Can we have an oldfashioned robot soundcloud thread? Post your autism

Can we have an oldfashioned robot soundcloud thread? Post your autism.

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u made this ?

i dont think you guys can handle this autism

i did user
u like it ?



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bumping with sunny vibes
let me hear your stuff

i have no idea what this is supposed to be but i like it man

(english is not my first language)
i have mixed feelings
i'm not exagerating
it's either genius or complete fucking garbage
idk but i tend to think more to the genius side

maybe you can call it.. experimental but not really,
it sounds like some guy messing around on FL studio and at the same time the best of death grips.
i like the wood hits thingies and the reference to pigs, the bass makes me wanna die and the drums sound compressed as hell in a good dubstep kind of way. the whole song gives me sort of an eerie but complex feeling, i'd say it's good, not because i like it but because it delivers something i dont usually feel listening to music i like.

6 out of ten

i never really criticized music but i like it. was that a good review or completely autistic. anyway, it's very original.

this actually sounds spot on
thanks for your honest review, friend

same thing with this
it sounds kind of cheap, but still delivers the vibe it wants to deliver. props for that.

2 listens in i notice that u have this sort of preference to weird and unorthodox sounds, i suggest you get into sound design if you already aren't into that. it could boost the aesthetic you seem to like. idk what you like making but i know you like making it as there is soul in it. i can feel you have a passion. keep going. i actually prefer the first one because it stuck out to me but id give this a good 5 or a light 6. im not trying to be fantano by being cheap on the notes, im just trying to be honest by not sugar coating the note because i hear potential. i wont read this again before posting so it might sound autistic again

thanks again man. i think you are spot on, honestly i have absolutely no idea about sounddesign, but a good a friend of mine has a degree in it and he "mastered" pigs, while sunward prayer remains mostly unedit.
anyways, thanks for the input man

Old album I made when I was 16, lofi neet rock

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excellent, i love it. has an insane vibe to it. would listen to this.. never actually. but it's still an experience i don't regret getting into. the sort of jazzy instrumental with the ''lyrics''that make me feel like i'm on a mushroom comedown.

i feel like i'm over my knowledge by saying this but i'd consider this nihilistic humor. has no sense, makes me wanna die.

this is my impression after 3 listens

you're welcome, this is actually really fun to do
check this one out if you like, but i think its the same like with the other tracks

i've briefly listened to all the tracks, listening to 30 senconds then skipping a few minutes and listening to bits because it honestly doesn't appeal to me but thats me, but the sound of the whole album remains the same and that's an achievement, consistency.

i don't know if most of these are ''screwed'' samples but still. u made this when you were 16 and i'm 18 with a fucked up teenagehood.

i'd listen to this a really cold night in my bed crying all night.

id give this a 5 but this could grow on me if i liked this sort of stuff. also u made this at 16 so props again.

18 seconds in, definetly reminds me of experimental (i only have death grips in reference cuz of autism)

yup, death grips with a more orthodox rythm and calmer in terms of mood.
this one reminds me of walking in the night, a summer night, not knowing where you're going
.. hold on i gotta take a shit really bad, ill keep going after

alright i'm back, took me out of the mood to review this one but i would give this a strong 6 to a very light 7

if you're still here i may have something i made a while ago that you may like

sure man, hit me up

you don't have to review it like i did, a simple ''i like it'' or ''its fuckin trash'' will do

man i sure as hell like it, its calm and hectic at the same time, makes me think of losing myself in a big, unknown city on an acid trip, not knowing where i am and what im doing. Ill give it a 7

also, after listening to your other tracks i get the impression that your going after the ghostmane/suicideboys type of instrumentals, am i right ?

i change style every month but i've been hangin with really young dude who sings kind of like lil peep so yeah i took a more dark memphis trap and alternative rock turn but i'm trying to get out of it because i hate making stuff that sounds like other people's stuff.

if you like my shit we should get in contact cuz i like your shit too, i can give you my discord through soundcloud dms

great man, hit me up on sc and lets stay in contact. i have to go to sleep now because of work but ill reply you tomorrow

Two years ago, there was a discord server full of anons dedicated to making a RPG called Wojak's Adventure. The game would feature Wojak travelling to different worlds based on board cultures pursuing his old friend Pepe who had gone mad and tried to destroy the world.
The game was never finished, but as a contributor to the soundtracks, I collected all the soundtracks on a soundcloud profile to keep the memories of what could have been.

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I really appreciate you listening my man, I totally get that it's not for everyone. I made it with Garageband loops and an untuned guitar haha. It was mainly me just crooning over some looping drums and strumming, definitely not high art. But I definitely put a lot of emotion into it which at least makes it important to me for the time I was in. Again, thanks for even looking at it, much less giving a whole review!

nothing to offer, but here we go :))
Angsty teenager-ish pop punk about being a young adult and having no friends, no purpose, no hope, but still wanting to hang out and have fun. Representing real Central Florida rock and roll.

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