Why are normies so disturbed by the existence of a man without social media?

Why are normies so disturbed by the existence of a man without social media?

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They're all bums that would be crushed if they faced war-
but to answer you question, they seem as losers or "creeps" and weirdos
these people are like little kids lol

normies thinks that internet is only facebook, instagram , yputube and snapchat..

I-is this really what people think? I 'have' Facebook and snapchat and everything, I'm just too socially anxious to use them.

some social media company probably paid that cunt to write that

I guess the key is the social part.

They can't imagine a person having value outside of how well liked they are perceived as being

Why do robots have to dig so deep through clickbait cancer just to find more things to get upset at? You understand all these shitty articles are literally designed to make people more insecure, right? I don't frequent sites and apps that feature them, and I don't want them delivered to my fucking doorstep by some autist who wants more things to cry and circlejerk over

Not everyone is active on social media, but it's odd if a guy doesn't at least have a Facebook profile to connect with relatives and old friends
I wouldn't look down on him for it but it would be annoying and inconvenient for me (I have 2 SIM cards that I switch between, so facebook message is much easier than texting)

Because they are pretty disturbed by using social media by themselves ... They know they are addicted to it and are cought in the web of botnets. If they ever hear about someone beeing free of this shit it only reminds them of the misery they brought upon themselves. It's like telling an obese guy to eat healthier and do more sports, he will hate you too because you implicitly called him fat.

I don't get this. Are you just shitposting, or are there actually people like you who don't enjoy a good circlejerk?

> I have 2 SIM cards that I switch between
Cheater detected.

oy vey use facebook goyim

thats better than average bait

You're underestimating der roastie, they unironically believe this. It's the same kind of mindset when they ignore you if your message bubble in a text isn't blue. Social media sites do benefit from retarded articles like OP's screencap but they don't need to pay anyone to write that shit.

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Only thing I have is
>phone number with Whatsapp
How fucked am I?

>I don't want the zucc to have all my shit so I can't be trusted

>normalfags busting their balls over those who chose to not be narcissistic retards
really starting to think we live in clown world, why is it considered not normal to not have any social media

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>You can't trust him if he doesn't have social media!
>You can't stalk him constantly online to make sure he's not doing anything you don't approve of and can't see if he's talking to anyone you hate! If I can't spy on his every move, then I can't trust him!

At least set up a facebook with a few pictures of like you as a kid, some nfl nhl or nba sports team stuff, a picture you took of some buildings that looks kinda scenic. Basic normie tier stuff to fit in then just add family and class mates or whatever to your friends list

Boomers ITT who mention FB.

People look at you weird if you dont have insta or twitter or snapchat. Nobody cares about FB


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Fuck this shill dont get pressured into their normie bullshit

Because they want their bf to be popular and have alot of Facebook friends. They only want what a man can offer them


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No but even people in highschool nowadays have a facebook page with baby, graduation, sports photos etc on a FB page. Its just normal but people do use FB messenger but yeah primarily you want Instagram and SC also.

Nah, I had a quite active fb page with lot's of friends and all kinds of stuff. Deleted every social media account I had about 5 years ago.
And it's so good when you can google my real name and surname and wont find anything except for email and yt account. Me no exist.

lmao no dude people have 2 sims when they live in countries where they go abroad a lot

All the cool kids are deleting their social media though sooooo

Heisenberg detected.

Not a shill im just giving advice, i see everyone my age(19) still doing this stuff in college. I didnt say you had to use it everyday or buy anything

Fucking true. They're so brainwashed at this point that they think it's ABNORMAL if you don't share every aspect/personal info of/about your life with strangers on the internet.

most accurate translation. well done

Honestly if a girl was interested in someone and them not having social media was the deal breaker. Probably best that it never grew into a relationship.

>makes this thread from a phone, using a phone screen grab


Deleted all of mine last year and have not looked back. Only one I kept is the Twitter for my company but that is it, I barely even post on that unless I need to make an operations update for clients.

My social life is more or less the same, people just hit my cell phone.

Less stress, no feelings of vapid competing to show off. No need to check in to see what is being said or said about me. Shit is just simpler. Also my ex is now completely out of my life, cannot track my shit (that is a story for another time though).

Trust me, not her: If a girl cares about social media, you absolutely can't trust her

>Cheater detected.
Lol no more like khv who lives in one country and goes to uni in another.

Not a jew either.

in my experience women have find it interesting that i dont have social media. i think it depends how you look

Because anyone who isn't willing to document their entire mundane existence and attempt to pass it off as extraordinary must be some kind of shady character.

No women care if any of us losers have social media. Fucking retards.

They want to lurk on their profiles and have somebody that seems normal to their friends.. cause we all know people will lurk your partner the moment a name is mentioned, they'll talk about them on the low to determine if they're jealous or happy for them. gossip is evil

I don't think anyone actually cares, seems like employers in certain places do
If they are the vapid snake kind of normie they just want to stalk your fakeberg profile so they can feel better about themselves

Origi al original

Thanks for reminding me to delete the instagram account I used to post legos on in 2013.

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who gives a fuck about whats convenient for you. thats no measure of a man. dumb whore.

Speaking from first hand experience, they are not.
They might be a little surprised, weirded out, or even curious, but not disturbed.
You're falling for a clickbait article's exaggerations.

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police doesn't like it when you have no social media too, lol

>so facebook message is much easier than texting
use whatsapp you idiot

I just gave in and made a Snapchat. I hate people looking at me like I'm insane because I don't have social media. I may post something to Snapchat every once in a while just to make it seem like it's owned by an actual person but I don't use it much.

Lol no. They're so brainwashed they shill social media for free. They've been programmed to do it.

My social media consists of:
>LinkedIn (required by my job)

And that's it. I never bought into social media because it flew in the face of common sense internet conduct from the late 90s / early 00s, which is when I started using the internet. It made no sense to put my whole life on the internet for other people to see.

this. it's bullshit that's designed to make normies go
why do retards have to drag that trash here.

its true. i have very few chances to make friends anyways, but as soon as people hear me say i dont use snapchat/instagram they look at me as if i just admitted im a serial killer or something. they immediately lose any interest in being associated with me. The reactions i get range from shock and bewilderment, to outright disgust and even a bit of indignation. Anyways youd be surprised how fast someone who was friendly with me one moment will completely lose all desire to even talk to me once i admit to not using social media. i am not exaggerating at all, people really do view lack of social media as something extreme and offensive.

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its meant to suggest they lie about having it because they use it to cheat and fuck around. You're an incel, but this post proves you're also retarded.

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On the bright side, that malice is a dead giveaway they're just as fake as the profiles they host. Fuck 'em.

I only use Twitter because I use it in conjunction with Jow Forums to form my lolberarian mindset. Conservatives are out of touch and liberals are faggots.

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>American problems
>women problems

Hmmm... I wonder who could be behind this...

Yes, I wonder who

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