Happy Valentine's Day Brooke!

Happy Valentine's Day Brooke!

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Brooke is perfect

yes, and there's 6 FEET tall of her !!

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Happy v-day brooke!I hope that some nice boy got you chocolate and flowers.

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Love her personality, she's down to earth and genuinely a really good person. Have a great day Brooke!

2d Brooke > 3d Brooke

Meh,3d brooke has ups and downs.

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Brookey is sweet

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3d Brooke is a coal burner
2d Brooke is pure

Does she have a Snapchat or IG?

That's scary ugly

t. manlet

>ywn eat these with brooke

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Hahaha wtf imagine this fuckin 6ft goblin chasing you that's straight out of a horror movie

I think she deleted her ig :(

there might be a discord

>imagine brooke chasing you
Oh boy
She deleted everything/set everything to private.

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She is barely 5'9. The hinge on the door is 5'10 and if you're closer to the mirror you appear taller compared to the hinge.

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>She deleted everything/set everything to private.
that sucks, any idea why? she's cool, hope some a-hole wasn't harassing her

Well do you know the usernames? I can still add them , right ?

>hope some a-hole wasn't harassing her
Try lots of them.It's been this way ever since day 1.I was really surprised to see that she's sharing her ig with us after everything that happened.And yeah she's cool,I think her trip is banned again.

LMAO ahahaHAHAAHAH this bitch is what you see in the corner of your room when u get sleep paralysis

she looks like shes from courage the cowardly dog LMAOOOO pic related

do u know when its at night time and u go to the kitchen and make food and then when ur walking back to ur room and it feels like someone is chasing you? imagine seeing this chick arms up like a trex running at you ahahahaha

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I've seen pictures of her around other girls/people before she closed her social medias.She's either 6'0 or all of her friends are midgets.

it looks like bees stung all over her face

>imagine seeing this chick arms up like a trex running at you ahahahaha
Im fine with it as long as she's in full gothfu mode.

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My cock would be diamonds

no need to be mean dudes, Brooke is an exotic beauty, and genuinely nice and never mean to anyone

sorry i shouldnt have said that i take that back

is that a nose piercing? I hope she doesn't get any piercings or tattoos, she's perfect and really beautiful without them

ya sorry i didnt realy mean it

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>and genuinely nice and never mean to anyone
if she's so nice she would at least reply to this thread.she doesn't care about us user,we were just her source of entertainment for the summer

whoa, smoking hot

Nah,it's just an edit.She doesnt't even wear make up in the original pic.

>I hope that some nice boy got you chocolate and flowers.
>implying she didnt get hundreds of flowers and tens of boxes of chocolate
She's probably going on a date soon.

She isnt at all. Look how high her heels are and the door. She is maybe 5'8, most likely 5'7 with a centar body. Disgusting

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her body is perfect, post more pics

Those legs are amazing. Shed be perfect if her tits were bigger

she looks like a retards idea of a hot girl

>I love brook!

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Guess I'm a retard then

You ever hear this bitch talk? She sounds like a fucking tranny.

Citation plszzz


This one's really old but she sounds cute and autistic in it.

Not terrible but no ideal. It still has a pussy

Literally bred for cuddling

what a fucking retard


Honestly brooke seemed like she just wanted to be the most annoying person on this whole board by any means.Some kind of a troll

lol thot

impressive height for a spic tho

what weak articulation, pathetic!

This is fucking pathetic. This board really is /b/ lite.
Just a reminder, you will NEVER, EVER have a chance. So orbiting her won't do you any good at all. Move on. She is here for attention and you're giving her what she wants. She will never fuck you, no matter how much you white knight her.

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>you will NEVER, EVER have a chance.
She gave this whole board a chance a while ago.The only one who took it was some pedophile neet who abused her.Read the archives.
>She will never fuck you
We're not here to fuck her either,some of us just liked her.

She never did. She led you on, and then made an example of you.
Trust me, she doesn't have a personality. You like her because she's the only woman that has so much as glanced at what you have said for many years, or you're a retarded plebbit normalfag. And don't give me that bullshit, all I hear about her is about her body.

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>Shed be perfect if her tits were bigger
All she needs to do is eat yogurt and cheese everyday for around 4-6 weeks, her tits would balloon up to a D cup

>She never did. She led you on, and then made an example of you.
Nigga,she fucking talked to that dude for like a month without even seeing him and HE was the one who fucked up.Even if he kept emotionally abusing her she just sticked around him.So trust me,she would've picked any of us,but everyone just wanted her nudes.
>And don't give me that bullshit, all I hear about her is about her body.
Because that's what this board is obssessed with,nobody tried to get to know her,to at least see if she's so boring and bland as she looks,they just jumped to conclusions.Just coming here and talking after you see some pics of her doesn't mean you know the full thing.

she sounds mentally challenged

>implying I didn't read her threads
of course I did. and all she did was argue with people, of course, deny that she's fucking other guys, (muh twin sister) and overall be a boring cunt with nothing to add but to sit still and bitch to people who make her for the attention whore she is.
>everyone just wanted her nudes.
she came here.
posted her face and body. on R9K
and then expected people to treat her like anyone else. how fucking retarded can you be?
you know what she thinks of you "liking" her? nothing. because she doesn't care. she wants your (you) to validate herself. you are her entertainment.
and lastly, who the fuck comes to r9k looking for a boy friend? she gave a pedo retard a "chance" then got fucked over, obviously. was she expecting Chad Thundercock the Third to sweep her off her feet? what was this whore thinking??

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>she fucking talked to that dude for like a month without even seeing him and HE was the one who fucked up
You mean that one orbiter who decided to actually take action? Funny how the bitch runs away the moment things start getting sticky just like that Rose. It's almost like *gasp* she never wanted to ever me any of you pathetic orbiters and just wanted the self-gratification through the safety of the screen. Absolutely no different than a instagram whore fishing for likes, only this whore has to come to this shit hole full of female attention staved virgins because she is sub-standard and can't compete with said instagram whores.

she in discord?

I have them scattered everywhere
Does this work for men too?

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if it werent for him we wouldnt have so many zoomers here SIGN THE PETITION

yall niggis think she getting dicked tonight?

>posted her face and body. on R9K
>and body
Yeah,you definitely read her threads.This shit is pointless,everyone is just parotting the same bullshit about her without knowing anything,and when they are presented facts they just keep denying them and calling her a whore and posting more of her pics.Hope both you and her have a great valentine's day user.

I think she made a new one and only added a few people.Nobody really knows what the fuck she's up to lately.
She's probably crying over some netflix dramas while stuffing herself with sweets.

I still have a screenshot from that thread where somebody posted full deets of her (hello, Ms. Miller). But I'm sure the jannies will mop it up posthaste and get me in trouble for it.

you parrot her thread over and over, even when she has abandoned you. Have a good evening(at least here) , user. I hope you come to your senses soon.

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She's ugly as fuck, way too tan (most likely not even a natural tan) and her body reminds me of a horse or some shit. You all have awful taste kys

come back brooke

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eat yogurt and cheese brooke !!!

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Kek,nigga look at the picture you posted and compare it to the OP.She probably has D's by now but we'll never see them anyway so who cares?

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