*Knock* *Knock*

*Knock* *Knock*
FBI open up!! We'd like to have a word with you!!

0 - Dies in shootout shortly afterwards
1 - barely escapes on bicycle
2 - sent to High security prison gets fucked in the ass
3 - FBI just goes away
4 - invites in, no big deal
5 - brought in for interrogation
6 - wins shootout
7 - gets recruited by the agency
8 - FBI breaks in and beat the living shit outta you
9 - summoned to jury duty

Doubs- become new director assassinate user before you.
Trips- overthrow the government
666-sent to the shadow realm
Quads- some crazy Illuminati shit ends the world.

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Your comment has heen muted for 2 seconds because it was not originami

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h-hello officer feel free to look around. no need to check that rug under the end table


*Bang* *bang*
Court is now in session.

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what's the case? Tell me, I'll tell if guilty or innocent.
then I can get out of here

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By the strength of my ancestors!

Who could it be knocking at my door


Nice I got the one I wanted.

You know what you gotta do. Once you're in you never leave

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i don't think i'd be a good juror officer i'm very racist against anglos

Alright lets see what i get roll for feds

Just put on your cool face

Can't get me!

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Fucking strange

Have a word with these!

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Nice coup attempt but not close enough!!

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Rolling against fbi faggots

or what? will you shoot me with your invisible guns?

rolling for a nothing burger


Fuck off that was original.

Apparantly still not original.

The only thing that's original is being ... unorinigal

I won't mind any of these because either i die or can justify killing myself

let us roll this one lads eazy quads

Well here we go. See you space cowboy

originally rolling cmon some good shit

yes gentlemen?

Roll gsiahgzuaj vsdgsj

Office do you have a warrant to arrest me?

*frantically running kitchen magnets over the side of my PC*
Y-yes hello officer?

lol that was the cashest coincidence of your life aanon

I unironically want to join the FBI when I'm older

for now the govt is doing well
rolling for overthrowing those capitalist pigs

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Or you could sit there and wait

nice killed two officers over some cheese pizza user

what these two good sirs want from me?

Try to get me FBIggots

Well then

Originally sperggggg activate!!!

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Rollerino. Actually interested in this for some reason

Whats up faggots you got a warrant

This made me laugh way too hard. Dumb normie fbi



ok ill roll
spagghettiu originalite

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Oh god oh fucc FBI scary

no one the likes of i despite

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i"m ready
You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not originaru.

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fuck off fbi man im


OP is really a faggot, huh? Rollin'

hi FBI man