It seems more and more guys are becoming extremely lonely incels these days. What can be done about this phenomenon?

It seems more and more guys are becoming extremely lonely incels these days. What can be done about this phenomenon?

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the only solution is state mandated sexbot gfs

I doubt the numbers are actually increasing. It's probably just incels wanting validation from numbers inventing that it's increasing.

Lower the population. By 70%. At least.

This just mean that normies are fucking each other less. It doesn't mean that the number of incels is increasing.

Incels are increasing. Less sex, more time spent online, rapid feminism, anti male society's, etc.

You say that, but what you posted doesn't serve as evidence. Show me a statistic that shows the number of virgin people aged over 18 has been increasing over time, and that the number of virgin people who don't want to be virgins is increasing. Anything else is speculation.

>more time spent online
This one could be a cause.

>rapid feminism
This one could not be a cause. It's just a conspiracy theory.

>anti male society
in what way?

Yours also just shows that normies are having less sex. The graph is for people who report not having sex "IN THE LAST YEAR". If it were "EVER" it could serve as an argument for your claims.

I really hate when graphs use red for male and blue for female. completely counterintuitive

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why the fuck is it starting to increase in 2008?
is this a fucking joke? are incels, incels because of the subprime crisis? extreme kek

Online dating most likely.

fuck, it makes sense
what a wicked world

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Less and less males are incels. Incels are a dying breed because getting sex is easier than ever.

The first step is to post more pics of this caramel milk goddess

economy going to shit+online dating=all women share the chads and rich guys

They key is to take power away from women.
1. ban all abortion. there is a very good chance this happens in trumps second term
2. ban birth control
3. Take away womens right to vote
4. Pan porn
5. make cheating on a spouse a crime punishable by jail time

saudi arabia or other sandnigger country is the place for you then kek

Around the same time call of duty 4 and halo three came out plus wow

>reddit spacing
>roastie apologist

In what world is that reddit spacing?

All of that was basically commonplace throughout the world up until 100 years ago.

>why the fuck is it starting to increase in 2008?

lol whatever you say
yep 100 years ago... which is coincidentally when we gave women the right to vote... hmmm

one option is to joint the FvF church which is actively recruiting incels and robots

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Stop, please.

excellent. away with roe vs wade

From an early age teach women to ask guys out

>Remind them it's always their fault
>Give them shit platitudes
>Pity them with patronizing comments as the inferior subhumans they are

Yeah, we're doing our best and it's gonna be solved soon.

And that means more and more girls are staying single for longer too. Sex aside, actual family and relationships hasn't yet caught up to the cuck/harem levels you guys like to make out it is

We're moving away from the old survival of the fittest bullshit.

It'll be worth it in the end.

No it doesn't. 80/20 rule. It's only men who suffer from this.

did you actually read what I wrote?

do families now consist of 2+ mums and 1 dad? not considering sex, there isn't enough guys to go around, regardless of the memes you want to tell me.

We need to keep hope, when they have no other option, women will start paying attention to us :)

>reddit spacing
typical, yet again. See , it shows how the celibacy increase is almost entirely male-exclusive

i don't use reddit. even if i wanted to, the site layout is an eyesore and I can't handle it. Now read what I said again instead of trying to dismiss it because you have nothing of value to say.

Don't reply to me if you can't read, bro.

>advertising reddit
pls die

you posted it

give incels milkies and we're done debating

Ban social media. Women will stop receiving endless validation and inflation of their sexual value will drop. After that, their standards will return to pre-instagram levels

Soon we can clone women, and then everyone will have the milkies he wants.

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number of Incels isn't increasing they are just using the internet now

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>le incels are a cult
how does it feel to be a brainlet

oh you meant staying "single"

Who is she?

Originaru pls robot

OP here her name is i have no idea sorry

>why the fuck is it starting to increase in 2008?
The difference isn't actually increasing by 2008, but still, maybe the introduction of smartphones on society has something to do with it?

take the pinkpill and transition, obviously

noone's falling this anymore

Most of these incels are children who think they're adults.

How are incels actually children?

Unironically stopping betas would help

I never said that incels were a cult, but maybe my brain is just not large enough to understand your delusional reply.

Fuck off with your plebbit shit

Why are you ignoring the problem. Girls only want top tier males

As long as guys are mostly desperate dumb fucks who enable dumbshit enabling behavior in hopes of getting any pussy, this will continue, definitely as we get farther towards fetish behavior like one night stands, cucking, poly, etc.
Another option could be just hope the amount of woman start outnumbering the amount of guys to an uneven degree. Less guys available, the more likely the common man receives interest. Either that, or it would lead to an even bigger 20/80 scenario where the 20% Chads have poly relationships everywhere.

Please stop trying to force your stupid make more kids agenda.

Everyone only wants top tier individuals.

This. Giving women more rights is what caused this crisis. I hate being alive in this time period

Cheapen male related cosmethic surgeries. Lots of incels would have it a lot easier if they weren't ugly or manlets.

just look at japan half the population are virgins and we are going in that direction. stop empowering women if you want to fix this problem.