He wasn't even ugly

He wasn't even ugly

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He wasn't attractive either.Women find less than 20% men attractive and he definitely wasn't among top 20%. His only chance of getting pussy was betabuxing but he was too deranged for that.

no shit. this guy had a severe case of untreated mental illness.

>He wasn't even ugly

His real problem was his autism

He had a dogshit tier personality and didn't even bother to approach women
It's honestly astounding how much he fucked up the basics

All hail the Supreme Gentleman (peace be upon him), he lived in a society. He foretold the coming of the beta uprising, and an era of wizard dominance over the world.

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>He had a dogshit tier personality and didn't even bother to approach women
>tfw this is literally me
I'd like to thank the supreme gentleman for showing me exactly why I shouldn't get bitter about being lonely. He's like a reverse role model.

He literally looked like Amerimutt.

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I'm bit out of the loop. What's the deal with this dude

He could not get his dick wet, got angry. Grabbed a knife and a gun. Stabbed his roommate and his friend. Then went to some college to shoot women. Killed a few then shot himself. Oh, and he wrote a long-ass novel that is too cringeworthy even for emos.

He was a producers son pre-#metoo. There is no logical reason he was a virgin.

OPEN YOUR FUCKING EARS, FAGGOT. We've been over this. His mediocre looks were not the problem. His narcissistic personality was.

Also, he couldn't open the sorority door and deserves to be laughed at beyond the grave.
>Rodger drove to the Alpha Phi sorority house at Embarcadero del Norte and Segovia Road near the University of California Santa Barbara.[note 1] He knocked on the sorority house door for a few minutes.[17] After no one answered, he began shooting people who were nearby.

Read the wikipedia page if you're extremely bored. But I wouldn't bother.

>He wasn't attractive either.

Yeah, but he was attractive enough so that he could have gotten a 5/10 half-asian starter girlfriend. Plus, he seemed to have reasonably good fashion sense, with his clothes, haircut, and sunglasses boosting his appearance by a point or so. And having money and a BMW sure didn't hurt either.

All he had to do was just stop whining about all that incel stuff. He could have limited his speech to literally just three things: "wassap?", "hey, you wanna hang sometime?", and "no prob, catch ya later", and he could have done all right.

Lurk more ffs


this had better be actual bait

He was a narcissist and probably gay

A retard with delusions of grandeur.

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Parents were neglectful. They knew he was mentally unstable but still didn't take him out of uni.

He wasn't goodlooking either, that couple with his narcissistic personality and low self esteem problems derived from being short and having a small dick made him unbearable and autistic, therefore a permavirgin

He had a very feminine face and personality.
pink, dick sucking lips, small girlish frame and attitude. Total faggot. I 100% believe he was in the ccloset.
No wonder girls didn't like him.

Lol women CRAVE with desperation androgyn traits

Nice try jelly cuntfag

He was ugly on the inside

This isn't an anime retard. Woman hate that shit and nothing dries up their cunts faster than some "androgynous" fuckboy that looks and acts like one of their bitch friends.

Life is unfair because girls don't like me so I'm going to fucking slaughter my chink roommates and their guest, run people over with my BMW, shoot inside a convenience store from half a football field away, shoot everyone standing around a sorority in the head point blank execution style
He had a Xanax prescription .. blame it on the bars I guess? Why did youtube delete his channel.. there are still re-uploads

Chads has at least a pair or more of Androgyn facial features. I think OP guy had chink eyes and thats the only.flaw

He wasn't hideous or anything, but he was very lacking in masculine facial features.

Like I mentioned earlier, he had very feminine qualities in his lips, eyes, jaw and mouth.
If he put on a wig and some make up then no one would have guessed he was a male. He probably would have even gotten laid if he became gay.

He wasn't a bad looking dude, but he couldn't find the courage to ask a girl out, then perceived said women that he never asked out as "rejecting him", then went on a massacre because of the make believe injustice that wasn't even blocking his path to pussy. I know so many dudes irl from college, some uglier, some fatter, and they've all gotten gfs or got laid at some point in their lives. All he had to do was just grow a pair of balls, he was a miserable failure desu.
>inb4 elliot dick riders post their paragraphs of cope
Personally I think part of the problem was his father who never paid much attention to him. Fathers are supposed to show the sons the ropes when it comes to this shit, and his over inflated ego didn't help either. Probably felt that since everything was handed to him (money, cars, etc) that the same went for women, he learned that the hard way.

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This is the onIy correct answer really. His soul stank and people could smell it from 10 feet away.

Anyone can get laid if they go gay. Fags will fuck and be fucked by practically anything.

Lol at this bad ass bait

He was hapa, some of the strangest looking creatures known to man.