The reason you don't have a gf is because you are socially isolated

The reason you don't have a gf is because you are socially isolated.

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wow youre like the smartest person i have ever met in my life this is amazing i had no idea

Holy shit the brains on this one

Did you have a point or something?

No, it's because i'm socially awkward. I go to school with thousands of a girls every day but still no gf

Actually the reason I don't have a girlfriend is because I'm married and monogamous.

So you agree that it's not about your looks?
Also what are you doing fix it.
And don't be sarcastic faggy.

Yeah, and?
Don't worry, normofaggot, I'm not an "incel": I won't kill you to quench my virgin wrath if that's what you fear

Yeah probably why you ask? Fucking glow in the dark faggot

Theres literally nowhere to meet people anymore. It used to be possible to go to outings or get togethers to meet people but noone does that anymore unless their giga extroverts. Everyone else is holed up on the internet and Im not about to go join some shit like reddit or facebook just to meet people.

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Nice try, I'm the most outgoing and socially adept of almost anyone I know and I'm still a gf-less virgin

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Because you don't have a group of friends. This would give you the chance to practice social skills and it would be easier to get a gf by being part of her social circle.

or maybe just got out of a relationship and live in a small town

I don't have options here, all girls I know are out of state and the rest are druggies, drunks, sluts

I know. But what am I supposed to do? I still live with my parents because I have delayed phase sleep syndrome and we just moved to a foreign country where I don't know anyone.

The reason I don't have a girlfriend is because every single time I let my guard down, every single time I believe in a woman, every single time I try to forget the past and try again, women remind me of what they really are and represent with a punch in the soul.

Every single girl I had any feelings for crushed me like I meant nothing, even after months and years of trying to make them feel loved, often with not even any sexual intentions.
They then left me behind like I never existed, and moved on to the next one.

You can never win with women. If you're their friend, their boyfriend, their lover, their FWB, their son, their father. They will just put you in the trash can the second they don't need you anymore. And then in a few months you're going to try again like a stupid little bitch, because you don't want to believe that's just how things are.

I don't have a gf because I'm not "fun" or "interesting".

>The reason you don't have a gf is because you are socially isolated

>be me
>never leave the house
>hadn't showed in a month
>look like a hermit
>still manage to meet a 5/10
I've just always hated myself to the point where I could never imagine some girl might like me. Especially in a relationship so no, it's not that.

>tfw long time friends with /tg/fags who have never had a gf at 24 and have tonnes of fun
>friendship groups with girls is exhausting and lose any motivation to maintain relationships with any them
When does infiltrating into a girl's friendship group become fun?

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>When does infiltrating into a girl's friendship group become fun?
When you actually get pussy

whoah we have Sherlock here

You don't need a friendship group with girls in it to get a gf. Fuck that desu lol. I love chilling with the boys. All of us have had gfs at some point but our group of 8 is guys only.

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stop bullying me :(
I'm smart

No, it's because I have a diagnosed developmental disability called Autism Spectrum Disorder and it'a not just some fucking "le quirky introvert" meme. It's being a fucking freak, a disturbing and grotesque individual whose behavior resembles a retarded schizo. Knowing you're a goddamn monster yet not being able to do fuck all about it. Seeing people look at you like you're not even human when you try to speak. Remember this every time you post some ignorant normalfag shit about how being a loser is a choice.

Man, I know you mustn't like certain aspects of your personality because of ASD but you deserve respect. Don't talk about yourself that way. Imagine you're talking about another person when you disrespect yourself in that manner. That wouldn't be acceptable so it shouldn't for you either.

I've met some very admirable people that have ASD, and it runs in my family too.

>Seeing people look at you like you're not even human when you try to speak

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I wouldn't say that's the only reason, but it's definitely one of them yeah. I don't know if you thought you were trying to teach me something by saying that.

That's why people think i am a mute, i refuse to talk in public, i'm afraid of sounding retarded

Don't worry user, even if you say nothing you still look retarded user

Are you one of them guys that doesn't answer when I ask if you want a bag at the checkout?

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Yes, sorry for that, i just nod when the cashier ask me if i want a bag, not the most occurring question though, most of the checkouts here tend to hand you bags even when you don't need one

Yeah, that's my second fear, but i manage to hide my retardation levels to a minimum, that's why i only hang around my older brother, he does the talking during family meetings and i just hang around watching

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You're not wrong.
That and I'm nowhere near in a place in my life where I could possibly be of any use to anyone else.
If I left the house and wasn't so depressed and wasn't NEET, I think I'd be alright.
Working on all that.

It's okay friend I forgive you. Also you speak however retarded you like in public. That's everyone else's problem not yours

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>The reason you don't have a gf is because you are socially isolated.
Wrong. I don't have a girlfriend because I don't want a girlfriend. Inb4 COPE. But literally I haven't dated in 3 years after a LTR and I'm happier single than I ever was in a relationship. I was a skinny geek who turned into a semi chad working out and making good money. To be honest the treatment I received from women as a juvenile made me into a bit of a sadist and that feeling when you say no to girls is fucking priceless - pic related. Boys and beers nowadays. Cheers to all the single happy people.

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Respect to you pal. Will be a single a year from next month. Still out looking for a decent girl but I'm in no rush to find any

- Raises glass to you -
That is the perfect way to do it bro. Unironically the more chill you are the more women start treating you like superman.

That is true. And I am socially isolated of my own accord: other people have been nice to me, and on several occasions have reached out to me, but through a combination of pure laziness and social ineptitude I have managed to avoid all social situations. I have turned myself into an outcast, I have shunned everyone else, and in return, they have shunned me. I am to blame for my own isolation. I wish I wasn't this way. I hate being this way. I wish I could be normal. But I can't do it.

Whoa never thought about that way before, thanks OP, you really opened my eyes.

true, but jerking off to hoes getting dicked helps with the cope.

i am just too comfortable to break out of my routine.

go home after work, relax a bit, play some vidya/watch anime -> go to sleep -> repeat. on weekends meet up with friends to watch movies/ play magic -> repeat.

Guys how do I break free?
All I do is play video games all day and I can't continue like this. I want to be social, but I life in a shitty rural village in Germany and there's absolutely nothing to do here. Should I just move out of my parents house? I'm 23 btw and the next city is too far to go there everyday it's like a 40 minutes drive.

was fucking /thread right here dunno why people keep posting

It's a mix of reasons. I'm ugly, and I've got PPD which causes me to isolate myself. Not much I can really do to fix it; even if I start taking medication to help with my paranoia, that's almost always going to be a dealbreaker for most women.

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So what are you doing here?

haha now this is original

Glad to hear. I've finally been coming to terms with being single recently, and I've been pretty okay with it now. I dated a girl once back in high school for like 2 months; ended up wasting a lot of money on dates, so I'm glad I don't have to do any of that.