Vegans are right

logically defend eating meat. please explain why you needlessly torture animals for your culinary amusement, when we dont need animals to survive

vegans are right and meat eaters are pig hypocrites who justify cruel torture and murder because it amuses them

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In an establishment where eating meat is the norm and it will happen regardless of my individual decision, I will continue because society at large has decided that human enjoyment matters more than farm animals' lives. I fully support lab grown meat and other alternatives as they are developed, but I won't give up meat until it's convenient to do so because I like it

Why is it considered okay to kill and eat plants? How can (You) decide that their lives are worth less?

>using 'pig' as an insult
Not very vegan of you

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Stupid fucking libshits with their lefty logic...

The pic on the right is not acceptable you idiot. You catch a guy drinking straight from a cow like that and nobody will wanna talk to him after. They'll also go on to accuse him of molesting the cow too. Eating meat is fine, but I disagree with the gigantic factories and huge amounts of wastage from supermarkets etc... so u don't eat it for that reason specifically, and that it's cruel and shitskins keep trying to sneak halal meat on the shelves unlabelled.

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I practice moral relativism and honestly I could give less of a shit about some animal. I'm not an edgy boi but I also like food too.

I simply don't care about the lives of livestock and if they have to die so I can eat the food I want, so be it.

I do support more humane ways of killing them, though, and would be willing to pay more (within reason) if they get killed in the least painful way possible.

Are you that same vegan from last time who said they are only vegan so they can always be right in an argument? If so lol your fucking pathetic, no wonder you'll never escape of Jow Forums

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>In an establishment where eating meat is the norm
>its normal to do it so im just going to keep doing it lol

witness the utter lack of braincells by your typical braindead normie. he just says its tradition and its normal and that morally justifies it

>but I won't give up meat until it's convenient to do so because I like it
okay, so you are a massive hypocrite so tortures others for your amusement. witness the lack of sentience and compassion from your typical normie. they are the epitome of what a disgusting human being is, and it also is shown in their weight

im sure if someone assaulted or abused you, you'd cry and complain about it, but since you're stronger than animals, it doesnt matter to you and you go ahead and needlessly torture them just because it amuses you. normies are the most disgusting filth on the planet

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Whats your stance on 40 week abortion? Curious if your veganism ideology is consistent.

yes, vegans are right.

the problem is WHY they're right.

you see, the country wasn't always 60% obese with Mcdonalds and KFC on every single corner with immigrants wanting to do nothing but live here.
now, every single person with brown skin wants chicken.

vegans need to understand about culture. it's in those people's fucking culture to consume meat and just consume and consume.
most of these people are gluttons.

there is nothing you can do other than take it out on yourself, which is exactly what vegans are doing. that's your personal choice, that's not mine, but i still agree with your beliefs.

Yes. Meat is delicious murder and nobody but you gives a fuck.

Eating meat is fine and good, industrial society was the mistake.

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I cant eat an acre of grass. A cow, however, can turn that acre of grass into food I can digest. So I'm going to eat the cow.

ahh, so if someone slowly tortures your dog or cat in front of you, you'd be fine with that? or are you just admitting to being a shameless hypocrite who only does what he can get away with regardless of how morally wrong it is?

holy shit normies are so disgusting and delusional. pigs are smarter than dogs on average, and are capable of love, pain, suffering, greed, revenge, vengeance and pride. they have a virtually identical nervous system to humans, yet we needlessly slaughter them by the billions for our amusement

humanity deserves to endlessly reincarnate as the animals that they keep in cages. i fucking hate these braindead delusional hypocritical normies

Everything has to destroy everything else to survive in our universe. When I am dead I will be rotting in the ground and giving nutrients to worms, mushrooms, and plants, which will feed other animals and mushrooms and plants. I will return everything I have taken to live. It is wrong to ravenously eat meat, factory farming is a disgusting, immoral practice, and making animals suffer for no reason is horrible, but we still have to live.

Hunter-gatherer lifestyles are also more sustainable than agricultural lifestyles, as history will show you. Civilization, no matter its merits, is more ecologically destructive than hunter-gathering, and agriculture is what enables it.

>and vengeance

I'll be sure to watch my back then, when the day of the porkchop comes.

Cause we're a preditory species you dumb fuck. We just also happen to be capable to reason that eating animals is morally repugnant from objective veiwpoint.
Does that mean we should stop? Fuck no. If we dont eat animals they overpopulate, when they overpopulate they eat all the flora. No flora, no more fuana, and vegans and vegitarians die first.
Nature a cruel bitch who doesnt give a shit about your feelz

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Dogs are pets. Cows are livestock.

Both have their purpose in the world. The cow is to be eaten. Better luck next time!

just because they are weak and oppressed doesnt mean they dont have the desire to. these pigs hold a grudge and remember people who wronged them, they are very human like that. they dont forgive instantly like dogs do

heres a video of people raising a pig and commenting how human-like it is and how distant to a dog it is. a dog is a subservient slave that enjoys following orders and making you happy. a pig is a independent animal with its own will and selfish desires. its similar to a wolf when compared to a dog

if i kidnapped you and tortured you and mocked you for being physically weaker than i am, does that make it morally right?

Animals don't have constant sentient recall so they don't experience suffering or get depressed due to getting a F- on their science paper. They just experience pain in the present.

As you can take away their lives in a sudden way, they don't even experience pain at all. In a way we're doing them a favor because natural death is far more painful.

Probably because God gave the planet and all its animals to man so he can cook and eat them as he pleases

Homosexuality is more common among vegans. It is no coincidence that since veganism became trendier, rates of homosexuality have significantly increased.
Vegan diets are unhealthy for the hormonal balance both men and women, but far more harmful for men.

>Animals don't have constant sentient recall so they don't experience suffering or get depressed due to getting a F- on their science paper. They just experience pain in the present.

thats scientifically incorrect

please dont pettle your unscientific bullshit claims here you briandead delusional normie fuck. science has UNIVERSALLY declared animals to be sentient and conscious. PLEASE and i beg you, PLEASE give me the studies and information that show that animals dont have sentience or consciousness or a good memory, you disgusting rat

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>Vegans are right
>meat eaters are hypocrites
Yes. So are vegans. Eating meat is morally unacceptable. Living in first world country tandarts is morally unacceptable. Owning a car, flying with airplanes, Heating, Electricity to a certain degree are morally unacceptable. Humans are hypocrites all the time, the standarts we have can't be held forever. You choosing meat to feel better about yourself is better than nothing, but not nearly enough. So accept that we are all hypocrites and stop annoying other people.

Nothing hypocritical about me eating meat. I like meat and its yummy and eating it won't get me in jail.

>Homosexuality is more common among vegans
>baseless unscientific ad hominids with zero references are a normal retort from hypocritical normies
>the amount of cognitive dissonance they experience to love animals and their pets while sanctimoniously love eating meat commonly results in character attacks on vegans

yeah okay you disgusting fat obese hypocritical piece of shit. vegans are skinnier, grow taller and have better health than non vegans, and last longer in bed. heres a vegan male model who swims in teen pussy just as an anecdotal example, not all vegans are ugly small framed liberals

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I'm not gonna read your dumb links if you can't even summarize what they said in a coherent way. Do you even understand what they said?

I respect vegans and logically they are right but I probably wouldn't be one myself unless they really make good vegan cuisine that easily replaces meat products. It's just too much of a hassle.

>waaa waaaa i dont take your scientific references seriously because you cant tl;dr it for me ='(((((
>it doesnt matter that you told me animals have sentience and consciousness, you still cant summarize it for me, so you're not even worth arguing with
>i have no arguements to make to disprove you so im just going to act like a child and throw a tempter tantrum

yeah okay lol retard, animals have sentience, there i summarized it for you, fucking moron, lol

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Kek does that mean vegans think that they can kill people who are brain dead or in a coma because they aren't currently sentient? Is it murder if I abort a baby pig because its not "sentient" yet?

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Mostly everything be do is morally unacceptable?

Have a pair of Nike's? You best be thanking the child laborer who manufactured it.

If you truly want to live a moral life, you better go live naked in the first with no possessions.

Sentience is a bad argument. Plants are sentient. They react to their environment. All that means is that you can't eat plants, either. That leaves us pretty much fucked.
Everything we eat would have to have died naturally, and we can't rely on something so unpredictable. Alternatively, everything all the proteins and amino acids and shit that we eat would have to be articially put together in a lab.

>1% of vegans are supermodels purely due to genetic factors and not even remotely as a result of their diet
>this means veganism will turn everyone into supermodels
user, pls.

>If you truly want to live a moral life, you better go live naked in the first with no possessions.
That's my point, OP should stop accusing others of hypocricy when being hypocritical is a must to function as a human

I really honestly dont give a fuck about your estrogen filled whine nancyboy... I will continue to eat meat enjoy meat and partake of devouring of meat whenever and however I want and a bunch of sissies who dress in girlpants think they can change that welll.... they have more important things like sucking cock to worry about.

top kek ever taking vegans serious... natures natural cock lover.
Now off to cook up some meat and have a nice delish plate of nachos while I read all the bitter virgin vegans posting with their usual holier than thou im so great false confidence they put out til a real man (meat eater) confronts them.

because I like it and ethics and morals are spooks

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Good lil' retard.

Now let me reiterate. Animals experience pain. But do they experience suffering? I don't believe they do. There is no pig creating a pig holocaust museum out there.

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>Plants are sentient
plants are not sentient. they dont have a nervous sytem or a brain. they have no pain receptors. they cannot feel joy or love or suffer, unlike mammals

>They react to their environment
sure, plants react to the environment in the same way that your skin reacts when its come in contact with the sun, by making melanin and getting a tan. it doesnt mean that your skin is suffering

>unironically saying plants are sentient and can feel pain

lol. meat eaters are always such plant rights activists. they must cry every single time they eat a tomatoe or bake a potato. man, they must have it hard

strange...the thread is this old and the OP or other vegans have once again cherry picked this question to be ignored. Funny how vegans ALWAYS have that natural selection skill for questions.

So once again vegans why do you get to decide animals are off limits but you can murder and devour plants. they feel pain and let out destress signals when being murdered. you're just as bad if not worse because you delude yourselves into thinking you're morally more just with your murders

>hehe, i have no arguement to make so ill just admit to being a hypocrite and go back to needlessly torturing animals for my amusement, right before i throw in some ad hominid character attacks at op

wow 10/10 you're like the smartest human being ive ever interacted with or something

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Lol who even gives a fuck

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I don't believe in animal torture. I think ideally, we should create paradises for animals and then wack them with a surgically precise death ray so they die instantly.

They don't have animal nerves so they can't feel pain? For a long time, people assumed animals couldn't feel pain. Most people assume insects can't feel pain.

i know right... poor carrots, and potatoes and onions. how deeply they suffer when we cut them, stirfry them with coconut oil and serve them with vinegar. all that corn we grow just screams when we bake them. all those apples just crying with pain when we bite into them

the zucchinis being grated and steamed with no mercy.... oh the suffering...

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>They don't have animal nerves so they can't feel pain?
exactly. animal nerves and human nerves are biologically identical. their brains light up and react to pain suffering love and fear in the identical ways that humans

its indistinguishable biologically speaking. plants dont have a brain or a nervous system you fucking imbecile

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Animals are already dead when you start cooking them. What is your argument? You'll laugh at the idea of plants experiencing pain but cry at the thought of animals experiencing pain?

yet like a good retard taking my bait you replied. bravo user you truely are ahead of the curve.

My brother in law is a zucchini. I don't he'd think appreciate your glib attitude about his genocide.

>Animals are already dead when you start cooking them. What is your argument?

when you financially support their torture and abuse by paying for their meat, the cycle of needless torture and abuse will continue

just because you are shielded from the pain and suffering that these animals go through doesnt mean they dont suffer, it just means you are a willful coward and ignorant of the truth

>I like meat and animal products
>I do not really care about animals
>I eat meat and animal products


Eat a dick, you fucking discusting vegetarian sub-human.

>i like abusing others because its fun
>but i dont like it when my loved ones or me are getting abused, because that hurts ='(((

WOW its almost as if you truly dont have a functional brain. all these meat eaters keep saying the animals are stupid, but holy fuck they are giving the animals a run for their money for the dumbest beings in existence

and plants suffer and feel pain so what's your arguement for eating plants that is justified when animals isnt. sounds like one of those selective choosing things going on. we deem this bad but this same this is ok and good cuz we like it.


I think you should care about animals but continue to eat them.

Cage free eggs are a good start. It reduces torture.

Are you calling animals dumb?

Youre a literal bigot

>and plants suffer and feel pain
no they dont, please give me scientific evidence that they do. plants dont have a brain or a nervous system, arent conscious or sentient, therefor they cannot suffer

lmao look at this spooked faggot

>pigs are smarter than dogs on average, and are capable of love, pain, suffering, greed, revenge, vengeance and pride. they have a virtually identical nervous system to humans, yet we needlessly slaughter them by the billions for our amusement

If pigs were so fucking smart they'd be the ones butchering us.

My dog is my property and if someone were to start torturing other people's livestock people obviously would be mad

neanderthals were more intelligent than homo-sapiens, but homo-sapiens ruthlessly slaughtered them into existence. niggers are less intelligent than whites on average, but they are more aggressive and commit more crimes and murders

just because a spices is more intelligent doesn't necessarily mean it'll think that needlessly torturing and abuse others is an acceptable way of life

We want to eat meat, you want us to stop eating animals?

How about we just eat you? That way we all get what we want.

this kind of logic is the reason people laugh at atheists. we can metabolize the lactose in cows milk for a reason and its a great benefit to us. to not drink it is insane. there are ethical issues with large scale farming of animals sure, but morally theres no reason to not eat meat or drink milk and any semblance of "moral reasoning" you can put together to justify being vegan is at best flimsy and at worst a politically charged power grab to push the average person out of being able to afford animal products.

You're right, which is why you should be a fruitarian.

>we can metabolize the lactose in cows milk for a reason and its a great benefit to us

what kind of fucking braindead logic is that. we can metabolize the meat of pigs and cows just fine, but that doesn't mean its morally right to needlessly kill them just because we can. we can metabolize dog meat just as efficiently as we can with cows, but that doesn't mean its morally right to do so

just because we have the power to do something doesnt mean its morally ethical. we have the power to kill humans, to commit genocide, to enslave niggers, but all of those things are unethical

the amount of cognitive dissonance with meat eaters is INSANE. holy shit its like they are all braindead NPC normies or something

>pig hypocrites who justify cruel torture and murder because it amuses them
If you call someone a hypocrite you should try to explain WHY they are hypocrites. I would gladly eat human meat if it was available at a good price, tasted good (not sure if it does, haven't tried it), didn't have prions and was anonymous (just like the ground beef I buy at the grocery store is anonymous). I don't think the consumer should have to settle for a lesser product because of environmentalism.

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>we can metabolize the lactose in cows milk for a reason

Actually most people can't. Unless you constantly consume dairy since childhood, virtually everyone stop producing lactase. We didn't evolve to drink milk into adulthood.

Also, that may be the stupidest conspiracy theory I've ever heard.
>oh no! Poor people can afford beef! Better put an end to it!

Because i'm not a basedfag and I don't want to transition into becoming a tranny. Neither am I a woman. I do agree that store bough meat is garbage and that meat and food waste in general needs to go down. I could turn almost all vegans into meat eaters by feeding them a nice hunted animal with good prepared slices of meat with fresh grown veggies on the side.

>If we dont eat animals they overpopulate
Not everyone's a hunter, you know.

the animals are already genetically made to be killed early, at this point its mercy killing due to years of bodily change to suit the needs of harvesting, if we were to let them live as is they would suffer from the horrible mutations that exist, but thats what commercial and no line meat is, just cheap meat produced on a mutated animal not suited for life at that point

welcome to the industry my boy.

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So if your neighbor was torturing his dog, you'd be perfectly ok with that?

what do you mean morally? where does your morality come from? and how do you equate evolving to metabolize cows milk to killing someone?

well there are people who can and i assume im talking to white people on the internet, but then again its 2019 so the majority of you are actually just mutts or niggers huh

You could just stop breeding them you know...

We don't eat dogs because they serve a different purpose. Plus a cow and pig can produce meat at rates that are not comparable to dogs. Each animal we domesticated and grow has a given purpose by man, simply because we are the dominant species that can do it.
>to enslave niggers, but all of those things are unethical
And see where good will leads to. Their freedom was a mistake as was buying them from their own kind and bringing them over.

>heh, vegans are fags who drink onions, those basedbois are such weak fragile men when compared to powerful bears like me

yeah okay boogie2988, calm down

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Most white people are lactose intolerant too. Besides that, I don't know why you're so proud of being able to suck on cow tits.

>morally ethical
i cant get over this one. vegans are actually insane

most white people are actually lactose tolerant so youre fake news my guy. and im proud because its an ancient mutation that shows im related to those indo europeans that are the basis of culture and language from persia all the way to scandinavia.

If we banned meat and shut down the meat industry we wouldn't have any reason to keep all those chickens, cows and pigs around anymore. They'd probably be killed (and sold for a ridiculous markup on the meat black market which will inevitably appear in this scenario) or released into the wild, where they'll all be devoured by wolves or lions, who certainly don't give a shit about the rights of a cow.

Because animals are property and I enjoy eating meat.

>If we banned meat and shut down the meat industry we wouldn't have any reason to keep all those chickens, cows and pigs around anymore

good. they shouldn't exist in the first place. anti-natalism in action

>So if your neighbor was torturing his dog, you'd be perfectly ok with that?

because animals have different rights than human beings...

You should actually try doing a bit of research before you pretend to know what you're talking about.
Also, everyone is related to indo europeans. You didn't actually achieve anything. I have no idea why you're proud of things that complete strangers have done.

anti natalism is gay and so is veganism. sorry homo

then you'd loose on a massive marginal chunk of profit from the very foundation of the agricultural industry in its own, and there would be massive losses of jobs all around,

i mean if you dont want to eat meat then thats perfectly fine, but consider the ramification of your idiocy before you decide you feel bad about the animals

these are animals bred to kill, if you DO want to feel good about something, the higher priced or choice cuts are always pure farm raised like in the good old days, but even then there are always a couple chemicals thrown in because of MuH eF dEe AyE rEgUlAtIoNs

but i digress as im saying this from a perspective of industry, even tho I do pity the animals, at their current state. but it would be much more usefull for everyone if they were harvested as it, its a deplorable practice but i mean whats hunting to the savages when we can just walk around the corner for what ever piece of beef we want for only 5 dollars?

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>everyone in the world is as stupid as I am
You could just ban breeding them and sell the meat as normal for one more generation, or allow them to live out their natural lives. Chickens only live to be like 10.
Did you just seriously think our only options were killing them and throwing the meat away or releasing them into the wild? Why the fuck would you release domesticated cows into the wild?



>everyone is related to indo europeans
again you're fake news guy

Yeah, you're right. We should make literally no changes ever because that would cause people to lose their jobs.

no u tho

I think you can argue that animal rights are similar to child rights, in that, they are an extension of the owner/parent and as such inherit the owner's rights. Torturing an animal, in that respect, is wrong since it has no benefit to the owner and is simply sadistic pleasure by the weak.


Cute cherrypicks, there's also plenty of utube clips with healthy pigs, poultry and other livestock but let's not post any of that.

congrats, you're a sociopath. You earned it!

I don't think you know what this means. Maybe is the lack of b12 in your brain

What emotions does this invoke?

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you talk like a fuckin cuck

hunger, now i want a taco bell chalupa, faggot

Look at how butthurt op gets whenever all of his moralfaggot arguments fall apart. It happens every thread

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