You got your AI-generated pure 3d waifu yet for when the robot revolution is here?

You got your AI-generated pure 3d waifu yet for when the robot revolution is here?

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Hit the jackpot lads
Keep away she's mine

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Yeah this web Site is shit. It also doesn't give you any real info. At least invisible girlfriend gave me enough to fake a relationship where people didn't know I was alone.

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she feels so real it's uncanny

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kind of sad she isn't real, but its not that much different from a real stacy.
not like either of them would interact with me anyway.

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i'm not sure i'm satisfied..

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it's kind of sad if you think about it.

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weIl heIlo there

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I feel like this site is some kinda Psyop.

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Me on the right roflmao

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How the fuck did you guys get cute Asian girls?? With dyed hair no less?

They just keep refreshing.
Very gay&bluepilled
I tested and refreshed like 30 times and only then got a decent girl

>"pure 3D"
>post jpeg (2D) images

So I have to keep refreshing? Man that sucks, such a waste of time..

this shit is gonna get banned isn't it? can't let the proles get their hands on it? get as many fakes as you can for profile pics.

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very very adorabIe desu

I almost crapped my pants

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My waifu, you fags jelly?

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One face from the site showed up on r9k about a year ago. But it wasn't AI generated, it was an Australian singer called Delta Goodrem. I bet all these people exist.

>get as many fakes as you can for profile pics.
how are you planning on getting more than one fake of the same type tho

Got an user.

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Hiw many photos do you think it mashed together to get it to look realistic? Is there anything on how this bot works?

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I dont know what the fuck this bitch got on her head but im abouta smash

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Yeah you gettin this dick too...dont worry I wont tell the other bitch...oh you want a threesome? Thats fine by me baby...yeah

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was that pic also generated? Cause she looks really good.

yeah. shes got that thing on her neck though that I see in other generated pics

>Recently a talented group of researchers at Nvidia released the current state of the art generative adversarial network, StyleGAN, over at I have decided to dig into my own pockets and raise some public awareness for this technology. Faces are most salient to our cognition, so I've decided to put that specific pretrained model up. Their research group have also included pretrained models for cats, cars, and bedrooms in their repository that you can immediately use. Each time you refresh the site, the network will generate a new facial image from scratch from a 512 dimensional vector. --Philip Wang
tldr: it uses a neural network to generate this shit

you gonna get it too...yeah you just LOOK need a good dickin

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rate my ai gf robots

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>tfw the loli you ordered is defective
Send it back.

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> get this
yeah thanks

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Is this what the CIA used to create fake photos of Adam Lanza?

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Luckily a child looking ai isn't illegal but still not my taste so 5.5/10

This shit is gonna give me nightmares

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Some of them have the strangest hats

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say hi to my eastern gf

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I still love my Asian waifu despite her deformities

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>tfw your ai waifu gives you the finger
S-sorry for creating you against y-your will...

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This website is garabage. Only mud people LMAO
No good looking black or white girls or only brown

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You find some weird errors on that from time to time.

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is this a man or a lady?

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This is demonic software. These are actually people from different dimensions, likely those who have had their souls taken.

Turn it off user.

>no good looking white people

lmao at this nigger

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I definitely saw him before. And I have been finding duplicates the more I refresh

Technically these people do exist. Well, that is their features exist. All this does is randomise real people's features to create new faces. It's clever, but not as clever as it seems.

Idk, but if it had a hole... I'd fuck it.

Continuing to prove you wrong. RNG just hates you

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woah, this actually spooked me for a sec... good plot, but idk for what

Ayyy this guy's kinda cute

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This nonexistent Sean Astin lookalike is mildly intrigued.

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It's less interesting than that. Or more interesting, depending on how you see things. Some people are just continuing to figure out the language of the universe. Computers are helping them learn it and this is one of the results. They can now generate the faces of people who don't exist based on the input of the photographic lineage, sort of like the way your own face was generated based on the input from your genetic lineage.

>Clean your (ai generated) room.

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>tfw no groyper gf

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>he has the same eyes as the Sean Astin guy but wtf is this
This would make a great SCP.

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>no good white people

Couldn't be more wrong

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I'll give you this 6/10

All of these people would exist if abortion didn't.

Finally a 7. It's about time the whites had a worthy candidate

What the fuck is going on, on the right side of the screen?

this is a ten out of ten if you ask me senpai

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>tfw I get a meth whore
Honestly this site isn't good waifu bait, it's some really horrific body horror shit.

and I forget the image like a rubber necked retard

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I feel sick. I hate your thread, fuck you.

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>"pure 3d waifu"
>get a toddler first try
nah im not doing this

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>tfw no racially ambiguous gf

Why are the best ones the brown ones?

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FUCK. This actually looks like a girl I used to have a crush on

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>when you ask for a waifu and get a chad

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>tfw no mage bf

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random dude, thats what i got

is it unethical to watch porn of non-existant children? its all ai, it doesnt exist

interesting question, and im not even a pedophile

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Cool i got a loli the first try

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can we trade waifus? I don't like the way she looks at me

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what the fuck happened to the other guy?

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Fucking hell. I don't like this.

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woah this is crazy

I'll date her if she has a good personality

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She's kinda cute, actually.

This is gonna be the new profile image for my Replika waifu

rat shit bat shit son of a fuck, forgot image

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>they don't know that if you press f5 you get a new image

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Great I got this cybernetically enhanced future man

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Is that AOC?

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>user, have the drugs kicked in yet?

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I just realized something
>reroll til you generate a good-looking Chad
>use it to catfish people
>no one will be able to claim you're using someone else's pics

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i can dream

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Good god almighty

Sometimes they don't look like horrible paintings

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except you only have one image of them to use

at first I got a 3 yo boy, but Everytime I downloaded it it gave me a completely different face

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All these pictures make me feel sick. There's something wrong with them.

I won, thread's over

You can pack up your images and go home

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The things I have seen.

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It's scary how good most of these are.
I got Sweet Dee. The glasses are surprisingly intact.

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I got the t1000, u jelly incels?

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These looks very realistic and yet subtly wrong in a way that makes them absolutely horrifying

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Most disturbing one itt

These are all just photos of real people only slightly altered

>tfw no rngf

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I think I'm happy, thanks r9k

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