Time to wank and cry at the same time edition

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please, keep jamie in your thoughts this valentine's day lads

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Tell me something, girl
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there something else you're searching for?I'm falling

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jamie you're a faggot

Everything she can think of
>Ree this person looked at me funny
>Ree this person said a nono word
>Reee I found a 2mm loose blade and need to report it before someone dies

>tfw 100% Azad Kashmiri genetics
>tfw more honourary white than Amer Hussain Al Mirpuri, a Pakistani rat who has currently unjustly infested a house in Rochdale, England

its almost the end of valentine and my scottish friend hasn't showed up

i wanted him to be my valentine

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Making a Minecraft modpack, desu

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Oh no, look at the top of his head.

I thought you weren't that way inclined.

He's not showing up, go watch your Disney films.

Get out of here bender

Wish I had a Garnet Til Alexandros gf for valentines tbqh.

I'm starting driving lessons again at the weekend. I've done over 40 already and 2 tests. I better pass this time.

I've just made a giant sausage roll for dinner. Will have it with beans at a table set for one, with a candlestick. Fuck valentines

Hey user, 2010 called it wants it's games back

Please do not bully me. My autism has relapsed and I want to make the most of it.



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Sorry user, couldn't help myself
Good luck with your modpack

If you have poor eye vision is that automatic no from royal navy?

Rate my din dins lads

Happy valentines day

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hope you lads have pre-ordered your 4k blu ray copy of a star is born, released tomorrow!

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One of the lads on here lied to me, someone told me that anons on the /tv/ board talk about classic films. Whenever i go on there its full of threads about modern stuff, they are always complaining about the latest cape movie or some other new film.. what a shit board.

dis a cola post I hope so
alri boomer

Holy shit there's this genius on instagram who does really crappy "nude art selfies", you send him a nude selfie and he draws it for you. And so many girls have done it. He's called sexyselfiedrawings

Didn't you have the same shit yesterday?
Get some meat in you.

Someone send him the photo of Poley from the Birmingham meet and see whether he draws it as male or female
This is a fair way of assessing how Poley passes to a neutral pair of eyes

Just read that Eugenia Cooney is getting help, about time

nooo my skelli gf should stay perfect
I wish I had catfish game like dis

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>tfw bought enough stuff at the supermarket to make it look like i was cooking for two and not just planning to have an evening alone with my 4 pack of beers

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what are you scared about with regard to the future lads?
for me, it's:
>essays rn
>dm lads mental wellbeing in the coming week
>dying alone

35 more years of office jobs

I think you have warped standards of beauty lad

My ovaries drying up and being left on the shelf next to some corned beef.

that I don't manage to reproduce

climate change probably

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>My ovaries drying up
Amazed how people react these days when you point out the realities of this

am depressed
how 2 fix, short term?

Shit innit, it's just a fact of life

Split my trousers right in the crotch. Hate being a fatty.

I think they know the ugly guy in a video game t shirt buying things at 7pm doesn't have a girl round his house

How broody are you on a scale of 0-10?

It's ridiculous girls will just send a picture of themselves spreading their pussy to an user account on instagram

>>dm lads mental wellbeing in the coming week
whats happened?

heroin or pretty much any opioid ecstasy is also a good option but can't be used frequently due to huge tolerance issues

About a 5/10, don't really want children at this point in time, but I don't like the thought of missing out on the chance if it's something I want later in life. Not as bad as some females I've met that go batshit insane at this age and get knocked up off some reprobate.

>am depressed how 2 fix, short term?

All girls have a whorish side to them, whether they care to admit it or not.

alri the guy that used to troll me years ago on /hr/
what about her isn't totally perfect? I just want to hold hands with her and feel ok one day before I die.
I'm sorry lad, it will be the death of us all. given our ancestors all spent their days on backbreaking labour maybe its not the worst thing in the world but it is completely alienating.
lol jsut get a bf roastie
same. I can't believe everyone in my bloodline did so many times and I will die alone. Sorry fren, hugs
titlad the thinking man
we will probably be ok with regard to sea level rise etc and will spend our lifetime fighting off climate change refugees from elsewhere
mental. it makes me want to throw up.
based granddad is not ok it is very sad. please be nice to him.

dunno nothing really, maybe not being able to have kids? no point worrying about it though, worry wont change anything.

aww lad
couch to 5k it man

idk in a certian kind of man worry might spur action but probably our lot are too broken for that
the comfy life isa good one

>based granddad is not ok it is very sad. please be nice to him.
fuck man that sucks

>Hate being a fatty.
then stop being one lmfao it's not like you're forced to be fat

c25k is fucking hard as shit
I was bent over gasping clutching my chest within the first month, to speak nothing of the pain

DM was talking about teaming up with you and "getting revenge on the normies" whatever that means.

Just in from getting Valentines day supplies lads

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yeah lots of anons made nice posts for him earlier. He has said that based granddad would rather die than live in a post stroke state so hopefully death is clean and quick for him. He had a good run. pls be nice to our lad.

It wasn't me, I'm not a thinking man.

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Has your romantic evening begun yet lads?

Who's the lucky lady?

What would you do if you saw a paki walking down the street with an isis flag?

Turning in my sleep and twisted my hamstring lads, so I tried turning the other way to untwist it and that just hurt even more

You're not going about it the right way. Those other crazy roasties have the right idea

its not funny making fun of me for watching disney

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It's been a sad year for granonparents

will do man DMs sound, cases like that make me sad assisted suicide isn't legal

Do you autists actually buy shit you don't need for these kind of purposes?

Blah blah don't want to bring a child into the world and fuck it up by being a shit single mum etc etc for the sake of satiating my own hormones.

not begun yet, gf is still at slimming world.
gonna have steak and then benis in vagina.

DM is one of the few lads that i have never bullied on here, even when the nonce posting was an everyday thing.

nah when i worry i act. worry is like an indicator that something needs fixing, and i love fixing things. whether you're a neet or a wagie, life is comfier when you don't drown in worry.

Just having onions for dinner pal? Is it to make you cry?

She mugged me right off.

>can't go out tonight I have X to do
>later on in the day she says she's finished X and is going to have an early night

Like, fuck you basically.

same I get a metalic taste of blood in my throat every time, pretty sure I have a heart defect but my family have such good health Idk
titi boi men are always thinking men lad.
I spent a lot of today fantasizing about stabbing some normies out on a date but I would never get near enough the high score witha knife and I am too stupid to build a bomb or get a gun
dm fren is too nice to do that
yeah thank god it looks like things wil come to a natural end so he doens't have to make the choice himself.

As if any girl would have a romantic night with me

I wish I had energy like that

Just some Valentine's Day tips

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where's my lonely lass gf

Don't become emotionally attached to anybody user, not even your family members.

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Nah lad, goes well with a nice golden ale and lamb cat treat. Want to come round mine for dinner?

as if vapid roasties are deserving of respect

I made myself and my waifu had roasted veg and lamb leg and in the next few hours we'll start drinking, going to stay up all night as well.

>her, her, her
Don't drug my drink either, bitch

Sister refusing to move out because nowhere will accept her dogs. I'm forced to stay and pay rent with her and not get any of my deposit money back. Fuck my selfish family i fucking hate them.

this is nothing but virtue signalling. if a lad was planning to any of that stuff he isn't going to suddenly stop because he read that.

Would love to lad but I'm waiting of a chinese. You can come here though. Plenty of rice to go around.

>as if vapid roasties are deserving of respect

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I'm too drunk to print off my waifus face to staple to my pillow bt I might tri anytay

>i don't rape and abuse women, in fact i respect them and treat them as equals
>why do you ask?

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Are you remembering to have a good life?

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isn't mayuri chief fabora boi?
don't you have a date?

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based, who is your waifu?

Bit of a commute lid, maybe I'll come down for Easter though

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If you say so SP but I don't think much.

Christ look at her face
that droopy nose

going to order a nice romantic double american burger and cheesey chips i reckon lads, treat me and the belly

You should, you won't even have to necessarily be a single mother.

You want to have some children with me then SP?

chad doesn't treat women as equals, nor is he a misogynist.

Girl talking to me about how she's alone on Valentine's and is crying on the inside. What did she mean by this?