Confession time:
I don't know where else to post this because if I ever told anyone I would surely be arrested

So about 3 years ago a very good friend of mine who had randomly stopped talking to me a year earlier showed up at my door beaten and bruised bawling her eyes out. I took her in and after I got her to calm down a bit she explained what happened. She had told me that her boyfriend beat and raped her. It wasn't the first time either. She told me about how he forced her to cut contact with everyone in her life. Even her family. She told me everything that he had done to her over the past year. I held her and through tears I told her that I was going to put an end to this.

I stalked him for about a week and a half waiting for my chance to catch him alone. Once I finally had my chance I snuck up behind him and beat him mercifully with a bat. After beating on him for a good 10 minutes I left the scene. The next day I saw him on the news. They didn't know who had done it. Apparently it took almost 2 hours for someone to find him. He was in the hospital in critical condition. He was in a coma for about a month and once he finally woke up he couldn't remember his own name. He had permanent brain damage and was essentially retarded. It took him 8 months to even be able to get out of bed and another 6 months until he could leave the hospital.

He now lives with his parents who have to take care of him every day. He lives in constant pain and has permanent damage to his face. He can't hold a conversation and isn't able to talk without stuttering.

I was never caught and don't feel guilty at all. I only feel bad for his parents. Do you guys think I did the right thing? Did I take it to far or did he get what he deserved? And finally am I a psychopath for not feeling any remorse?

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I hate normalscum that is my confession

You've done a big sin, idiot. You should have followed through with the laws of that land if you want to be in good terms with the Merciful
You basically beat a guy on a sneak attack and fled the seen. You failed in the way of the law and morality (faith)
That's the worst of losers. SAD!

I should add that what you've done will comeback to you. Not that you believe you've done wrong
But they way you sought justice is worse than any other ways. Remember what you've done when it Returns to you

I believe in your justice, user. If the law will not protect the vulnerable, then it falls to those willing to work outside it.

I'm not going to defend what he did, but c'mon man. You just as easily say, "You've done the right thing. Remember what you've done when it returns to you." Good and bad times will come, neither having anything to do with his actions. Unless he gets caught.

you left him braindead. you should have called the cops. you arent a fucking action hero.

You fucked that guy up. Good job. My approach would have been totally different. I would have plotted out how to make everyone know what he did. That way his parents wouldn't have to deal with his shit. I must commend your williness to do this. Something I couldn't have done.

I was talking about the nature of the world. OP is going to get justice done to him for what he did
It's a never ending cycle. He should've just went to the authorities

That's some serious action to take based simply upon the word of a friend. People, especially females, can say and do strange things sometimes. As I get older I see more and more just how manipulative, selfish, and outright immoral women can be. Had I been in your situation and felt motivated to act as you did, I would have at least done a very thorough investigation before coming to any conclusions, even if I had known the girl for years.

Severely hurting or killing someone is no joke. It affects you mentally and spiritually. Not to mention the fact that this is vigilante justice which is completely outside the rule of law. Even if you feel nothing now, I can guarantee that it will be something that will weigh upon your mind as you get older. You will think on it again when you start raising children yourself and reflect on what you did to the guy's parents. Life is not like a tv show or the movies. Anyone with any sense of morality would take something like this very seriously.

Who is gonna take time out of their day to come defend some rapist tard

As usual, OP is a gay fag LARPing.

The girl would have been the first one questioned by the police and since someone saw her at OP's place he would have been investigated as a prime suspect.

Also, traps are gay - just like OP.

>confessing to attempted murder on an fbi ip logging loli waifu image posting site
Good luck user, hope you live in a third world shithole without law enforcement.

Y-you b-b-bas-t-tard!

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traps themselves are gay but lewding traps is not.

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>her boyfriend beat and raped her
>believing roastie lies
White knight goes to Hell for trusting a sinning slut

in some ways you were right, some ways not such as:it was a woman, she deserved it.

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what kinda loser sneaks up on a guy from behind and beats him into retardation with a bat
this isnt how u deal with shit

If we didnt have social norms this would be acceptable so good job

that was too much action user but what's done is done. no need to look back now. don't do that mistake twice

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Nope this is a cope larp
Nothin to see here.