Basically just got forced to start taking an antidepressant

>basically just got forced to start taking an antidepressant
How fucked am I bros?

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"yeah I totally took them"
Or you could just take'm

I was forced to take it in front of them.

>>basically just got forced to start taking an antidepressant
unless you've been sectioned what's actually happened is you've just done what you're told because you're scared of confrontation

>How fucked am I bros?
probably not very
antidepressants don't really do much for most of the population beyond providing placebo effect

They threatened to kick me out. I don't want to be homeless. And yes, I am terrified of confrontation.

they wouldn't have kicked you out you pussy also you should get a job, move out then start being a big boy and doing what you want, this entire thing screams under 18

flush them down the toilet user. flee to another city and find work.

I am 20. I am a pussy though.

Just puke them up if you really care that much.

they're not in the wrong for wanting something in return for you living with them, take them for now, get a job, move out

prepare to loose all your sex drive

Terrified of this. Even more terrified that apparently the effects can be permanent. PSSD is my biggest fear.

You can't be forced to take them.
And don't take them... anti-depressants make shit way worse 99% of the time.

yo dicks gonna die

Why should I be expected to take these medications if I don't want to?

This is what you get for being honest with people

Hope you learned your lesson idiot

Ever had brainfog from SSRIs?

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PSSD is pretty rare, i doubt you'll be as unlucky as i was.
My sensitivity is still not right and it's been about a decade.
For me it was paxil that caused this.

You're probably not fucked but they won't do any good either. I once was on the maximum zoloft dosage ur able to be prescribed (200mg) for a few months and it did absolutely nothing to me

How long were you on Paxil? And did you stop taking it suddenly, or slowly wean off like recommended?

On it for about a few months when i noticed i couldn't get off any more.
Went off suddenly, bad idea.

>force a sentience into existence
>demand that it suffer for inconveniencing you


you need to not take those anymore they will turn you into an emotionless fucking zombie

What are you taking them for?

General anxiety and panic disorder, and people tell me I am depressed despite personally doubting it.

I fucking hate breeders, man. My dad was agoraphobic at my age and still made the decision to pass down his genes. Now I am strapped with the bullshit. Best case scenario is the antidepressants make me legitimately suicidal so I can an hero.

Go with wellbutrin as it doesn't have a lot of the bad side effects like weight gain, sedation or reduced sex drive. Also, on the off chance that you have ADHD, it will treat that too. The only downside is you possibly develop psychosis and lose all touch with reality.

My psychiatrist actually recommended I take wellbutrin to treat my ADHD even though I've had schizophrenia before. The mad lad.

I do have ADHD. This sounds way better. I already took a dose of my current antidepressant though, so it is too late.

I have never taken an SSRI before. Completely new to me. Seems like you are guaranteed to lose your sex drive and lose about 10 functional IQ points when you take these things though.

No negative side effects either?

>My dad was agoraphobic at my age

Jesus christ I just remembered an instance where my dad made me hide in the closet with him when someone knocked on the door. This is why I wont have kids.

You are doing the moral thing user. Being born is a curse, especially when you are hit with a cocktail of mental disorders. I take pleasure in knowing I will end this fucked up gene pool.