big issue.
>go to uni
In the process of doing it. I used to be a uni student though and I never made any friends.
All in all I still don't get how these things (more than half of which I've already achieved) should tangibly help. This isn't a rhetorical question and I'm not calling you out, I'm really wondering how just getting fit managed to get you girls. Maybe you're not as awkward as you think you are? Or you're handsome and not very aware of it.

yeah I'm not an autist or ugly but I'm... I'm... hapa

it takes a bit of time bro. you meet people you like and who are nice (no boys club tho where you hang out with people who only play smash bros or smoke week or or something obviously that won't help you), study what you really like. I like literature, and yeah maybe most people don't read interesting stuff but in a uni of 10000 people there will be 500 who do. And you make friends etc., follow your interests :) if your interests are very male-dominated it will be harder to meet cute girls of course. I'm pretty content with my life just sad that maybe the girl I could marry isn't looking for something serious. and I'm not fit just not fat. just meeting people who are into the same stuff as you and making friends will help you meet other people like you and eventually you will meet girls and connect on that, then maybe everybody goes for a drink and you can get a couple of good jokes in etc! I believe in you m8, if I could do it in spite of growing up in a shithole anyone can. and I only date people from my 'tribe', I have no interest (and neither do they) in business type girls for instance

and even if you are an introvert - I thought I am but other people have told me I definitely am not - try and express yourself, as long as you don't offend anyone people will try and continue a conversation with you, I mean you have nothing to lose other than embarrass yourself a little bit but I do that all the time since I speak in my second language every day now

>study what you really like
I have no passion to be honest, so I just picked something I was somewhat interested in and that has job opportunities.
I'm not very passionate about anything in general, my interests are boring (music, movies...) because I'm pretty easily entertained so just taking a walk or listening to music is enough to fill my afternoon
That makes me realize I don't have any noteworthy hobbies. But there's nothing I'd like to get into, so what should I do?
>I only date people from my 'tribe'
I think I'm starting to understand the process. How do you find that group of people that you can easily connect with? Since you're interested in lit obviously it was straightforward for you, but I don't know where I should look at or what I should do to meet like minded people.
>business type girls
What kind of girls are you into? Did you figure it out with experience?

I also had this problem a bit when I was younger, like what do I like... then I used whatcd and downloaded loads of music, went to the library and read loads of books, obviously was a loser at my parent's house til I was 21 so I didn,t have to worry about making a living. Eventually I realised I liked these things and had strong opinions about things

Depends what kind of music, you know there's probably a rock music scene and a club music scene and a classical music scene and a folk music scene near you... do you play an instrument? That could be a start. Or movies, but this is complicated because you need lots of people and organisation to make a film usually. I think university is more about studying and understanding these things as cultural phenomena. But this has to come from you, I promise people who study things that just have job opportunities are just as insecure as you, you could maybe join a club and experiment together. But anyway try and find what really interests and excites you even if you are shit at it, everyone is at first

And art and literature girls, which I like, are usually middle class and insecure but maybe have less walls because they don't have to stress about a job as much and are looking for new life experiences

yeah experience, but I just do what is kind of my obsession you know

and yeah fuck the classical music scene if that interests you those people are autists even if it's great music

Yeah that's the thing, I only like my interests as a "consumer" but I don't play an instrument, I don't make movies (and don't really have an interest in filmmaking), etc.
I guess maybe I'm just a boring person, but at the same time I don't think so since I'm a very good conversationalist once I can get past the polite smalltalk phase and I know a bunch of stuff about various subjects; I just don't get heavily invested in any of these subjects, you know what I mean?
>people who study things that just have job opportunities
Well there's also the workload aspect, I don't think my classmates or myself will have much free time, not as much as the people who study humanities at least
Also worried because the girls in my program (premed) are notoriously stuck up and not very open according to the stereotypes. But man I'm not gonna choose my major depending on the types of girls that frequent it either
Guess I'm just scared that I won't be able to find people I connect with and that I'll have to keep up the usual facade until I graduate.
>middle class and insecure but maybe have less walls because they don't have to stress about a job as much and are looking for new life experiences
Yeah I kind of know the type. Maybe the amount of openness people have is inversely proportional to the competitiveness of their chosen major

I met a few girls who played instruments who studied medicine, they are maybe a little stuck up so you will probably have a harder time sleeping around but if you want to meet a cute girl for possible gf material I am 100% confident if you are a good conversationalist it will happen for you bro. And some are cool I'm sure.

And there's no reason you can't go to a music show (not a huge stadium, a small local thing that seems cool) with a (guy) friend, appreciate it if you can (there is a huge amount of shit so finding something good can be hard), then meet someone more open.

I had a lot of surgeries when I was a child so I have lots of respect for medical profession bro good luck in whatever you do, no doubt they contribute more to society than I do but it will be a challenge.

>they are maybe a little stuck up
Like the bitchy kind?
If not that's ok since I'd rather look for an actual girlfriend than hookups or a fwb.
Conversation comes easily to me once I'm familiar with the person but it's kind of awkward at first to figure them out, you know
Thanks for the encouragement, gotta work seriously on the awkwardness but maybe it can happen.
>good luck in whatever you do
Thank you, same for you user I hope you get a happy ending to your situation.