Posted this on Jow Forums but got no replies so I'm coming here

Posted this on Jow Forums but got no replies so I'm coming here.

I broke up with my bf a few weeks ago and just want some time before getting into another relationship. My best friend (a guy) is single. I'm not used to spending vday alone. We agreed to chill out tonight catching a dinner and a movie

Anyway, a coworker brings me a bunch of roses and teddy bear. I thought it was my ex trying to get back with me but the card was from my friend saying he's looking forward to a romantic evening tonight.

I already said I don't want a relationship right now. Should I just cancel tonight? I don't want things to be awkward...

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Cancel telling him a cute guy asked you out tonight and you said yes. If he's really your friend, he'll understand. If he gets angry, he's just an orbiter waiting for his chance to get in your pants and you shouldn't fell bad ending the "friendship"

>i broke up with my b...


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This advice was posted by a woman

OP what you should actually do is tell him straight out that you would love to hang out with him but have no romantic feelings, and phrase it in a way that you are just trying to make sure everyone is on the same page. If he is okay with this then he is your friend if he is not then he is just a beta orbiter and you can drop him.

>I'm not used to spending vday alone
I don't get it. Did you expect to use another human being as a sort of pet to keep you company? I think you should clarify your intentions with him. It's a shitty situation honestly and I don't see it not being a little bit awkward. At least try to act like an adult.

I'm pretty sure it's implied we're hanging as friends. Telling him not to try any funny business seems mean

People like to spend time with people they like. What's the issue?

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>My bf



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>People like to spend time with people they like.
Yeah? Can you go into more detail about the way that you came to this agreement with your best friend?
>What's the issue?
The only issue I see so far is your inability to be clear with people. Everything else is pretty much what I'd expect. If this is bait it's pretty good.

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Consider what's "implied" by the roses. Its glaringly obvious to a bystander that you aren't on the same page.

Why did you break up with him?


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Quit wasting our time and go be the slut you're meant to be. Nobody cares about your relationship.



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great advice, it usually boils down to communication. Like how can op say its their friend and then asks anonymous for opinion...
don't lie.. and don't advice others to lie
keep doing that and have fun people doing the same to you

>I broke up with my bf
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This is the correct plan of action to take

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Thanks user, would've been a good way to conclude the discussion.

>I already said I don't want a relationship right now. Should I just cancel tonight? I don't want things to be awkward...
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