Who here is getting white hairs?

Who here is getting white hairs?
I'm 31 and it's probably at 10% right now.

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>at 10% right now
nigga im @ 40% and have to put temp on just not to look 60

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Id rather have gray hair than no hair.


women love the hair colour in your pic related, user. Never underestimate how much girls want to be DADDIED (look at the age ranges they set on things like OKC and POF, even normal girls are up for dating guys 10+ years older)

Grey hair is kino

Im 24 and its about 35%. My hair is also thinning. Its like Im hitting middle age in my 20s

Thinking about dying it blonde so I dont look so boring and old. Is this what a mid life crisis feels like???

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>be me
>white beard at 30
>and still kissless virgin

>Thinking about dying it blonde
I'm light blond, don't recommend. Girls are made to believe that blond guys are evil/gay by the modern western media.

I have luck with latin/Asian qts though

at least white hair looks cool. infinitely better than balding

I feel you brother
20 years old and balding severely had to resort to buzzing it all.

I'm George Clooney levels of salt and pepper, it's actually really attractive, but I have the 'tism as soon as I open my mouth.

>it's actually really attractive
it's not attractive for shit because people think you're at least 40

I'd rather have grey hair than no hair.

The first time I had a gray hair in High School. Classmates looked at my hair and found some gray hairs. I had extreme stress and insomnia as a teenager.

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30 year-old """men""" are all clueless drug abusers who have low IQs thanks to years of drinking and smoking pot. This is why comedy clubs are solely 30+

>mfw I just noticed a few gray hairs
>mfw I'm still getting pimples

how is this shit fair?

Quit sugar, niggers. It causes accelerated aging.

>only have a couple

hurry up, god


32 last weekend and at 0% loss of both hair volume and colour.

>brown hair with 10 percent grey
What de fug :DDD

>how is this shit fair?
i got my first few at 14yo bro, it don't matter till u get to 30% and u can easily dye with cheap temps (5' b4 shower once every 2 weeks)

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I hope I have white hair someday. No hair is the hellish alternative

This though. Women love thick grey hair.

I have a few grey hairs on the sides and for I used to pluck them constantly until I spoke to women and they all expressed unanimous dismay. It was embarrassingly obvious that it was all because of daddy issues.

"Noooo, don't pluck out your grey hairs! Don't worry grey hair is sexy. For example, my daddy was almost entirely grey at 30..." I'm not even shitting you.

>22 and already balding from the front
why should i go on

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