Look through boyfriend's Paypal

>look through boyfriend's Paypal
>new American Football album pre-ordered
>Perfect Blue Blu-ray DVD pre-ordered
>Goblin Slayer figure pre-ordered

This bitch is telling me he is struggling with money, but here he is buying stupid shit when he needs new shoes. His current ones are filthy and are worn out. He keeps complaining about not having money for clothes and shoes.

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>>look through boyfriend's Paypal
Get out. I have no problem with women, but controlling someone you claim to care about is pure evil.

You shouldn't be so controlling, but also your boyfriend is very bad with money and maybe that's something you need to discuss with him if it's a dealbreaker

Grats, your bf is an NPC. NPCs can be seen saying things such as:

I don't know where it went, you just don't understand.

I'm so poor *buys dumb shit* I don't make *buys dumb shit* to *buys takeout* live *buys takeout 3 days a week* man!!

It's so *buys pack of 20* hard *buys pack of 20* to *buys pack of 20* live *buys pack of 20*

I have kids you don't *buys pack of 20* understand *neglects kids* man *indulges drug habit or addiction*

why the fuck you snooping thru his paypal and making judgements? you pay his rent? you pay his bills? his car note? you buying all his food? you providing him with new clothes? oh you arent doing any of that? damn bitch time to stfu and get over it and let him handle his biz. dont like his whine tough he dont call out you having 5 beta orbits on speeddial so deal with this.

4/10 cuz I responded

Leave Jow Forums then die
Your boyfriend (in case he exits) will thank it

This is why you're single.

Relationships arn't two random people connected at the genitals. I have total control of my and my partners finances and I watch what is happening and "recommend" more/less is spent in various places. Usually starbucks and good food. If you can't grow the balls to be the responsible one and take control you're useless. No one wants a passive distant stranger. People want someone to mesh into their lives. Especially people like op's faggy bf. He needs a stick upside the head to stop buying shit he can't afford when he has basic needs to acquire.

Fuck off with your cuck faggetry and go back to re ddit dating advice. That sub was a shitshow years ago and with people like you I doubt it's any different.

Fuck off gremlin

Are we just making up insults with no meaning now? I'll go back to the age old lib/progressive method of combining bad word + emasculating word so you know I'm serious in your own language.

>Begone garbagechild!!!

Oh i'm sorry dumb cunt you must confuse me for the soi you're dating. I am in charge of my money always have been. I dont just give it to a female cuz she thinks she's gonna be in charge of my life. I'm the captain I steer the ship and she backs me up. Yeah I see why you're having problems in life you're a ball busting bitch that bought the strong female lie.

But that's why you guys wont work. A man leads a female follows it's been the way for centurys. It only changed because weak simp males and ball busting females decide no no we can change how it works and force a new way and well tons of females trying to play men but ending up being a pathetic bitch like you. enjoy being bitter and single in your 30s with cats.

How do people Fuck up their clothes so badly when they dont do any physical labor. Been wearing the same clothes for the past 6 years

help him budget, if not deal breaker imo. to the anons saying you shouldn't look through his stuff, i don't see a problem with it if you are doing it in his best interest (which you seem to be doing)

Bro, how can a man lead if he can't make responsible decisions? Besides, if they're in a seriously committed relationship it's really not that weird. You wouldn't know because you're underaged.

your bf sounds cool as shit. quit being a cunt and give him money you retard. also, dont post these threads anymore

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More like
>boyfriend is spending money on his hobbies rather than buying me clothes and shoes! do something, user!

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just dump him and leave him be with his blu rays and crummy shoes. Surely you can find a guy who provides you with more financial security than this?

>he needs new shoes
Sounds like she's a caring partner

Yes. Also, she has a boyfriend, therefore she's a normie and should remove from the premises.

I have an ex. Am I a normie? Because I've been on Jow Forums for like six years

>>new American Football album pre-ordered
your bf is very based and redpilled

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>is responding to me, a man

Wow, you guys do have issues with women, don't you.

Regardless of the rest of your ree, so retard that can't even keep in good clothing needs a mommy girlfriend to babysit him. And, unless at a minimum your IRA roth is already almost 20% funded this year, etc, so do you.

Exactly. My steo mother ran the househols because my father was exhausted from working enough to support 4 kids and her. It's a dynamic that works. Relationships are about mutual respect and fair equality. If you demand every aspect of control your partner is a child and will act like a child and you will tire of it. But keep being macho, I guess.

great start if you haven't combined finances yet.

Shoes die quick. I have sweat pants from highschool and I'm 33. I buy new running shoes every season.

Well you see.... To him buying things that make him happy are the high points of his day.
Don't tell me you don't spend more money on girly thing than you should.
If that's not the case you're probably splurging on name brand products.

I agree with your opinions but disagree with your practice. You shouldn't be posting this here anyway. Try Jow Forums.

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this this this oh wow

>still dating
That is pretty funny

Maybe because you don't need to blow so much money on fucking cotton. Where do you normally shop?

>normalfriend relationship haver is a lying spendthrift
wow surprising

I didn't say anything about equality. I'm just saying he needs to get his shit together or delegate the budgeting to her. I'm also against them living together before they're married but what can you do

A-are you saying it's too late to find someone after 33?

Jesus didn't.
Don't you want to follow the example of Christ?

how about instead of complaining to a bunch of incels, you confront your boyfriend and have an adult discussion about it you useless fucking faggot oh my fucking god.
i hate you so fucking much just leave cunt.

This is one of the few boards you can actually talk to real people on, user...

Together 10, married 3 this November.

You can get some cool shit from goodwill. Most of my under armor comes from there or ebay lots.

You need the equality to last. Not to give her permission to whatever or allow her to etc, or not do whatever... but so you know she can haul her own weight. It's nit a loss of anything, ut's gaining a partner you can trust.

In this day and age I'd say past 20 is going to be rough. Schooling is the best method to be forced together and meet. After that it's basically just luck.

>im a broke ass NEET jealous of ragie wagies XD

People can buy whatever they fuck they want with their money, bum ass nigga.

*post this on my new iphone XS MAX*

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I'd call what you're doing less talking and more wading through insults & assumptions until you find something to respond to. Regardless, good luck.

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That's why we shouldn't allow humanoids with axe wound between their legs here

Ha. Agreed. But worth it if I do manage to talk with someone compared with the inane social culture of the majority of the internet.

Gotta do my morning jog with my wife now anyways. Happy vd bud.

you assume i'm underage since that's the easiest cope you could come up with.
Now as I said I lead she follows if that's too difficult for you to grasp not my problem. As for her bf obviously he's spending his money on what he wants and can... as for him bitching about having no money... that he needs to stfu on.
Still not her place to rage over his money and choices especially since she dont cover his ass. so she can stfu and go suck his dick and he can handle when he fucks up his money
but cute you call me underage so it's easier for you to dismiss what you dont like reading. typical mentally weak move

Yeah and you're going to do nothing about it, dumb cunt.

This, enjoy your shitty NPC boyfriend, OP.

please leave you trashy stupid nigger i can't understand anything you just typed

Surprised more people aren't pointing this out

It was easy to read. stop pretending to be retarded just so you can shitpost

This is actually a good post.

I'd have no problem with my girlfriend overseeing my finances, if I had one. It seems like a very intimate thing.

I have crap clothes and shoes and other stuff because I keep spending money on things I actually want and like. Pic related. Im not going to spend money on shit I dont care about because some normies tell me to.

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If its such a problem to you, go out and buy him new shoes/clothes. If your not going to do that stop complaining on how someone spends their own money.

tfw no psycho girlfriend who wants to control everything about you.

Are you fucking brain dead? Holy shit I need to get off this board. What a trainwreck

beta bitch virgin the post

Can you at least tell me why my post is problematic?

Yes, you are a normie if you had an ex (that you fucked)

ok well you're having sex with him so you're an even bigger retard

>To where
>Displayed on the bed sheet
>The crime of the century
>Forever unkempt
>Oh, the muscle memories
>It must take to stay close to me

Absolutely Based. Your bf should breakup with you so he can enjoy the new album in peace. And since American Football is music for breaking up it will sound all the better.

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>>new American Football album pre-ordered
I actually also pre-order the limited edition vinyl of their new album, kek