Tell me about your 5 year plan for the future

Tell me about your 5 year plan for the future

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>graduate college
>work for a bit
>kill myself once I finally accept that I'm totally alone and my life isn't improving

>finish uni
>lose 100lb
>join army around graduation

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>finish anime and manga backlog
>kill self

My thoughts exactly. Peace bro.

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I'm gonna blast off into fucking space and get off this lousy planet, then return with a fleet and conquer it

die, statist

>get down to ahealthy weight and get fit
>get GED
>find a job and get off of disability
>get married

ily2 user

boots are tasty

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> Graduate college
> Get a master
> Get a job I actually studied for
> Get fit, or at least go from 7/10 to 8/10
> Get benefits from my current investments

It will get better anons, hang in there.

You can't do shit with a GED or highschool diploma.
Just lie about it.

Getting a GED is a waste of time if you aren't going to college.

>get GED
>find a job

Not going to college? Just finding a minimum wage job? Just lie and put some random highschool

What investments?
>It will get better anons, hang in there.
Do you mean your secret investments will get better

>get GED
>find a job
it's not the 90s anymore user

i dont think lying on my resume is a good idea

>tfw this is a job interview question and I answered: "I see myself working long term at this great company".

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All the normies lie. The real world is like that

if my parents are still alive, i'll probably continue to be a wagecuck, or i'll stop working and become a neet again.
if my parents are dead and my life is still a shithole, i'll commit suicide.

I inherited a house so I'm super lucky in that I don't need to pay rent. Just electricity and water and internet bills so I don't need to earn much to cover it.
>Find job soon
>Be a wagie working an easy boring no stress job for the rest of my life
>Play vidya on my days off and live in comfy asceticism only spending money when I need to
>Hopefully have time/motivation to get Jow Forums since I won't be mentally drained from wageslavery

Maybe if you apply for a shit job. Lie on your resume for any decent company and you're fucked.

Just electricity, water, internet bills, property tax, groceries and what else?

If your country doesn't have property tax, i might have a different idea

>start studying for a degree
>get fit, play sports recreationally
>be reading every day
>spend far more time with family
>make friends and get a gf
>have a few hobbies and ongoing projects

I haven't even planned the next month

this year
>lose 60 pounds down from 200 (6'0)
>work on/improve body image
>apply for Uni before the end of 2019
>maybe play tennis if I can find someone to play it with
I already dropped all vidya (except for singleplayer jrpgs on ps2/3ds) and Discord communities for a month now and I'm feeling better overall
I'm 21 so wish me luck anons. Good luck to you too and have a nice Valentines today, even if you're alone like me

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That's pretty much it, all I know is collectively it's less than 5k a year (excluding food) so even working part time I will still have excess money.

>get job experience from current job
>get my teacher's qualification 2 years from now
>quit current job and start work as a teacher
>get experience as a teacher
>get more qualifications to teach more subjects
>quit teaching job and become a private tutor
I want to teach kids with autism. This is unironically my dream job.

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>2019 uni
>2020 uni
>2021 graduate/ become unemployed
>2022 unemployed
>2023 unemployed
Things are lookin up

Timeline A:
>quit this shitty job to go teach/travel in SE Asia
>come back in the fall to get my masters and become a teacher in the USA or Canada
>buy a house

Timeline B:
>quit this shitty job to teach and travel SE Asia
>get a job back home as a border agent
>get a house

Next 2 months.
Get Car and full motorcycle license
Next 5 years.
Get new job
Get motorcycle
Bulk up
Move out.
Do Olympic Lifting
Do Judo.
Go to the USA, rent a bike and shoot guns.
Retire to decade of wage cucking.

Just think of the army as a well organized mercenary force. You're getting paid after all.

Exactly this, except my parents won't let me stay unemployed and the government doesn't give you neetbux if you have never worked before so I gotta work at walmart or something (if they accept me as an employee that is)

>do everything I can to accomplish what I believe would make myself happy
>probably fail or realize that I'll never be happy
>continue living for a bit only in spite of the world
>realize that ultimately the world doesn't care either way
>kill self before I turn 30
Realistically that is.

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>Aquire rifle
>Shoot up school

>Bump gym days from four to five
>Have wedding with longtime housemate simply because it's convenient for both of us.
>Start learning Cantonese to appease housemate's family.
>Get firearm license.
>Get hunting license.
>Finish writing a book.
>Start writing another.
>Put babies in wife.
>Hopefully begin to cultivate romantic feelings with wife.

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>Finish degree and certification to teach English
>Go abroad and live somewhere cool, probably China, Taiwan, or Korea because lots of $$$, free housing, flights and benefits, sub 40-hour work weeks, and I speak some Chinese
>I like Asian women
>asian women like tall white m'goodboys?
>mfw I am educated, financially stable, successful, well-liked, and happy
>mfw I have a nice wive and cute hafu kids
>or kms because uni sucks
>good luck anons :)

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That's too much weight to lose. I would go down to 160-170 and bulk up from there

You know where.


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you want to be 140 and 6'0? Seems light to me but idk what you look like. If you can just convert some fat into muscle it might make you look way better/help with body image issues while also letting you still be large and in charge.

plan A
>get first wage slave now
>save and travel/sleep in car
>release my game
>get tech certificates
>get IT job
>save for starting first little indie game company

plan B
>get depressed
>do drugs and alcohol
>live in car/van
>wageslave or something sometimes

>Continue to be a shut in NEET
>Die of a heart attack or other fat related things

>Quit job
>Join University
>Pass JLPT and C1A
>get some form of translation work official or unofficial

I don't care about money or having a family

In five years, I will probably have given 2/3 of my savings to my parents for expenses. When I run out of money and they insist that I get a job, it will be time to lay down on some train tracks, I think.

Maybe I will have gotten over my crippling generalized anxiety and will have some way to employ myself by then (programming, drawing) but that sounds highly unlikely and I'll still probably be wasting day after day on this site accomplishing nothing.

explain your living situation?
>mfw no cute Cantonese housemate wife

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If you forever sleep that just takes away any chance of improvement. you can do it user :)

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Normie advice, not everyone can "do it". You don't know what pain that user might be in so it's dumb to try and assume you're helping him.

I don't have one
I'm gonna go to work tomorrow, I know that much

ya you're right just tell him to kill himself.

Just chugging along is my number one way to cope with my life. I wish I could turn into a completely emotionless robot and just focus all my energy on school, because any and every emotion I experience only causes me pain
You're totally naive if you think everyone can improve themselves

Longtime housemate and I decided to get married because it was practical. We pool our resources and get a bunch of tax breaks, and have a decent economic base to start a family with. On top of that we get along well so it's not like we're ever at each others throat.
A big push for her though was her family, since there was a few threats of being disowned if she didn't get married and give them grandchildren. Her options were being disowned, having her family find a husband for her, or just choosing the guy she's known for years (me). Arrangement just sort of works out for both of us.

>cute Cantonese wife
She was born and raised in North America, it's just the rest of her family still lives in Hong Kong. And I wouldn't call her cute, the only thing really 'cute' about her is her height. Outside of that she's simply plane look, like your standard Chinese girl.

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In 5 years i see myself alone in my room after just realizing what a complete and utter disappointment i turned out to be.

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>continue saving money
>continue gaining equity in my home
>marry live-in gf
>probably have 1 kid by then (she wants w/in the next 3 years)
>move to a larger/newer home farther from the city with the equity I gained in this home and savings
>continue to work from home in my current field with a few more certifications that will increase my income substantially

Wtf you're super lucky user, that sounds so cool to be married but not really have many romantic expectations of you
Have you guys done any sex or bf/gf stuff in the past?

The best answer I can possibly give is that if I get a job for this one company I may be able to one day move back to Seattle since they have a branch there. That's the only semblance of a "goal" that I have.

Move out
Get my license and a car
Get my GED
Maybe college or tradeschool

That's really interesting to me. Are you guys romantically involved at all or is the relationship just on paper? Did she just approach you one day and ask you to marry her? Any ragrets?

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Stop working in a call center
Move out of my parent's house
Go on at least one date

That's it really

>continue working on my game while working part time
>still applying for my dream job
>inevitably fails like the 3 previous times
>make a patreon while releasing a demo
>Sony inevitably propose me money for the exclusivity of my project
>dab on 'em
>get famous
>release the game
>relative success
>have enough money to apply for jobs for 5 more years

Nothing at all.
We've been trying to spend more time together leading up to the wedding in the spring though. Just trying to build a familiarity with being closer, it feels really weird.

I guess you could say we're friends. We wouldn't have been about to live together for eight, going on nine, years if we didn't trust each other or get along. We're going all in on this, so nothing like having side affairs or anything, cheating means forfeiting assets.
>Did she just approach you
Yeah, late last year. We just sort of sat down and talked things out. Weighed the pros and cons, and all that. It just happened the pros won out.
>Any regrets?
Too soon to tell. I doubt I'll have any though. It's not as if my 10/10 dream girl is just going to fucking thunder into my life. It's a comfortable arrangement with someone I can trust. Sure there's no 'love', but I suppose that could happen along the way.

Good for you man. That's a bro move to just marry her like that. I hope you guys can slowly develop romantic feelings for each other. Sounds like you've got a good base regardless. Good luck mate.

That sounds max comfy desu. Sounds like what people used to do back in the day; they'd get married for the money convenience, and even if they didn't exactly "love" each other they got along well and never even considered divorce. You're gonna live a comfy medieval european life user and I'm very jealous. Society seriously should return to that time.

Violently study chemistry, physics and biology while continuing to build my spiritual self through good diet, asceticism, and philosophy. Fast track my studies while performing undergraduate research with some old aristotle looking ass. Exercise more too.

>finish my bachelors
>go wageslave in a richer country
>maybe go for a masters somewhere in western europe once i earn some money
>prolly kill myself

This would be the ideal life. No sifting though thots and bullshit. Just mutual respect and convenience. I want.

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This but because I need an original comment I will say nothing more because THIS

>get a gun
>go on a spree
>en hero at the end of it
Elliot i will continue what you've started, i promise

I blame the obsession over the concept of love that started in the late 1800s. Up until then, throughout all of history, marriage wasn't some fairytale love thing, it was a partnership. Maybe the husband and wife would grow to love each other, but their first and foremost concern was having kids and the economic well being of their family, and divorce literally did not exist.
Also interesting to note that women and men were a lot more equal back then because they were less entitled. It was common for the husband and wife to work together on everything, helping each other out in the fields with their kids for example, and also it was common for women to be in charge of the family's trades and finances. But then in the 1800s when marriage became about a chivalrous man defending the love of his life, women just ended up being stuck in the house all day doing chores and raising kids. Seems like the old way was beneficial for both sexes.

I mean, it's not like I just did it out of the goodness of my heart. I get plenty out of the deal to, minus dealing with her family and learning Cantonese.

Honestly, going through it now, Im starting to see how the importance put on love in a marriage is a little too much. It's a nice sentiment, but it doesn't fill your belly or pay the bills.
Just going from experience here, but having a economically stable home and partner leads to a lot less fights, and a lot less stress. I can come home after work and not worry about how tight things are, and just unwind.

Finish my plumbing course and move to another province. I'm not even that good at the job but ill get better with time and the trade is at an all time low so they need people desperately which is good for me i guess.

i would agree with you but i think romanticism is based. i blame the french revolution instead

>move to new zealand
>get serious about learning to play bass
>start a band/start doing sessions for other musicians
>have a career
>diddle some kids

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>year 1
Max up on Jow Forums gains, sign up to the local far-right/communist sections and hang out with both, hand-picking the strongest, most loyal elements of both groups. Hatch them with a plan to get to power, make them coexist.
>year 2
Contact Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and ask him for money
Buy smuggled AK-47s and rocket launchers
Buy helicopter and train in the savannah with my national-communist boys for the next two years
>year 3
>year 4
Me and and my 20-something national-communist boys are huge masses of muscle and raw masculine stamina, we've trained ourselves in helicopter training, gorilla warfare, hands-on-hands combat, suicide attacks, gun training, we are ready to fight until the end, we have fully-crafted DARK and RED uniforms with a brown beret and a pin of the flag of our country with our insign.
Meanwhile our propaganda network on Kikebook has stared a massive propaganda campaign along with Putin bots in order to prop up the ideology of National-Communism (Natcom for short).

On the National Day we approach our country's prsidential palace in a super-fast attack with our super-fast helicopter...we all drop by and shoot the guards with rocket launchers. We seize the prsidential offices and take the president hostage!
Men affected: 12

Other places in the city, the rest of the men head large units of untrained soldiers to take all the bridges, airports, main roads, and TV channel Headquarters

Officially announce myself Great Heroic Supreme Leader of the National-Communist Soviet of Europe

>year 5
live like the greatest of kings in a country in full autarky, all dissidents are used as slaves in my gold mines, the kikes and the CEOs are taxed at 99% of their wealth, build atlantic walls and fortify inner defense, enitre cult of personality, literally supreme dictator of 70 million peope ready to fight until the least breath for me, their eternal savior

Can any of you do better?

>gorilla warfare

You can do it

>tfw had a Chinese girlfriend for a while
>I'm a robot but she always tried to get me out of my shell and talk to her
>I start approaching her more often too and being around her
>love eachothers personalities
>we're both really happy to find out we want to date eachother
>ecstatic for a few months and stay happy for longer
>6 months into relationship her parents start to get more involved
>they want a successful boyfriend/husband
>I don't meet their expectations and won't soon enough
>try to set up dates for her with other Chinese guys
>she always refuses
>continue to work and get ready to apply for Uni but not at a speed enough for her parents to be happy
>eventually start to feel like a burden
>constantly feel depressed, anxious and like a piece of shit
>girlfriend starts to ask when I'm going to Uni, when I'm going to move out, comparing me to her sisters boyfriends education
>she already lives on her own, is going to a great art school, family is rich with some in the 1%
>she has a disappointed tone constantly
>tells me of the other successful guys in her school
>stop being stubborn and begin to let it sink in that I'm not gonna make it in time
>cut my losses and end it
>contacts me every few days asking me to stay
>remind myself that she's just going to look at me for my career again
>disappear and cut all contact

If I had a proper career going by now then it would have lasted much longer, but I'm just a piece of shit desu. I still miss her but the way she treated me after a while made me feel worthless. I've been feeling a lot better recently though, this was about 2 months ago

Good luck user, and I hope you'll be happy with her.

>enroll to art classes
>draw fetish porn
>become a freelancer
>move to a small town
>build a comfy house
>get a big dog

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I want to go back to school. Get a PHD in either econ or evolutionary psychology. So I can get paid to learn and talk about society. because the job I now have is pretty boring.

Mercenary for Israel.

I really want to write a book that teaches young people how to be adults. I want it to have quality guides on things like choosing a degree, gaining confidence, finding a passion, managing time and attaining discipline. What would distinguish would be the original and unconventional advice (like proposing alternative living situations or making money on niche markets), the kind of advice you'd only learn from a conversation with an expert in the field. It would need to have a lot of contributors but I think the end result would be a goldmine for any young person who doesn't know what they're doing.

Can anyone tell me whether this is a dumb idea?

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> 24yo
> neeting at parents place after apprenticeship
> still dont know what to do for life

>year 1: waste less time on Jow Forums and spend more time on serious stuff - say, /diy/
>year 2: prepare a resolution to leave Jow Forums forever; example: post threads "if quads then leave Jow Forums forevah"
>year 3: cringe because resolution wasn't successful
>year 4: enjoy a few /diy/ threads, but eventually find out you're again on fokkin r9k
>year 5: prepare to post 'my five years plan just failed, wat do'

Man, you mistake was trying to make Chinese parents happy, especially as a white guy (I'm assuming).

Her parents tolerate me, but that's a world of difference from actually liking me. I will never not be a gweilo to 90% of her family. My simple solution is not giving a fuck and just rolling with it. When you marry an Asian, as in a traditional Asian, none of this banana shit, you marry her family as well. Just gotta learn to be polite about it.
I also take solace in knowing that my direct ancestors spent the better part of a century flooding China with opium. It's funny to me.

>finish college if i can
that's about it

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A mercenary doesnt care about who pays him, only that he gets paid.

>study biotech at a university
>create a virus that kills all virgin incels

Year One:
>Wait until year two starts
Year Two:
>Contemplate reasons for waiting a whole year to begin five year plan
Year Three:
>Make five year plan for two years
Year Four:
>Maybe visit my aunt and uncle in Florida, see how they're doing
Year Five:
>Put finishing touches on new plan, then submit it

all you pussies contemplating suicide wont dare to do it, lmao

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finally another intellectual who numbers their pictures
nice to meet you

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Been working for the state since I was 18. I am 35 now. I think I can technically retire soon but my pension will be 90% of my final salary so I want to climb the ladder a bit so my pension checks are a little better. Would it be dumb to retire at 40 if my pension will only be like 45k/year?

get paid
get laid
???! profit

Why are you retiring at 40 in the first place? What are you gonna do with all that time?

realistically i don't have one. i've been a neet for a very long time. i'll probably end up filing for disability and hoping on the gibs train somehow. my city has a pretty good apartment program for the mentally ill, or so i hear.

I don't even know desu. I actually like my job and wouldn't know what to do with myself if I just woke up and had no plan each day.

you can live like a king on $45k/year in thailand or something, i'd definitely look into that if i were you but it may not be your cup of tea

>finish uni
>find a decent job
>save up
>learn japanese
>get a teaching certificate
>change my name
>eventually pack my bags and teach in Japan
Then whatever happens, happens. I'm the idiot of the family so I'll be happy to make it that far.

I'm trying to lose enough weight so that I might one day be able to hang myself without breaking the rope.