What is wrong with being a beta provider? those guys are the happiest

I know plenty of beta provider guys who have very demanding wives who drain their paycheck every month and flirt with other guys behind their back. The wives literally talk about them as if they are just an accessory, a human ATM but they never leave them or cheat on them. The furthest they go is flirting with other men. But if you ask them about it they say something "he's a useless dopey fuck but i love him", "what can i say i hate him and i love him we are getting married next year"

Yet the beta provider is happy. These guys perpetually have smiles on their faces. The woman has given them a kid or two of their own, regular sex every night, a family to come home to after work, lifelong company.

And all the beta provider has to do is keep her happy with money which is not an issue since most of them have good jobs/careers and accept her flirting or being playful with other men (which happens when he's not there anyway)

What exactly is wrong with this? These guys have families at least and their own kid. I'd rather have that than the lonely life of the average incel or Mgtow.

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Because you get her at her worst. She'll not put out the same for you even though she did anything for Chad. Op don't be a fucking doormat

Anyone else honestly not triggered by AM/WF couples? the half blacks look a lot worse

if you didnt get sex from all these women when you were in your young 20s why would you ever give them a chance when you have a good income and theyre all used up, where were they while you were facing adversity? no where

None of what you described is being a beta provider.

Beta providers don't get regular sex.

The beta providers get kids from her. Chad didn't get that. So Chad got some sex from her 15 years earlier or some shit? Who cares?

Pretty much this. These women wouldn't even give you the time if the day when you were both 18. But now that you're in your late 20s or 30s, she'll take you as a last option.

I see people calling husbands beta providers and cucks all the time. They are beta providers in the sense that they fulfill the stereotype of the weak doormat hubby who lets their wife dominate the marriage and walk all over them while paying her for it. My point is they are still happy. And of course they get regular sex from a woman that they live with. You really think she's refusing the husband who provides her with a roof over her head and new clothes sex?

Because having a wife and some kids is better than being lonely and depressed way into your 30s and 40s.

>living past 35
you already have the wrong idea

>I would rather be a door mat than a virgin
at least virgin's have self respect

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>at least virgin's have self respect
So you are autistic and retarded? What utter drivel.

no I'm not a human door mat and I would never be with a woman who loves my money and not me AKA I'm a real man not a cuck

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there is no such thing as a beta provider. A beta getbyer yes but provider no

Beta provider would get sex in a very delayed way. The woman is in no danger of losing a beta. A beta thrives on giving, not receiving.

Vs what?

""" Men""" who are seen as walking ATM machines. Wow, those """men""" get obligation sex with a disgusted wife once a month for financially supporting her ass.

I'm a white guy, but most of my friends are Asians and hapas, and I don't really even like white girls anyways
Yeah Elliott rodgers can happen, but that has a lot more to do with latent mental illness and bad parenting than race

>regular sex every night
who would do that... go on the internet and tell lies

>You really think she's refusing the husband who provides her with a roof over her head and new clothes sex?

Yes, absolutely. It's a cliche at this point to even make jokes about how a man's sex life goes to shit after the honeymoon period. Think once a month or less.

Happy only through delusion. If I wanted that I'd become a heroin addict instead.

Most bluepilled post on Jow Forums right now

This, I have nothing more to add.
OP is just a beta cuck honestly.

Oh, you'll show your little boys' feet but not your wife's? Ok, dick.

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The problem comes when the man loses his job, gets sick, or whatever and suddenly the man is living in a bachelor apartment in cracktown at age 50 with no career no money and no future you naive faggot

That's if you work on the assumption that the woman doesn't love him. Sure she loves his money but also loves HIM otherwise why would she not cheat on him?

Of course there's a difference. Niggers are subhuman; East Asians are honorary Aryans.

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i couldn't be happy having to work 2 extra decades. if i stay single, i can retire early and enjoy my life

Marriage is for cuckolds

>tfw you can't even be a beta provider because you can barely survive with your shit income as is

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tfw you wont be some weeb white girl's awkward gook boyfriend for valentines day

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Wtf, that Asian looks huge.

The largest man in the world is Chinese. Asian men are the ultimate alphas.

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Are there actually people who are triggered by it?

>What is wrong with being a beta provider?
risk of infidelity and divorce

how is he a beta provider if those are his kids

>Chad didn't get that.
because chad wasnt trying to get that...

god damn chads, not settling.