NEET vs wageslave general // phone interview for job in 1 hour

FUCK FUCK FUCK i don't want to go back to wageslaving. if i do well on this phone interview it'll be back to the daily misery and infinite torture...

god damn, i should have never quit my first job and become NEET.

"ignorance is bliss" they say. i didn't know how bad life could truly be, until it got better

fuck all you niggers whose parents are rich and let you NEET. secretly, everyone is jealous. the sole exception is pathetic wagies with no innate drive or direction, who use a job or "career" to give their meaningless lives purpose

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Similar situation except uni, altho I loved my career in the navy before I lost it.
I'll probably drop out soon, just have to pretend I'm making an effort so my parents don't become an absolute pain in the ass. But honestly fuck working or studying for money. Doing whatever the fuck you want is the best, and if it happens to make you money (which it probably wont) better.

>loved my career in the navy
how could you possibly enjoy such a job? i don't understand

the idea of working for the military fills me with dread

>just have to pretend I'm making an effort so my parents don't become an absolute pain in the ass
yeah, this.
actually my dad told me to quit my old job because he said i was making "peanuts"
he told me to stay with them "as long as you need" until i find a so-called "good job"
then after 6 months of getting no job, he's exasperated and starting to insist i get one that pays half as much

so, basically, i had an OK job but my dad told me to quit so i could get a better one, which never came, so i'm going to be stuck wit ha shittier one

>Doing whatever the fuck you want is the best, and if it happens to make you money (which it probably wont) better.
literally this. if you don't have kids (or even a gf) what is the point of being rich but still working? i'm not materialistic at all, so i don't understand.

I was a NEET for the past year and just had to go back to work like 3 weeks ago. It fucking sucked so much. However, getting back into a routine again doesnt feel so bad now. I'm still suffering deep down inside

OP here

the phone interview went terribly

there is no way i'll get this job

It's okay. The neet life is superior in every way as long as you've ascended from desires of materialism

I know that. I am perfectly happy being NEET. the issue is my parents hate it, and hate how happy I am compared to when I wageslaved.

So, they lambaste me and yell at me all the time, thinking that this somehow will force other people to agree to pay me for my labor

8 months ago I was employed. My dad told me to quit that job so I could stay with them "as long as you need" until I find a *better job*

Of course, now that he sees I can be happily NEET, he is insisting I get get a job paying 1/2 as much just so I can "get out of the house" (besides the 5x a week I go to the gym)

It's terrible

>graduate last summer after 5 years of rinsing student finance (England so I'll never repay it)
>immediately get a job and work for 3 months
>realise I am mentally and physically degenerating at a terrifying pace and having to take opiates to not die of boredom at work
>quit and move back in with my parents
>get on NEETbux which requires a meeting every week with a government peon who checks I'm actively job hunting
>all goes great for about a year
>start to really miss having disposable income (NEETbux is 250 a month, min wage is like 1.5k a month)
>Parents begin to get more sour about me not working
>NEETbux bitch is suspicious I'm not getting any interviews
>Start trying in applications and landing interviews, then never turning up to them
>For a few more months it works - family seem heartened and stop nagging me, NEETbux bitch doesn't sanction my gibmedats
>over the past few days suspicion has returned and I'm being nagged again
>Been invited to a wedding in Yucatan I really want to go to but I'd need to get a job soon to afford it
I don't want to go back, I really fucking don't. But I can't keep stagnating in my room, smoking weed and playing vidya all day. It was bliss when I was 16-23 but I feel like in your mid 20s you have to choose between setting yourself up for life or dooming yourself to being fucked indefinitely. I just wish I could go back to being a kid.

haha I know this feel. 'you need to go outside' 'I go running and see friends every week, I feel great and my doctor says my IDB has improved' 'IT'S NOT THE SAME YOU NEED TO WORK' 'But you said -' 'FIND A JOB'

if you've been neeting for 5 years you're already doomed lad

nah I was a student, been a NEET for about a year

the worst part of it is, the entire thing was avoidable

i had a job -- he told me to quit the job. he said that i could get a better job. i said that i don't know if i can get another job, i'm not "entitled" to any job and i've applied and never got any

he told me it's not about being "entitled" - he said i am "qualified" for a "better job" which was defined as making "much more money"

he said i would "eventually find a job that pays well"

6 months later, absolutely fucking nothing. so he's telling me to go apply to mcdix or walmart and make half as much as the job i originally had, that he told me to quit

it's fucking insane

yeah that's a lot worse than my situation. I had a job, quit, then moved in and said I'd find work 'soonish'. So it was essentially my fault. If I were you I'd snap his neck

>If I were you I'd snap his neck
me simply existing, happily, while not being employed is torture enough for him, actually

you should have saw the look of disappointment on his face when he was talking to be about "what kind of job do you want" i straight up told him i can't imagine or fathom a single job that i would want, it's simply selling my labor for currency, which i can save up to retire as soon as possible and free myself of that infinite suffering known as "a career"

i have two brothers, and out of them, i went to a better school, got better grades, was always smarter. i had highest SAT and ACT in my high school, and went to a public ivy (#1 ranked in the whole state)

they thought i would be set for life, i would get a 'good job' (defined solely by income) easily, that i am 'qualified' for it simply because of my degree

it's all bullshit.

pretty much exactly the same here. I was pushed into studying a meme degree and then my family got pissed off when I said I wanted to become a chartered accountant simply because it had the best ratio of salary to job difficulty. 'But user you are an artistic person, you should carry on in PR or write something'. Said I don't give a shit about contributing to anything, helping people, making a difference blah blah I just want to earn a lot of money, retire early and walk a dog. They looked crushed

I also attending a top 10 university worldwide which I guess made them think I was automatically going to become a member of parliament or a criminal defense lawyer. The thing is, I probably could have got close to either of these if I cared, but I don't, at all. And I don't see why I should. Those people aren't happy at all and if they are it's not because of their jobs. My uncle is a partner at EY, earns a metric dick ton and is clinically depressed.

How is PR or Art helping people lol what

Your parents sound like snobby liberals

what was your job though?

i was a web developer. it's OK. i also do some freelancing online for basically no pay, but it's enough for me to survive off since i don't pay rent

yeah they are snobby liberals. And more that I should be 'expressing myself' and not just entering numbers into a ledger apparently

To you OP and every neet in this thread wanting to get the fuck free and have a good job


I was a neet for around a year and fucking hated it, I prefer autonomy in work and realized driving pizzas is not only chill but actually pays a decent amount if you make good time and try to chum it up with the customers, it's all less than 30 seconds of interaction for every delivery, I average around 3 deliveries an hour, average 3-4 buck tip a delivery.
Just compliment their dog, their plants outside, anything to make em feel special for 10 seconds and it works.
I work from 6 to close 5 days a week and honestly if it was any other job I'd kill myself., but this is an untapped fountain.

Get a reliable form of transportation, fire up spotify or some joe rogan podcast and get making money

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How many times has your mom expressed herself by been fucked by black guys while your dad watches?

>driving all day long
This kills the robot.

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zero, idk if this was meant to be funny or piss me off

i am a horrible driver, and i seriously fucking hate it

>I was a neet for around a year and fucking hated it
i don't hate being NEET, but i hate my parents whining at me to get a job

>I prefer autonomy in work and realized driving pizzas is not only chill
a job that requires me to drive is the exact opposite of "chill"
my car is a piece of shit as well

it's at the point where when i lived with roomates, and we wanted to go somewhere, they would ALWAYS drive my car and i would be in the passenger seat

Not even meming you're just a more retarded sheldon cooper

i went to a job interview 30 mins away and the drive back took almost 2 hours because i made so many wrong turns

i'm only "decent" at driving if i know exactly where i'm going ahead of time, usually having driven the route multiple times

Does google maps not exist for you or are you just that awful of switching over one lane to make a turn
If its the latter just put on your signal and slow down, someone will make room for you if you don't wanna be aggressive and jump in

>have a good job
delivery jobs and things like uber are actually a massive financial trap since the income doesn't match up to potential costs of wear and tear on the vehicle and loss of insurance coverage

i was on the interstate and i was driving and the thing wouldn't tell me until the last second, and there were multiple turning lanes

this is a reoccurring theme, whenever i drive around the orlando area

it's only an issue with the interstate, but i simply hate driving. any job where i will have to drive msot of the time is just a terrible job, honestly. plus, my car is a piece of junk