White genocide is just a conspiracy theory

>white genocide is just a conspiracy theory

Wrong. There is abundant documented proof that there is a plan to replace the white race

For example

While you would struggle to prove any sort of unified conspiracy, the idea that first worldism simply equals less child-birth is false and is not ideologically incongruent with the massive exposure of propaganda fed to White people and exclusively White people, as well as the influential people involved at every level of political, academic and media-distributing institutions that are beholden to this belief in one reason or another. western countries simultaneously are taught to hold beliefs that they are barely breeding past replacement level and therefore require immigration, but at the same time do not need any more children to be born because of "overpopulation", "global warming" or anti-White ideology. any mildly observant person can pinpoint layers of ideology that are counter to the racial identity of white people and white existence in their daily lives in only a moment's notice, and this is exclusive to whites. it is definitely a topic worthy of discussion if you don't have a tinfoil hat on and are interested in psychology, politics, morality and reasoned argumentation.

The point is, incel behavior contributes to the genetic genocide of the white race and is selfish. It's time to wake up and realize the potential of your white genetics. Stop being a neet incel and redpill yourselves.

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>spamming about something you don't understand and calling it a 'white genocide'
Imagine if it were an actual genocide. That would suck, huh?

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That fallacy is addressed in the OP image along with the fallacy that there is supposedly no white race.

Why are you okay with multiple trap and sissy and gay threads per day everyday yet one thread about white identity is so threatening to you.

No one is happy about any of those threads. You're doing the exact same thing those posters do, which is bumping the shit out of your thread and ensuring you respond to every single poster (even yourself).

Get a grip, no one here wants to join Jow Forums and no one here can get a gf. Come to accept that most of the races are going to die out by becoming some amalgamation of existing races.

Inb4 race mixing is bad
Inb4 hapas shoot up schools

It's funny that you dont address a single argument and then just cop out by claiming that it's ok and inevitable for the white race to become muttified. You acknowledge the genocide of whites is real but decide not to care because you're some blackpilled doomer, in short, a race traitor. It's really not too late to save yourself from inceldome and preserve your race but I guess it's just easier watching kike made porn and playing fortnite

>That fallacy is addressed in the OP image along with the fallacy that there is supposedly no white race.
Dude, you're an assclown, type R.

Just going to leave this here and leave you to stew.

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>leftist manchild loses debate in less than 3 exchanges than fles
>but not without a snarky ad hominem


Someone ban OP before he grows up and shoots up a school

>look up the replacement migration thing
>mfw its actually real and not some Jow Forums photoshop

What the fuck so Jow Forums wasnt llying this whole time? Why do they want to eradicate us whites?

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You forget the part about how whitey likes to produce beta fathers and sons. You can "redpill" yourself with Internet articles all you want, but you can't change human behavior.

Keep trying my dude, but maybe you should do something more than just posting this every day?
Honestly not sure what to do about it, I'm just one guy and I'm terrible at the one thing I'd have to do to pull my weight on this.

False. white men ruled the world consecutively until recently. The weakness of whites was forced on us through white guilt propaganda and leftist globalist policies that forced us to take the brown races feefees into consideration. Without liberal and multicultural onions propaganda whites are capable of anything. There is a reason why we went to the moon multiple times when NASA was still mostly white and since multiculturalism took over it has gone nowhere

>seething darkies and "i don't see color" redditors fall for the bait every time
Keep up the good work, op

I know this post isn't exactly original but I'm just gonna say it

Based and Redpilled

Whites can't be robots. Fuck off normalfags in disguise.

honestly agreed. if you're white you're instantly better off than most. you can easily fix yourself and fully realize the potential of your white genetics if you just work hard at it.

>There is abundant documented proof that there is a plan to replace the white race

I am South African. There is abundant documented proof that there is a plan to exterminate the white race. I'm just glad they didn't pick up their pangas and drive us all into the sea.

No, I never acknowledged your post. My point was based on you spamming the thread. You want to spam this same screenshot every day to drive up support to Jow Forums.
If you think staying a genuine truth about miscegenation is 'attacking your argument' then I think it's time you consider snuggling up to a shotgun

Vetok. Don't be crying since you couldn't get farm land while you drove out people who were slightly tanned. Thank God my family left CT

If I had a farm I would probably be dead by now. You're right, we should have just rounded up the kaffirs and shot all of them like the Germans did with Namibia.

>politics and fetishes are comparable.
Try again retard, everything is always political so of course you see pol stuff everywhere. Stop living in denial.

having one thread about this at any given time is hardly spam. go bitch in some trap general. you won't because you're a cuck and a leftist partisan hack.

1. white genocide is a conspiracy theory

2. even if it wasnt, whites deserve it for all the genocide theyve caused of the centuries.

quit cryin.

Based and redpilled, user. Don't let these faggots on here bother you, you are doing God's honest work.

>Be shit tier white
>Blame the fact you can't get laid on niggers and jews instead of improving your looks/social skills

I live for posts like this. Hilarious.

>this originally triggers the incel

gotta love that projection. you're the incels who can't get your lives sorted out and yet HES the one that can't get laid because he came to give everyone motivating advice.

>its only bad if its brutal, otherwise a genocide is ok ! if you somehow manage to avoid the camps and cholera, its all good ! its only the execution, not the concept of eradicating a people that is bad

You made this exact same thread yesterday. Stop shilling your shit here.

And this is a bad thing how?

It is a conspiracy theory. It's simply an after effect of beneficial decisions for modern society. Stop whining that your inferior genes are being replaced.

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Why do you think it's a good thing?
I'm both genuinely curious and fetishize it, so it'd be nice to hear.

dont you get it ? whites have to much critical thinking capacity for the next stage of a.i. managed supercapitalism. they have to go, we need people we can push in a direction easily

want a sprite cranberry

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>inferior genes conquered and explored the planet for thousands of years
>the only way these "inferior genes" were ever defeated was through subversive propaganda that made them turn on themselves


Inferior genes that can't even replicate. Your genes are not responsible for any civilization. At best, you're a wageslave.

I am not telling you to give up but Europeans already choose what to follow after Germany lost second world war
people choose rather hedonistic and materialistic approach to live rather than the one that portrays idealism and spirituality

Pure perfect genes that can be defiled by the slightest taint.

nah in america we're armed. when society collapses whites will rebuild. europes probably fucked unless it happens soon while the muslims are relatively few in number in their countries.

i spoke to God. He said this is how the white race repay their past crimes.

not the christian god, muhammed so i guess it doesn't matter fucking faggot

>its only bad if its brutal, otherwise a genocide is ok
It should probably be real, too, before flipping out like a homeless soothsayer about things.

The christian god is the same entity the muslims worship, you blithering idiot.

>the only way these "inferior genes" were ever defeated was through subversive propaganda that made them turn on themselves

If they're inferior enough to fall for that shit then yes they're inferior genes you absolute fucking retard. Natural selection picks whatever is suited to survive the environment. If you can't survive subversive propaganda, then you're inferior. Just face it, the bergs beat us, it's over

no its not no matter what leftists or muslims tell you.

America needs to stop sending niggers to europe then.

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>can't survive
>beat us

lol didn't know the fight was over. white men are still the most armed populace and the most able to survive a societal collapse. this jew house of cards we call an economy won't last forever and than every single urbanite is dead within a month. there you go, white ethnostate achieved.

so basically this thread is unnecessary?

no because we need to get every white man on board.

Why are you making these thread? Why does a neet like you have to larp as some crusader on a mongolian throat singing forum? Isn't it more productive for you to just have white children or something? Except white women find you repulsive. Just fuck off already, you keep making these threads and keep getting cyberbullied into oblivion. You're not a revolutionary OP, you're just a faggot as always

>white men are still the most armed populace and the most able to survive a societal collapse
Most white men are old as fuck. Boomers are the only consistently conservative group left in the US. It's not going to end the way you think user.

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Jow Forums is proof that Jow Forums is the main battlefield of the culture war

You uneducated kelp. The testaments and quran are essentially the same collection of stories. El, Elohim, Allah, Ellah, El Shaddai, JHWV, Jehova, etc, etc, they're all different names for the same exact one god in the Abrahamic religions.

You got any more of these? I need to fill my master race folder

>the white man is superior and will survive societal collapse easily
>there is a white genocide
pick one

Islam was created by a warmongering barbarian. He used elements of Judeo-Christian history and teachings in his cult in order to dupe Jews and Christians into joining it.

>western countries simultaneously are taught to hold beliefs that they are barely breeding past replacement level and therefore require immigration, but at the same time do not need any more children to be born because of "overpopulation", "global warming" or anti-White ideology.
Do you have any proof people are taught the second?

Anyway, why do you want to preserve the races of the past rather than helping to create the races of the future?

and chinks don't deserve genocide for nanking and all the shit khan did?

Jow Forums is literally just a reddit colony now. They are currently discussing r/T_D drama and posting their comments in reddit threads.

He doesn't. As countries become richer they just have less kids. Even the birth rates across African countries are declining

>wanting a mutt future
very cringeworthy. anonymous cuckold.


>Anyway, why do you want to preserve the races of the past rather than helping to create the races of the future?
I want to protect my people. Why do you want to destroy the races? Do you know what happens when a man with 100 IQ breeds with a 70 IQ woman? They get an 85 IQ spawn.

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Let's all point and laugh at the stormfag incel shill.

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Mutt future on the left. The white "future" on the right. Which do you choose?

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I plan on marrying my qtpi latina gf

Why should I abandon all that for "muh huwhite nation (TM)"?

Reminder that if you aren't pro-white you are a weak virgin.

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Look at the thighs on that motherfucker. He's eating a lot but those are some good genes. He's got a natural bulk that could be chiseled with a bit of work.

Historically, white people have only been able to take so much bullshit before they snap and "restore order". There will probably be some big event eventually that will reverse all of this "progress". I read some shit recently (I forgot which board) that next year there might be another little ice age due to reduced solar activity, you can definitely count on white people saving all the food for themselves in the ensuing food shortage.

Rumor has it that the kennedy brat was being trained by arnold but had a meltdown and stopped (thus the weight gain.) Still not a good look. That;s the problem with rich kids I guess. If they aren't properly looked after they don't develop good mental fortitude.

those two dudes are white as hell

>those two dudes are white as hell
Brazilian detected.

nope, not Brazilian.

According to your post, that makes Jews white.

Imagine being such a worthless specimen that you don't have kids by 30. white people are pathetic.

I'm so fucking sick of idiots around here using this to damage control for their shitty threads.

then get rid of the gay threads

>posts the same thread, except more incoherent
>doesnt acknowledge or refute previous criticisms, immediately on the defensive when anyone offers rebuttal
>still cant acknowledge its a real genocide OR that race exists


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The idea that its not genocide and that there is no such thing as race has already been refuted in the OP image

Stop trying to subvert us kike boy, Arnold is Austrian IIRC. Let me guess your next move is to say >austria > white

Stop being pathetic, have fucking white children you mother fuckers, even colonizing latinas, hapas and light skinned black girls to ensure that white genetics move on is the best thing we can fucking do.

Pick a white European decent girl first but Jesus Christ have fucking kids. Anyone who leaves the house knows how insane shitskins are who don't have white blood in them or white influence at the minimum.


literally kill yourself you fucking retard all you're doing is muddying the water.

Are you OP? Here's an idea, learn what incel ACTUALLY means and work on your advice, because you're doing the equivalent of telling a blind man to just see bro.
>dude just have kids like what's the problem lmao

Once again, let's all point at the crazed stormfag incel shill and laugh.

Samefag shill. Pay no attention.

This is why nobody gives a fuck when you yarpie cunts get murdered in your beds. You made yourself a shit sandwich by acting like a bunch of dickheads and now you have to eat it.

Not OP. I firmly believe white men need to put their seed into women. The civilized world depends on it.

Yeah by all means don't "race mix" with this woman. If you wouldn't put a nut in this womans belly you are a fucking faggot.

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wait what
if you think i don't think that the guy on the right is white, you're wrong.
all three of 'em are white, the two guys on the left are white. and the guy on the right is white.
i'm no kike, i'm a white guy from Wamego, Kansas.

Since japanese birth rate is declining rapidly is it okay to race mix with them?

"Physical destruction" doesn't mean new people moving in after fertility decline, it means actual murder or forced sterilization or whatnot.

I wanted to quote:

How exactly does race mixing preserve the white race. the browns literally talk about how they're destroying us through race mixing, the entire point is that virginity and race mixing and homosexuality combined are all leading to lower white birthrates

I just have one thing to say: Add the argument that leftists are always very good at identifying who's white when it comes to diversity at the work place. Then suddenly it's clear as day.

My advice to White Incels is this.

Put yourself out there. One day your gonna be on your deathbed and wish you blew your savings on a plane ticket to Japan, or took that cheap $180 flight to Iceland for the weekend just to check it out, or had "just one" Spring break trip down in Florida, because you don't live forever.

Even if you know you are hopeless, and I mean by Lookism level hopelessness, the point is who cares? What can a man do when the world rejects him? Anything he wants.

God loves you even if you go on a killing spree. You can't deserve infinite hell because you can't do infinite damage. You'll always find a way back to God. God wants to see how you react to things. He wants to see what kind of decisions you will make - and so do you.

You want to know what your made up. So put yourself out there and fail. Get a girl pregnant. When you die you should be saying "Finally! I can die."

They want to replace the babies that whites aren't having so that the labor force isn't interrupted. Nothing to do with eradication, everything to do with profits.

Thats actually a plausible theory although I do think White genocide is intended and is a planned thing but...

...perhaps Big Data has reached a point in history where all of our organizations in society are consciously or unconsciously planning 100 years into the future (because they now have all these information resources) and have come to the conclusion that its less costly to raise a brown population then encourage a White one.

Though I will never be able to wrap my mind over why anyone would hate Whites. Whites are beautiful and good.

I just seems anybody Who hates Whites wants to kill the strongest so they can be on. That has to be the cognitive source of the hatred. Just pure jealousy and murderous intent.

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>this thread

Jesus this is why the white race is doomed. How many race traitors will flip on their own kind and try to kill us? You just know the basedboy black dick loving leftists ITT cant wait to put white people against a wall.

imagine being a sailor, travel for weeks on the see. Then you finally arrive on land, and it's a paradise. Until these red skinned "humans" show up.
>barbaric people, murder each other over nothing
>cut peoples scalp off for fun
>most people die from this
>lived over 16.000 years in America, still barbarians

yeah man how could the evil white man hurt these poor friendly natives. Now just let yourself be treated like shit and get your money redistributed to niggers to breed you out.

THis link doens't work.

Too blackpilled to do anything about it. Sorry.

God damn, this out of mother fuckkng 10

>actually commit literal genocide on hundreds of peoples and nations
>cry """""""""genocide""""""" because white males are infertile cucks in the free market

lmao state of whitey

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Original but also based, keep up the good work op