Tfw 6ft 1in femoid

>tfw 6ft 1in femoid
>For some reason I'm really into asian guys
>tfw they always ghost me
>Not one, but two even said I wasn't their type because of the six inch plus height gap

Is actually the height issue? Or do you think asian guys are racist against me because I'm black?

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This is bait, but if girls get to screech about how I'm one inch below 6'0, I'm gonna be just as autistic about girls that are over 5'11.

they're most likely not racist its just that no wants to date a chick taler than them. but, asians are usually racist so that could also be a probability

There was this black girl who tried to spark a conversation with me in high school (like daily for the course of two months), but I could never respond since I really thought nobody liked me. Keep trying

Sorry user, but it's been studied

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forgot to mention
>t. asian

What do black women have against white men? Jeeze.

asian guys in america tend to be a bit more conscious of race when dating, yeah. not all of them, nor is it the rule, but it's a thing. for example, i'm the only son and have four sisters, and i also have no cousins on my dad's side, so essentially i'm the family's only male heir of this generation (unless i go up the family tree to like, my great-great-grandparents' generation or something). my parents have straight-up said that they don't care what my little sisters do since they don't pass on the family name anyways, but since i'm not only the eldest, but also the only son, i've got a duty to marry a girl of the same race to pass on the family name. sucks, but i fell for the filial piety meme so whatever.

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Look at the number for it. 5.4 is higher than the Latino highest response rate.

>Is actually the height issue?
Do you have a nice booty?

I'll date any guy over 5ft please don't ;_;

You just contradicted yourself, my dude

Thanks, but I've tried so much. I'll keep going though!

By white or asian standards, yes, but for a black woman, no, not really.

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>By white or asian standards, yes
Will you be my valentine?

of course you will, what would it matter when youre taller than most guys anyway?

I can't believe I forgot what day it was... of course!

Don't get your hopes up though, I'm pretty unattractive...

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No forks in the house, chopsticks only!

Tranny jannies legitimately gave me a time-out for uttering the word "nigger".
This is our world now. This is the reality of this board.
Once again, OP, you are a giant and a nigger, the guy probably thought you were an actual tranny.
How about you mate within your species?

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What you think about hooded eyes, that look asian ish

>also into asian guys
>5'3" stacybot
>perfect height for asians
>also super pale (which they go nuts over)
Soon I shall acquire the perfect qt azn bf.

Are you just bragposting to make me jealous?


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Don't worry, there's all of five asians in my city so I'm fucked as well.

I believe you mean normie. Get out.

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tits or gtfo you fucking nigger

no u

but originally originally

Tfw no girl wants white guys anymore and they all chase after bugmen

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>be me
>be 6'2
>Get good grade in school
>Get accepted into good colleges and everything
>pretty decent face.
>people say i'm likeable.
why don't i have a girlfriend ?
oh yeah.
>be black

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Theres plenty of coalburners out there, being black is in vogue right now despite what Jow Forums wants you to believe. White people are basically viewed as stains on society now.

does that mean if i fake being a chad i'll get bitches slobbering on my dick.

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Are you cute? I'm Asian and 5'10.

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It's just not the reality

>asian dude
>apparently very masculine
>black girls go nuts over me with an occasional weeby white girl
>mfw asexual

Why do black girls like asian guys so much we're really not that interesting or special

It's not nearly as predatory or creepy as white guys fetishizing and worshiping asian girls but still weird

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That's ok op, I'm not interested in femlets anyways. Which is kinda hard since I'm a 5'8" hapa and femlets hit on me all the time and I hate it.