I need to quit smoking cigarettes

i need to quit smoking cigarettes.

Like literally now

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i quit the first day of the new year, lit the last one of my last pack at 11:57pm.

It's been going well so far, I think it gets easier after building up a few weeks of not smoking, because you have a streak, and the cost of one cigarette is that long streak you've built up, with all the cravings you've overcome throughout.

At this point, 45 days is a new record since I've started smoking, not something to be lightly thrown away.

Nah man, smoking is a gods gift.

Winstons are less addictive.

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I also need to stop shoving dragon dildos up my arse as it's been bleeding on and off for a month now.

Quite worrying

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Then do it, faggot. I smoked 2 packs a day for nearly 10 years and I did it cold turkey. And I'm fat. How do you have less self-control and discipline than a fat fuck?

>caring about your health in the long time
you don't belong here

Why stop now? You probably already have cancer might as well enjoy it while you can

The best way to quit an addiction is by starting another!

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I'm worried about you smoke bots. These companies are killing you for profit. Why is there so much garbage in cigarettes why can't it be just the plant and some fire

Vape. You'll still be addicted to nicotine but you won't die of cancer.

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smoke a tobacco pipe, OP

read this whole thread:

it will help you understand WHY you can not quit

seriously, read:




No thank you incel vape is the quickest way to being a permavirgin
fuck u
that's why im quitting brainlet

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>No thank you incel vape is the quickest way to being a permavirgin

Good then everything will stay the same for you.

>that's why im quitting brainlet
literally just buy a 12 oz bag of tobacco for $4 and then a $2 corn cobb pipe. smoke on that. i smoke the equivalent of 1-2 cigs per day worth of tobacco

it's a 7 year habit. i have no problems. i love it!

how do u get addicted to ciggies? is this a meme or what i smoke cigs sometimes when im with buddies but i never get addicted to them i can live of days without them

>No thank you incel vape is the quickest way to being a permavirgin
pipefags are /sexy/ though

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>how do u get addicted to ciggies?
it's called "self medication"

"addiction" is complicated, but really it's your body telling you that "this will help fix something"

thirsty? you crave water. hungry? you crave food. even the type of food you crave differs based on nutritional needs

tobacco has a plethora of health benefits. OP may be chronically stressed

see: longecity.org/forum/topic/38868-smoking-is-good-for-you/

Degenerates like you belong on a cross.
smoking is pure degeneracy

i need to start

>smoking is pure degeneracy
why? people used to smoke all the time despite being non degenerate

I'm a NEET and I switched to vaping. It's amazing how much NEETbux you can save. Just bought a new used graphics card and I'm gonna buy a 144 Hz monitor soon, too.

you should also try and quit being an avatar spamming faggot while you're at it desu senpai