Just lift and exercise bro XD

>Just lift and exercise bro XD
Why so many people still fall for this meme?

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Low BF only improves your face slightly if you weren't a fat fuck before.
Ugly is ugly no matter how much they lift or lose weight.

God what genetic garbage

It started so I can get girls but man I love picking up heavy shit it feels really good.
The aesthetics where just a byproduct.

>Shaving your body

Nice bicep veins but the dude needs more mass to not make his head look so big.

You guys are just lazy fucks. Its better being ugly and shredded than being ugly and fat/skinny. Don't let some fags talk you down when you seek self improvement.

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It's not a magic fix all but it's still an improvement. There is literally no downside.

Just put a stocking cap on and get her drunk and ur good to go OP

Same user, strong bros.

Nothing natty about drinking blood mixed with milk and eating animal testicles.

Ita even better to be drunk.

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just learn to take pics bro

Monsquaz grew a fuckin beard

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thanks user
I didn't get to choose my parents

because its not about doing it for girls its about doing it yourself a peon whose pinnacle moment in life is to bed used up trash like you user couldnt understand such satisfaction such as this you cretonus troglodyte

Yeah working out will fix my mutt face and genetics

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>Its better being ugly and shredded than being ugly and fat/skinny
This user has it right.

He'd look a lot worse if he were fat or a twig

Guy really just needs to grow some hair and trim his beard and he would look nice

Looks like a NWN2 Character

Girls may not notice how bad that body is unless there is a chad nearby to mog him. I've seen girls admire very unaesthetic disproportionate bodies just because they had muscles and low bf.

Besides, I bet he looks better than what he did before. He was dealt a bad hand with his genes but he is making the most of it. He's doing the right thing and it's praiseworthy.

Reminder that not that many men can pull off the skinny + muscle look well. Especially not that bigheaded fuck.

Thick bear mode with more fat is a much more reliable look.

i promise that guy gets laid

women like mixed guys

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>Low BF only improves your face slightly if you weren't a fat fuck before.

Lifting is coping

said the fat faggot

Chad still gets praised because he's good looking. He didn't choose his parents either.
Same applies to you.

There is no reason not to exercise and take care of your health. You're miserable not because you're a lonely virgin, but because you are unhealthy. You'd be perfectly happy being alone, or at least less miserable, if you lived a healthier lifestyle.

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T. Seething Jow Forumscel
Face > all
Skinny pretty boys still pull more than you.

not a virgin though

That is how real strongmen look like. Buffed but not ripped. Our bodies store bodyfat for a bloody reason.

Too skinny for that type of face. He looks like a guy that should be much bigger than he is. He needs to lift to be a thick meathead not a skinny manlet boy. He doesn't got the face for that type of body kek.

but thats not the ideal physical condition. no way that guy could run 3 miles in under 20 mins

>All these mental gymnastics ITT
The guy is just ugly.
Nothing short of surgery would make him attractive and even that is a maybe.

mh that might seriously be a FtM

every day with these fucking gym threads. if you're still on this board and go to the gym, yea, doesn't seem to be going so well for you buddy. lol

what an egghead lmao

$5 says "he's" got nothing swinging between his legs when he walks

ugly gymcels can lift heavy objects all day long, but i've never been to the gym, i have a handsome face with a bit below average but normal weight body and im absolutely fine with it, infact i'll always be better looking than OP's pic and similar people, no matter how hard they work. why should i go to the gym, its for assholes and desperate uggos
>but i can beat you up bro!
actually doubt that, gymbros are pussies in real fights.

>why should i go to the gym
Assuming you are not larping, to not squander your potential. Handsome+Fit grants you access to most girls, or simply to look better to yourself.

>just needs to grow some hair
some people are balding though

t. hairlet

It's not going to make you fuckable by itself, no. But it's good for its own sake.

>blood and milk
>animal testicles
these things are literally naturally occurring, aka natty.

>gymbros are pussies
not really man. 9/10 times the guy who is physically stronger wins. his punches will do more damage. they are more confident

nice cope there buddy

And anyone who knows how to fight BTFOs Meatheads or just carry a gun on you lmao
Kek tell me GL skinny manlets like this are coping

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Yeah the ones who are attractive I don't think racemixing is bad as long as you have two parents with good genetics but mine had shit genetics who had me in their 40s so my genetic makeup got all fucked up

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>knows how to fight
why in these hypotheticals is it always the skinny fat nerds who can fight but the guys who push themselves physically everyday can't?

If he shaved his godawful beard, wore a hat and put some makeup on his eyes he would look 80% less bad

Mutt genetics are strong though.

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Where the fuck are his pecs
Does he not bench?

cope royale

>And anyone who knows how to fight BTFOs Meatheads or just carry a gun on you lmao
>That's your "argument" for why "gymbros are pussies"
Lmao. Obvious bait is obvious.

1. gym increases T and confidence
2. gym increases athleticism.
3. women like confident and athletic men

>I lift it will make up that I'm a ugly/subpar looking fuck
Women are attracted to face alone.
Kek you Gymcel copers call pic related "low T" but he slays more than the tallest buffest Jow Forums fag lmao
F A C E > All

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>implying he didnt looksmaxx

He absolutely gets more girls than 90% of the faggots on this board

Lmao fag

Fun Fact: When you see people with that pointed cone on the top of their heads, they have it because their mothers squeezed their heads too hard with her vagina at birth.

They crave to feel control on their lives

Look up "mewing". That is what you're missing.

>tfw my head has the exact same weird swollen egg shape

You forgot to say youre still a virgin and faggot

Skinnyfat nerds/incels have a raigin fire inside them which produes excess adrenaline equating to chimp strength.

ok but i have gf

>women are attracted to face alone
>t. Skellyfag or fatfag

What a pathetic cope

And we slay more than you. Why would the existence of Chad affect that? You are one sad little incel faggot.

Pic related.

nice cope incel. Yawn.

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>Lifting will increase punching power!!
Why does this meme still exist

This guy LITERALLY posted that pic to reddit, asking if he's sexy. He also complained that he could only get 4-5/10s, claiming he's a 7/10

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>implying he is withing a point of an 8/10 like pic related

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