The real reason why some of you single

The real reason why some of you single.

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Women having high standards is not the same as men not wanting to share their lives with another mans kids.

Most women won't let you put a toy collection in the corner of one of the rooms you paid for yet expect betas to give up a bed room or more and peace in their own homes for a womans mistakes.

I'm single because i don't want gf or bf
also i value my freedom of time.

Wrong, I am single because my ex has a weak mind and couldn't handle actually putting in effort. Plus she never listened to me

>"Which means 4 in 5 don't."

20 percent isn't a meaningless minority, cunt. I'm sure everyone knows that 1 in 5 beginning online means that 4 in 5 do not, thanks for pointing out the obvious. The point was never that 20 percent isn't a minority, it's that it's a significant minority which means that online dating provides real chances.

And I don't remember being told that I was special at every turn. I was born in 1987 and got a single participation trophy, once, for Little League when I was in 4th grade. That's about it. The 'participation trophy softens up kids too much for the real world!' meme has always been ridiculously overblown.

I mean, that kinda sums it up, sure, doesn't say how to fix it nor how exactly are (they) wrong about saying that women standards are too high, though that goes for men too so w/e

When will this man hate end?

>emotional intelligence
Doesn't exist. There is only fluid IQ and crystallised IQ.


People say that about every new generation of people. Its always bull shit. No matter how bad young people seem. You were just as bad at that age.

>Online Dating.

Online dating does skew your perception of how attractive you need to be to get a partner. But it also makes it easier to meet people in the first place. So I don't buy that online dating is making things worse.

>old school conceptions of dating and marriage no longer applying.

According to whom? Most people I know still want to get married and have kids.

>class wafare...

The part about upper-classes enjoying the spoils of two-income households is true. But this person might be getting causality backwards. Two employed people can move up an income bracket on paper just by saying "I do." Anxiety, maybe but not very likely. Men do have problems coping with anxiety. But they tend to be less susceptible to it in the first place than women. More to the point, there is no evidence that men are more anxious than we used to be. Aimless, yes. Mostly due to the decline in manufacturing employment. Must Read This/Autor-Dorn-Hanson-MarriageMarket.pdf

>lack of motivation for anything that doesn't provide instant gratification.

That has always been there.

>too many fatherless boys and older men no longer mentoring younger men.

Being fatherless hurts girls too. Can't find any evidence that older men stopped mentoring younger men in general.

Emotional intelligence is declining, unfortunately. The rate of Autism has gone up. But that appears to be because we have gotten better at diagnosing it.

This line of thinking only makes sense if you think that men are becoming worse partners and and therefore can't get laid. What is actually happening is that voluntary celibacy is declining among men because they are becoming less religious. The guys who are most likely to be involuntarily celibate are the ones who went to graduate school, the ones who are supposed to be the best partners.

This makes a lot of sense but of course the incels on this board will just laugh it off and make up more crazy theories why they can't get laid.

How are my standards high?
>don't be fat or chubby
>be white
That's it.

The real reason I'm single is I wish I as a girl.

i cannot imagine being with a dirty hole roastie

in any way if they are fine to be single moms and cat ladies it's up to them, as a man i want a spouse or children much less than them, some sex which as a man i want more than them is easy enough to get without tolerating their crap

There are no arguments presented in your screenshot. Just baseless assertions.

So much pseudo intellectual bs in that post and you just know it's Reddit as fuck because absolutely 0 blame is put on women

>The real reason why some of you single.
Don't you have some streets to be shitting in, kumar?

h-haha yeah my wife has had 39 different penises in her (she's 19 with a kid, but i manned up and married her because i knew if i didn't i would be considered weak). this is the DEFINITIVE TRUTH, incels. alright, off to watch some more Big Bang Theory!


you jest but stuff close to this is real and can be easily found on plebbit

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>be virgin myself
>for some reason wanting a partner who is also a virgin is unreasonable and having high standards


>a reasonable person on Jow Forums


this, they arent even random stings at incels its just disconnected from reality boomer ranting and unintelligent guessing

why do you hate tranners tho
they are just men who got a shitty incurable mental condition

>acting like lower class women aren't trash

To be fair, if the cause of incels' problems is external, then it most likely has nothing to do with women themselves, but the effect of technology on socialisation.

No it's not. I think this is correct in 99% of cases. I'm just socially retarded though, it's my own damn fault I'm single, I don't deny that

I think op may have a point. I have too many acquaintances who don't even fucking care about what impact their actions may have.

My problem is being a high-functioning autist, having an antisocial personality, being mentally and emotionally unstable, not being employed or having the drive to do so, having a family that fell apart years ago, never ended up having money for anything, and only relationship ended with the cunt playing into the "depressed" yet bitchy lesbian meme and playing games for a year or so after

Uh that has one issue though
Women don't add shit anymore either
>women don't wanna clean
>women don't wanna work and when they do they make a bunch and expect the man too look good and make more
>women can't cook basic shit
>women never talk unless they're venting
>women want shit for holidays but only offer sex in return when two weeks ago sex was free
>women unironically except you to read their minds
Yeah women add nothing anymore so why should men?
Deep deep down inside we all know this and THAT is why we are single we never truly try because we don't really want this because just look at it! It's more of a punishment to us really and our gut knows this.

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Why's everything my fault
Why am I tasked with being the amazing, charismatic Chad who has every facet of his life together so some dumb broad can come and reap the benefits while having done none of the work, what the fuck makes her so special and amazing that she deserves it

This is actually good. Robots are just too stupid.