Convert to Islam and get a nice Muslim girl

Convert to Islam and get a nice Muslim girl.

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How? I dont mind pretending to be a muslim; ive been pretending to be christian my whole life. But how will this get me a gf?

>tit piercings
why women ruin their bodies

no thanks I'm a white American not a sand barbarian

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>you have to convert to get girl of x religion
this meme seems strange but popular

This. Got a muslima and didn't have to convert.

You realize if she was a muslim she wouldn't be posting nudes right?
Nasheeds are maximum comfort but why would you convert for succubi? Do it for allah.

Didn't you notice the cutting scars on the thighs?

>muslim girl

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actually they're some kind of extreme whore

Not sure if bait, but those are stretch marks user

Veiled roasties just want Chad

Muzzies don't get to choose, remember? It's the best religion for incels.

I love this kind of hair

They're not, look closer. Unless you're on a phone.

Im the typical white american that used to hate muslims, but I have seriously thought about converting to islam just because of how they dont give women rights and hate gays so much. They are pretty based desu

Unless you plan on living in some mountain village in Afghanistan, she is going to see Chadli when you aren't around.
You can't fix women with Islam

I like women wearing sexy lingerie, so I will bump your thread only because of that

Its the perfect religion for beta males, but I hate how you can't question anything in the faith.

you gotta give me that name OP

eh now I'm sad

Muslimas are the biggest whores, they get so much sexual abuse from their dad/brother/nephew/uncle they spread their legs at the first sight of a man

The ones on her hips are definitely stretch marks.

No thanks. Don't want mutt kids.

Just like whites were 50 years ago. How things have changed.

>sitting across from muslim girl my age in a waiting room
>can feel her looking at me every 15 seconds
>make eye contact and smile
>she immediately smiles back genuinely
>do this again before asking her some questions
>she actually seems interested in me as we talk
>say it was nice meeting her and go to my appointment

Never felt more like a chad, arab girls are qts and I regret not getting her number or something.

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All girls get stretch marks. They are actually easy to get rid of, most people are just not willing to put in the effort.

Don't know if just muslimas but certainly girls from those areas. One poo in loo girl told me once that she was a massive slut, only thing she disliked was anal because she was anally raped when she was young so she hates it.
But somehow doesn't hate everything else

Pretending to be a christian is the literal definition of being a christian. Nobody in their heart of hearts believes in the afterlife or God.

>tfw met qt Muslim coworker several months back
>tfw talked with her and got to know her
>tfw started to like her
>tfw asked her out a few weeks ago
>tfw she said maybe
>tfw have not heard from her since

Im trying to get a qt Muslima girl but its not working. Where did I go wrong?

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>Where did I go wrong?
You're the reason Jow Forums4chan lurks this shithole.

is she's a muslim then I'm the fucking Pope

Just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean it's the rule.
Your opinion is shit and discarded, just like you should have been at birth.

Fuck off sandnigger
Dont you have Jews to throw rocks at?

>Children abuse
>Nun rape
If priests are catholic, I am the prophet Muhammad.

You're a massive faggot, aren't you? Tattoos look like shit no matter what woman they're on.

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Chances are she may have to be cut open before she can be fucked.

>yes they do this

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Again, I'm not going to pay attention to the opinion of someone that should have been thrown away in a tissue.

Are arabic women into femdom?