Tfw all my friends ever want to do is get drunk or high

Tfw all my friends ever want to do is get drunk or high..

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>he still has friends

I fail to see a problem here OP

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>my friends

get out please

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Then what's the fucking problem? Are they not sharing weed with you?

I just want to be getting drunk all the time and I hate weed with a passion. We're almost 30 and they are still smoking weed..

Get better friends

>tfw people whine about shit within their control and do nothing to fix it

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being sober 24/7 is fucking awful

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>Tfw all my friends never want to do is get drunk or high..

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Yeah, I guess. They're not really friends at this point, more like family.

same here op but desu i kind of enjoy it and im not sad about but sometimes if it becomes too often it gets annoying

I actually really enjoy it. It doesn't help I'm a shitty drunk.

Yes! Thank you! I don't mind every now and then but all the time is just way too much. And it's gotten worse recently because one of our close friends just came back from the military, after like 9 years, and he's drunk or high 24/7 since getting out.

I would fucking kill to have your friends.

You know how gay it is being a STEM major and not having any drinking buddies after a grueling two weeks of busting my ass off for midterms? shit sucks

tfw all the people I could be friends with drink and get high
So I have nobody but a handful of autistic internet frends

I found weed to be boring at least with a friend I had he made me listen to crappy music driving.

happens sometimes just learn to make up excuses pretend you have plans with other group

They sound like shitty friends if they are not vaping. I bet they still smoke blunts right.

They do vape sometimes and eat a lot of edibles

Just go to the bar?

I hate weed and exessive drinking too. All my friends did for a long time, then when I started doing something with them again they suddenly all snorted speed and coke like crazy. Way better drugs desu.
Weed and alcohol are for the depressed, amphetamines are for people that want to experience shit.
I stopped doing shit with them again tho, because I am a healthy boy. And sitting on a couch wide awake for 2 days is getting boring really fast.

That's not a problem as long as they aren't assholes.
My best friend already has a couple million in the bank from having his own career and he still gets drunk every day. I'm on the opposite side of the coin being a NEET who gets drunk every day, but we're still good friends because we've had a long and honest relationship. When I was going to college with my other friends all we did was drink and party when we weren't doing basic fulfillment of our studies, we partied and drank just about every day. The others did more drugs but I wasn't into it.
The point is it's only bad that your friends like to get fucked up a lot if they are just jerks or don't do a single thing besides sitting in a ratty drug hovel somewhere.

I live in shitty northern England city
So literally all everyone my age does is smoke weed and drink in parks at night