What do friends even do with each other? According to tv shows they just go drinking at bars and that's it...

What do friends even do with each other? According to tv shows they just go drinking at bars and that's it. Is that true IRL? Sounds pretty boring to have friends.

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Just chat it up.
Play video games.
Go watch movies.
Go out and have a dinner.
Play bowling/pool/whatever.
Visit an escape room.
Go travelling.
Go to gym / outdoors training / outdoors sports.
Go drinking (obviously). Can also host a drinking party when house is empty.
Go camping.

I'm sure there's more stuff but that should give you an idea.

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well, it's mostly true for me, I go out to bar with a buddy of mine, drink beer a talk about conspiracy theories and politics

good friends help each other through tough times
give you a good ear to listen to your whining when you just have to get some shit off your chest instead of bottling it up and letting it ruin your life for years to come
i've been to bars less than 5 times in the last couple years

I don't know. I've literally never had a close friend in my entire life.

Most of those you can do by yourself.

>give you a good ear to listen to your whining when you just have to get some shit off your chest instead of bottling it up and letting it ruin your life for years to come

You can just let shit off on Jow Forums.

Having friends is useless.

we all have different needs user
in my greater moments of clarity i can talk myself through anything. but sometimes a real human is clutch.

The correct answer is: exactly the same thing you'd do alone but now you do it with them, not alone ^^

one time my mom told me i me and my friends should stop playing video games and do grown up stuff.
i asked her what stuff?
she literally said drinking and then couldn't think of anything else.

Friends are pretty boring, but for some reason even if you wish they'd go away when you have them, it feels even worse without them.

It was definitely easier in high school. Right now I'm just too tired to even leave the house after getting home from work. I don't really think I was meant for adult life at this point, I see people going out, traveling, but I don't really have the energy to do anything after work/uni.

in my experience, we did whatever the alpha of the group wanted to do. if you stood up to him, he'd say, "OK, what the fuck do you wanna do then?" you'd say it, he would shoot it down, then everyone else would follow him because he's the alpha.

this is what it's gonna be like for 80% of people who are in a social group.
humans are retarded animals, there's nothing else that needs to be said. the ones who aren't, that's who you want as your friend.

humans talking to each other is like therapy. It's a psychological truism that people constantly do therapy to each other through socializing

you get dumb and damaged on your own, not to mention that you degenerate

I never said you can't. I just listed off things to do with friends.

Having friends is not useless. You might need something from time to time, so it's worth to keep a few people around you. Even if not as friends, but at least have connections. It's far easier to get around in life if you have a few people who at least know how to help you in your time of need.

this post is funny because people in the real world are constantly, CONSTANTLY acting like they do everything on their own, with no support or connections.
ain't nobody doing shit without connections, they're all full of shit.

Fucking hell, I hate this culture of having to be friends with people at work or uni. I just want to do what I have to do and get home, I don't wanna go out with you fuckers. I really don't know what to talk about anyway, I don't even leave the house when not needed.

How do I make friends? Where do I go to meet friends?

>play a match with someone online
>they add you, want to play more
>instantly block them because it feels fucking awkward
Tell me I'm not the only one.

they don't know what to talk about either
conversation start with small talk and then you get with the flow and see where it takes you both
part of it is listening what others have to say, and then speak what your comes to mind as you listen to them

>be brazillian
>everyone at uni is a leftist fuck
>have to hide my power level when they say shit like thugs exist because of a lack of opportunity in life
>every interaction feels awkward
It's not as easy as it seems. I can only interact with people with scripts, shit like greetings, good morning, good afternoon and goodbye. Fuck I wasn't cut out for this shit.

from experience:
if your curious and open find people at work that you can share this with, then naturally in conversations common acitivties will come up like going to a bar, bowling, sports etc

if your in school or uni it helps to be competent and foster learning together with others, learning groups are great. Take it very seriously and people will come to appreciate you, and it will increase your standing in that community. From there naturally some opportunities will arise

Not at school or uni and people at work hate me because I'm weird.

My tru fren

It doesn't matter, work is work, you shouldn't search for friends there. Don't shit where you eat, basically.

its a personality thing, I can only speak from experience, here's how I'd deal with it:
i would have a conversation on how they live with that leftist world view, im intrigued where they came about it, if there is substance to it when you probe a little. From this I know from experience that we won't have a talk about ideology but the conversation will usually go somewhere else... and then you done it, you made some conversation and it usually is worthwhile and people appreciate you for it.

People don't really believe in this ideology stuff 100%, it usually just a small part of their identity and below that is the interesting person you can actually learn something from and share something with

Drinking is literally the only thing me and my mates do.
Well I use the word "mates" loosely, because I only see anyone once every 2 or 3 months these days.

Video games
Ya know usual stuff

I've been at two work places and I had many conversations with people about other "weird" people. The thing is people know that weirdos exist, its a normal thing. And they don't usually stay away from them for that reason. It's just something to talk about to deal with it.
With that being said, everyone still interacts with weirdos. Work on the basis stuff in this order:
1. greet others on your own with short eye contatct, when they don't give you eye contact dont greet them
2. if they give you short eye contact say casual hi, don't expect an answer in return (this happens many times, also there are other weird people who hardly make eye contact or greet)
3. greet colleages when you come to work, every one in the surrounding rooms that you usually work with
4. say bye
5. when walking somewhere in the building always try to smile or not look down when you walk past people (this is a sign that people can interact with you) you start this by first only saying a short "hi" so that people can't follow up with anything
6. and so on and so on...

this is not bullshit, i actually went through those steps myself roughly. It works for real, and its obvious why in hindsight.. just try it and note how people behave, before you know it you will understand why these unwritten rules work.. and you can consciously copy them... (while others do it naturally)

The thing is usually people stay weird, and what you do you work around that, you don't wear it as an excuse to hide away from others.

I got my current friends through a classmate back in primary school. He asked me if I played League (back in like season 1), and I said yes. We played together for a while, then one day some new dudes showed up. The new dudes are my current 'squad' and I kinda drifted apart with the classmate.

The beginning is going to be rough, since you're both pretty much strangers with each other. Also, some people are just not meant to be friends with you. As long as you try finding people to hang out with, you'll make it.

Normie tier: Sports, Bar, Fishing?

I and my friends:
>Shoting range with weed.
>Playing vidya with weed.
Constructive discussions on variety of topics
(religion, governments, spirituality, philosophy, science theories, other stupid stuff)... with weed.

Jk i don't have friends.