Tfw wagies will have to serve normie couples all day

>tfw wagies will have to serve normie couples all day
>tfw NEET gods don't even know it's Valentine's Day

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I work in a plant, so I don't technically serve anyone at least directly.
You should be thanking me anyway you useless neet, w/o me your packages full of good would never arrive at your door

They would actually. If you died tommorow you'd be replaced within the hour.

Wagie ragie. Have fun getting replaced by automated package systems by 2025

>w/o me you wouldn't get any cotton at all
>t. slave 2025

So what? I work for money, I wouldn't care if they replaced me.
If your parents died tomorrow, you'd be homeless and would have nothing.
>Have fun getting replaced by automated package systems by 2025
Maybe at Amazon, I work for the government so I'm safe. Anyway by 2025 I will already have moved up. Hopefully a postal inspector

i have a phone interview for a job in 10 mins

FUCK i don't want my NEETdom to end

I have signed the pledge and ascended

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Wage slaving is torture

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We live in a post work world. its just a waste of time. if you want money, play with crypto currencies.

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I have to work alone all night. Most of the people who work nights may be normies, but at least I don't have to hear them talk about their dates

thiht hui hupgf 75657

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not gonna lie my dudes im gettin srsly fuckin tired of wagecuckin

should i just quit tomorrow without telling anyone and become a NEET like you guys?

I'm a package handler so the worst thing I got today was seeing a shitload of flower delivery boxes
At least I don't get cripplingly depressed anymore like when I worked retail and had to see happy smiling couples all day long

join us at

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I tried that but then I just got hit with a "get a job and move the fuck out within 4 months" ultimatum

Everything worked out though I got a sweet apartment that came with roaches

Are you full-time or part-time? In any case, cut your hours. I work 2-3 days a week. Just enough to get by, and leave more than enough time for myself.

What do you do?
I have to work nights, but I'm surrounded by people. Shit sucks. Pays well though

Nights at a grocery
store, stocking those plastic containers full of fruit or vegetables. Pay is a bit above minimum wage, but it's easy. I don't have to deal with people, outside some mentally simple cleaner or a robot from another department coming in to have a short conversation. It's a comfy job, in general

What do you work at?

Post office. Decent pay, and they hand out overtime which is sometimes nice.
The cons though are sometimes the mandatory is overtime so I'm stuck there when all I want to do is sleep. It's also based on seniority, so you can work hard af, but you'll never rise above someone there who might be lazy because he/she has been there longer. It's also psychical labor.. and only one day off a week.

I really want to quit, but there's nothing really better i can find as far as pay and benefit s are concerned

Yeah, you aren't going to find much better than a government job. Just try to find a different government job, is all I can think.
Or just be lazy like your co-workers above you, and stay there for a long time.

This, forgot it was valentines day until my mom told me

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The first thing when I woke up and said
>you dont have a girlfriend yet

there's nothing more cucked than being a wagie

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>mfw Amazon warehouse literal slave

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This. A cushy job with a high degree of autonomy beats just about everything in life.

i am so fucking proud to be neet i can sleep whenever i want to!!!!!!

i can lay in bed and do nothing all day and eat delicious food!!!!!!

im not stressed because i dont have any bills or annoying bosses/coworkers to deal with!!!!


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