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This guy is the better meme, silly

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Kikikiki iiiiii ki Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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>morty look at this faggot

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Because no one likes forced memes

All memes are forced though.

He's forced, he's ugly, that horrible colour scheme makes him look like sandstone
This is literally a textbook example of someone trying to replicate the feel of pepe but what they don't know is that pepe was already an existing character and he wasn't just drawn up by someone in their computer out of nowhere. Fuck meryll and fuck anyone trying to make a mark by starting a shit meme

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This is exactly what I wanted to say, the only the reason I'm adding is to make you feel bad OP, for being such a faggot redditor and forcing garbage without knowing why the original works.
>B-but hes just like p-pepe tho!
And that's why he'll die

>these guys don't distinguish between Pepe and Apu
>and I'm supposed to be the redditor

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Who cares faggot? I'm taking you in!

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>memes can only be memes if they existed as not-memes before they became memes

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>talk about pepe and only pepe in my post
>tries to deflect by saying that we don't distinguish between pepe and apu
No (you)s for you retart. And don't sully apu with your shit tier forced meme by making them seem like friends. What's hilarious is the fact that this is the exact thing that happened when Jow Forums(Aka the worst board) tried to Force that meme of some blue/purple guy(never bothered to learn his name). This meme will NOT leave a mark and it has no impact or soul like the others do

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wtf give me this meryll rite now!

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>cannot even quote posts properly
>thinks he is some sort of meme police


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It's incredibly ironic how you're using a slowjak meme towards me while being an retart yourself. I never said that memes had to exist as non-memes I was using the example of pepe and explaining his origins because it's glaringly obvious how meryll was made and the thought process behind it. Work harder and you'll earn a (you)

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as the creator of meryll, I want to step in and say that I posted the original meryll as a joke and that any further use of meryll has been outside of my control. by the very nature of the way meryll has spread in the last day or so, he is a meme.

>he isn't aware that you can click on a post number to auto reply
>playing ignorant for humor but failing
Crikey and retartpilled
Even with you defending this meme and spamming it its not gonna make a mark it hasn't even gathered much steam

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It doesn't do anything new or exciting, it's just a replacement of old memes but he's not even cute enough to catch on. There have been countless attempts to make a "new meme", They tried with purple man and what looked like a peep with wheels (can't even remember the name it was just that irrelevant). Memes of this type have to have this sort of feel to them, they must represent something, just look at spurdo gondola or apu and you'll have your answer.
This is just some garbage OC someone thought up with no background or anything that you should about except "let's force him into a meme because that would be le epic"

The "30 year old boomer" was a forced meme and people still use that shit.

Actual fucking brainlets

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How do you program a non-cyclic gif?

Did I say meryll did not qualify as a meme? I said that it is a bad meme because of how ineffective it is at spreading and delivering a meaning.

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yup... trollface, now THAT was a meme

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hi its me jeffle

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forget to set it to loop in photoshop when youre saving it

You can intellectualise the meme process (lol) all you like, your pathetic nerd rage just makes me want to post more smug merylls

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That's the one I was thinking. Actually better than Meryll by a lot I actually liked him by how retarded it was made

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Everyone already knows how memes function and they know how to determine if a meme is Successful or not. You can act like a little troll all you want but this meme will never take off which brings me a great deal of joy. You're ultimately wasting you time and you're the one getting mad that it's not doing well.
Maybe if you could think tank a good meme I'd give you a (you) but not today

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You cant even link the posts youre replying to you dumb newfag, kill yourself

i just like nice memes i dont care if they are successful

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>You cant even link the posts youre replying to you dumb newfag, kill yourself
Alright bud I guess you've admitted defeat. I've won this interaction by getting more (you)s and completely shutting down anything you've said. Try arguing when you actually know what you're talking about and come up with a better meme to try and force

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And it keeps getting worse, also
Nice same fagging
don't worry about this meme dying, it never lived

Hes cute but he needs more expressions like sad angry etc

we have angry, we do need more sad though

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Do you think deleting a fucking greater-than sign to avoid giving anyone (you)s is a better meme than a chicken nugget scoon hedgehog? Because its not. Its actually just annoying as hell. Stop doing it.

meryll is a meme is a meme, lel

OK try and sell this meme to me and literally any other person on this board. If it can be angry sad and happy then why should I use it when I have pepe who does a far better job?
Lmao you're literally so mad that I won't give you a (you), that's pathetic

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posting merylls until this weirdo leaves the thread

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I'm mad that you're not keeping track of who you're responding to like a decent human being would do, instead of the autistic piece of garbage you are. We live in a fucking society m8.

>vague posting
>trying to use shaming language on an anonymous website
You're a normalfag, you're not creative, and you're bad at spreading memes. Meryll is not a good meme and it is trying to accomplish something another meme does ten times better. You are wasting your time here because you desperately want to have an impact on something but cant
>decent human being
>autistic piece of garbage
I don't know what's sadder. You wasting your time trying to force a meme or you desperately defending yourself from my words

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And he needs nervous/worried

there he goes again, obsessed!

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why does meryll need to be worry

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its you thinking anyone cares about (you)s. If you continue on like this then I will have no choice but to saw your flesh apart.

meryll is the best new meme

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You're outnumbered fren, only one sweet boi here

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there's no real message behind this meme, no conveyed emotion, so it will die soon

Shit meme. Shilling it just makes it worse tbqhwyf

youre wrong WRONG!

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its a pretty shit tier meme
really forced and doesnt actually bring anything new to the table, just some faggot trying to make a new pepe

cringe, theres absolutely nothing forced about this meme, youre just using it as a buzzword to insult something you otherwise lack the intellect to correctly criticise