Why yes, I fuck black guys, how did you tell?

Why yes, I fuck black guys, how did you tell?

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when I see a blonde pawg, I automatically think that.
Idk why.

Every fucking time. What is it with fake blondes and black guys?

Idk, maybe it's just the contrast that draws them.

Could be. Maybe they themselves have picked up on how it's a stereotype, and have started to style themselves this way precisely to signal out that they want black guys.

Honestly fuck off Tenda

Why is it that when girls upgrade their bodies, they decide to upgrade the dick they take? Maybe blacks just do it better?

I wouldn't consider having a fat ass an upgrade. However, I can see how black men would disagree.

>when a girl works on her body enough the hips and ass become curvier/bigger
>this is not an upgrade


Based white gf

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Her boyfriend is white though

The woman on the pic doesn't have a "curvier ass" she has a fat ass.
Besides, I really prefer boobs.

fake blonde = cheap whore = coalburner
case closed

oh, that explains why I don't see a future in your eyes

she has curvy hips, but her ass might not stick out that much. In any case this is not fat, you are just attracted to bones

Maybe. I dislike her body type in general. She just seems big, and I don't like it.

>how did you tell?
By your frumpy Becky tier body

coalburners or not, they're still so fuckable though

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its a fat ass you nigger

Not just blonde's, white girls with big asses were young and insecure before thicc came into fashion, and black guys always liked a big ass so they prey on the insecure thicc white girls. And that has led to those girls now liking black guys.

>"corr, mate, look at that ARSE"

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pineapplebrat has a white bf. racebait is so fucking homosex.

So what? Her bull is black and he owns her poonany with his black friends

oh nvm not racebait thread, this is an interracial fetish thread.

god forbid people fuck who they want to fuck


I'd have the same reaction if she said she was into beastiality desu it's the same thing.


what a big gay

imagine every waking moment of your life revolves around being obsessed over what color partners people have

Usually the people who call everyone nigger and nigga on Jow Forums are really the people who are mad that black people in the general public look cooler and act way cooler than they do and pull way more females as well.

>implying black people aren't human
the only difference between you and them is the amount of melanin their skin produces. Grow the fuck up.

not calling women people even though they're humans just like you? the only difference is literally a sex chromosome.

If they're having sex (women, or attractive people in general) and you're not, then you're the problem, not them, fix your fucking life incel.

exactly, usually they don't see that they're the problem, not the rest of the population

user look how cool he is compared to you :/ hes definitely valid

Image related: Playboi Carti

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you are promoting genocide btw


threads like this shouldnt exist

faggot leave plz

I agree with everything you're saying. The only problem is that I've been here so fucking long that I can't even tell if this is post-ironic bait of meta-ironic truth. That's the thing with Jow Forums in general, too many goddamn layers of horseshit that even when you encounter a genuinely good idea you just can't tell.

how about your fucking permavirging incel ass fucks off from my website.

being 100% serious, I'm autistic so irony is really not an option for me.

Woah imagine being this retarded

I feel ya. Nice to see someone out here with some goddamn sense. Keep up the good shit bro, you got an ally in me

So if these women are all whores, why can't a black sperg with a nice job like me get them?

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I never said they were all whores. The fact that the only go for black guys doesn't mean they will go for black robots.

they do look great together desu

>caring about what some roastie does with her pussy
lame desu

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they want tyrone not a blackbot


Is that an OC?

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>small tits

Stop Watching Jewish Pornography

It's got your brain wired

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