At what age did you give up on women?

At what age did you give up on women?

Me? 25

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Life's been a lot better ever since.

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15 after my gf broke up with me

It's good that the older you get the more libido goes down. Makes it easier to stop chasing women.

25 as well

29 now

From the womb to the tomb G

>At what age did you give up on women?
I never believed in them in the first place.

>edgelord since the age of 12
Lmao you caught me

23. Getting friendzoned by a landwhale was the last straw. 3 years later I've turned into a greedy fuck who only cares about money

Pure facts unfortunately

I gave up on everything when I was 13.
I want to die, but I don't want to kill myself.
But I also can't stop thinking about killing myself.

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18, my genetics killed any chance that I could have with girls [/spoiler]and boys

Just turned 30. It gets better once the sex drive dies bros I promise.

Last time I bothered I just turned 23.

realest shit I've ever read.

Freshman year of high school. I spent my formative teenage years lurking here and reading all the horror breakup stories from elder boomers.

>It's good that the older you get the more libido goes down.
I wish it'd hurry the fuck up, I'm 25 and I'm hornier now than I was a year ago.

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Also gave up at 25. Life so much better since then. Will be fun watching the roasties hit the wall in my 30s

>It's good that the older you get the more libido goes down. Makes it easier to stop chasing women.

Im 31 and ive never "chased" women.

Ive just always thought it was a pointless thing to do. Women are the gatekeepers of relationships and sex, so there's no point to chase it.

Dropped acid and realized that I will only find happiness with a man.

>1000 memes in meme collection

Think testosterone peaks in mid to late 20s so just hang on

I knew that since i was a kid. Buy it used to stress me out having that lack of power.

Drugs make you gay?

About 14 when I realized the high school girls were sucking dicks already

I haven't.
I have given up on myself though, which in turn means I've given up with every aspect of women.

16 for no real reason
Feels good to be based from such a young age

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24, this happened last week.

>match girl on tinder
>hangout a few times and hookup twice, we got a pretty good thing going
>we've been talking for a while so I decide on our next date to ask if she wants to make things a bit more concrete

>to set the scene;
>dusk/early evening, we're sat on a park bench overlooking a view of the city after getting food together
>i ask if she'd be interested in us being a bit more official
>"You're a really sweet guy but I just don't see any kind of connection"
>"I seem to only fall for guys who are bad for me, user"

It's been a week and I still have no idea what the fuck she meant by this.

It means she's not worth your time, there are plenty more women out there user, don't give up, you'll find her one day.

while i'm still sad about the whole thing, i needed to read this.

thanks fren

No problem brother, glad to help :)

It's alright to be sad sometimes, it's better to be sad early on than repress it and have it eat away at you for life, your life is worth living, and if that girl doesn't like you for you, fuck her.

Hey, you're too young to be thinking about death. Actually don't think about death at all. Do something with your young life if you don't want to regret it as an adult.

I was 30 yrs old. Yup.

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I didn't ever even consider it a possibility, been a looser since middle school

25ish for me too. reasonably good looking guy, good job, never had a problem attracting women. just stopped caring about them in my mid 20s when i realized that having women in my life didn't actually benefit me in any way

i'm 33 now and i honestly can't even remember the last time i seriously pursued a woman, even for sex. sometimes i have women flirt with me or come on to me, or give me their number or contact info, but i never call them. i've just lost all drive to pursue women and honestly just don't care anymore

it feels weird and kind of fucked up to say now that i'm typing it out, but you kind of.....get used to it. i can't even really imagine myself in a relationship anymore, even one that was basically just casual sex. my friends with wives and girlfriends seem to be living horrible lives and honestly i'd never be willing to put up with any of the shit that their women pull on them - i'd walk out immediately

i wish i could say that my path was a good one - i certainly do enjoy life a lot more now than i did when i worried about women. but i can't help but think that there's something still wrong about this. what would happen if every man was like me? civilization would collapse overnight. everything our fathers and forefathers worked for would be finished and destroyed

sorry for the blogpost, hope someone reads and appreciates this

probably 18 when I realized that, ALL women, NO exceptions, are whores
I already hated most females (and most people) but at that point I realized that most of the evils of the world are their fault

Women in the past were actually well managed before our culture and society degenerated. When men actually controlled and led the family, not were enslaved to it.

my wife is not a whore sir

from day 0 to 22 y o now nothing to complain

maybe its not such a bad thing

its pretty fucking obvious what she meant by it
if you're not aggressive and dangerous you're just not emotionally exciting.

When they denied me their love and affection. Me- the true affectionate gentleman that I am.

I don't like relationships

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16. All the guys at high school were desperate to get girlfriends so as not to look like losers, and all of them ended up whipped and miserable for it. What's the point of fighting tooth-and-nail for the affection of somebody who barely tolerates your existence?

Damn. I've only been in one relationship but it was like what you describe. I felt like I suddenly had 10x the shit to worry about and none of it actually mattered to me. There was just an endless list of things I now had to take care of just to keep her sane. Eventually it was more trouble than it was worth.

I was really hoping this was a problem specific to the girl.

around 24 too much work and stress. is like having a second job because you have to game your girlfriend after work and keep your alpha frame. also you get to watch her slowly get uglier and uglier over the years. fuck that shit.

For you. But during that teambuilding company trip, she was a whore for CHAD.

>Will be fun watching the roasties hit the wall in my 30s

I can already hear all of the dying screams from women killing themselves because they have no man or children.

>randomly talking about your mom
she was loose as fuck homie

I never thought I would ever have any kind of relationship with a girl, and never tried to. I probably settled firmly on this when I was 15-16 though
And when I managed to graduate college with having pretty much 0 contact of any kind with a girl, it was obvious it was never going to happen

>"I seem to only fall for guys who are bad for me, user"

translation: I am not done riding the cock carousel with the bad boys.

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I haven't really given up. I dont see women just as sex objects I never have. I just see them as people.

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I haven't.
>eternal optimist

I bet you 10 billion dollars your wife will betray you if invaders took over your country. she will be sucking the invaders dick on top of your dead body. women have been doing this for years and have no loyalty to the tribe.

women are people user and not objects. some girls you may think would be good partners can also be good friends user.

>being this mad
If you'd be so secure in your wife's faithfulness you would brush of such cheeky remarks to her fidelity. Guess you don't know for sure either if you'll end up making one of those threads saying that "I never expected this to happen to me". Stay classy, lad.

13 after contracting the homosexual

I haven't yet because I still need to try. I'm just focused on other things and I'm not a spot mentally where a relationship would make sense even though I really want to be in one.

12 to be quite honest with you user.

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I distincly remember giving up on women on my 21st birthday