Pinkpill thread

Saw a pinkpill thread about an hour ago with this picture

remade it because interesting and also looking for a pinkpill mentor / instructor to help me become a woman

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threads like this shouldnt exist you know if it werent for r/greentext exposing so many to our sacred board

I want to be a girl too!
Where can I find one of this "mentors"?

I'm not sure, that's why I posted here so I can find one! we should partner up and look for one.

im not a mentor just a burly masc dom who likes fucking qt bois.. so id could instruct you how to be more feminine better

user, I'm not even from the PewDiePie video. I saw it when it was mentioned here a ton and it just made me want to kill myself

>with this picture
reminds me that "nice girl bike" comic, it was parodied a plenty too

also you better visit /lgbt/ then

Sure user !
That will be fun ;p

I'm not willing to send pictures of myself but I want instructions on excersize to do and a lifestyle to live to become the ultimate sissy pretty much.

People who watch Pewdiepie or want to be sissies should all die ASAP!!!

What's this video about?
Why is it so important that you had to open a petition?

>I want instructions on excersize to do and a lifestyle to live to become the ultimate sissy
no, don't go to /lgbt/ then
try r/sissies

From what I know it's just a video by PewDiePie with green text shit in it so people came here from the video

thats cool im just looking for a qt boi whod liike a relationship, bruh just alotta cardio and toning light muscle training but onlky for your butt,

You have discord? I have an old account I made to talk to someone on here and I'll use that to talk to you.

Yeah, but dont remember my user, don't use it that much.
What's your user? I'll add you!

But user, reddit is gay. I just want to be a girl, not gay

Why are trannies so stupid.. You can't even do the most basic things. Look up makeup tutorials. Watch clothing hauls to see outfits normal women wear that are not striped stockings and cosplay pieces.

Alice The Fox#4058

Oh and by the way ''becoming a woman'' requires MONEY. You won't get away with buying the cheapest ebay shit and chinese makeup that will give you a rash.

It's about the experience user.
Tbh most trans here already have the knowledge, but in this case it's more about making friends and having fun ;p


>Tbh most trans here already have the knowledge

Then how come you all look like shit? I've yet to see an attractive r9k tranny that passes or even one that looks clean and groomed.

You should find a mentor whose willing to corporal punishment on you. A girl/boyfriend with Strict discipline will teach you to be a proper lady.

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Ok maybe I overgeneralized, but still, a big part of it is the human interaction. Just like any other hobbie, it's more enjoyable with other people.

The trouble is finding someone to be with me like that, user.

Anyone of you trannies willing to share your photo on Discord? I'm curious to see if there's any hope. Mine is julia#2558