Here's your government appointed girlfriend

Here's your government appointed girlfriend.

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would fuck if she had good teeth

>uhhhh... well at least our son will have the genes to be a football linebacker I guess.

She's adorable. I would give her all of my love forever.

still kinda qt
maybe i'm just desperate

I'd take her.
Maybe we could do some exdecising together.

would be even qter if lost weight
fuck the yellow fever is getting to me

Yes. This will do. A project well along its way.

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I would be fine with this, she's fat but cute

I'm good with that

She's pretty cute other than the weight.

I'd go to the gym and do cardio with her quite often.

I asked for a government gf not government cheese blob.

kek never thought I'd see him here

I am absolutely fine with that.

What's the problem? She is cute and she is Asian. She is just a little chubby is all. I would fuck her every night until she gave me many sons to carry my name.

Fuck her every night and it'll get her in shape. Burns a lot of calories.

>ywn fuck the fat out of a qt japanese girl
why live

Nah, Asian women's sex style is to just submissively lay there like a dead fish and squeak (you know, that repetitive "eee eee eee eee eee" squealing/mewling/crying they do instead of moaning) while letting her man do whatever he wants with her body.

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That or struggle while crying out dame dame

Surely they can be trained?

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sauce man?

Can't give you sauce on that one in particular, my man. And the other .webm I have is over the limit.

Her name is Ai Shinozaki. There's always a thread on /s/. Be warned, she never gets nude and her modelling career has ended since she became a singer. Lovely tiddies.

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damn, thanks anyways, fren

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If you can beat your meat to clothed women then she's still good.

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thank you BASED oji sam

>If you can beat your meat to clothed women

How could you not when they look like this?

Thanks OP, would continue to feed and fatten up

Just in time for 2019. Thanks OP!

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Good man. We can be friends.

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>you will never hug a chubby girl
>you will never hug any girl

Still unrealistic. The only girl that might take me would also be hideous.