Make you're waifu

here's the maker:

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Hello there again ~

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This is my femboy maid. Say something nice about him :3

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3d version probably isn't so appealing

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Always sleepy but tries really hard

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okay, here she is. the waifu i mean.

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good taste user. anyone here who doesnt want a depressed gf is not a true robot

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Used a different maker. Picrew has some pretty good ones if you look around some.

Great waifu, user

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i tired my best to make it look good

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always post waifu. post waifu everyday

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He's cute. Would cuddle with ~

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Here's mine. I'd fuck this slut until she has a mental breakdown and kills herself.

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My ideal little goth nerd.

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fucking hell I am fucking lonely

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Never thought I would sink to the point where i am designing a waifu.

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This is the most fun i've had all day. Thanks user.

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So...uh...when can I meet her?

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it will get much worse user

in the undetermined amount of hours until you fall asleep user

Quick, someone rate everyone's waifus in detail.

Say hi to mah boy (girl)

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im a pretty simple guy desu

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>and kills herself

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I made a tradwife

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Well at least in my dreams I'm happy, sometimes

Yep, I graduate college with a meme degree in May and will finally become a NEET. Got fired from my wager job a week ago because my managers said that I looked too sad and miserable.

>tfw no sex robot gf

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I wish I had a gf so I didn't have to do this

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find happiness in some form while free from being a wagie user. id just personally recc fixing your sleeping schedule if its fucked and working out a bit with the new free time to start out.

From this point you get to decide to lay down like a dog and die or fight your way into some semblance of happiness.

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That's a nun, nuns aren't allowed to get married.

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I think I am just gonna choose death, but thanks for the encouraging words ;l

Spending time for this... is this a new low?

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Based off 3d

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Welcome to the club pal.
Nice waifu

i have generic taste

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>tfw spending valentines day drawing 2d girls

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Redesigned/updated her a bit since my first post.

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dont understand the moonrunes but had a fun time creating this desu

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based design

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If only waifus were real.

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I decided to use a different image maker. Here is the link if anyone else wants to use it

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made after a girl i knew...
if only things could have turned out different.

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>tfw I'll never have a perfectly average blonde girl

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filename says it all.

God, I feel so alone.

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the white horns are fucking kino

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user I see you

Pretty plain, but I don't mind.

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I don't know if it gets better user.
I hope you stop feeling alone soon.

very cute. this makes me feel bad

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i have made many waifus in picrew but this one is probably my favorite
>tfw no nazi general gf

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Shouldn't you be dead?

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now can I 3d print her?

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Best waifu coming thru. Oh shit this post wasn't original.

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I tried to do this based on what I find romantically attractive, as opposed to sexually attractive. Also, making this on valentines day just feels pathetic.

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worst waifu coming thru

I'm pretty sure the guys on could make you a model in exchange for money.

I suck at these. But how does it look?

Shit. Forgot to add the image

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Happy valentines day, fake tomboy gf

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Here's my decent waifu. Would love to go to the beach with her.

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i use another maker too
me irl tired of work

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Yeah, there are some cool ones.
Slightly annoyed girl comin thru.

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into sleeveless shirts after watching Alita yesterday

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What happened?
I made her perfect, not even my WAIFU wants to see me

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Are we sisters, OP?

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>no alternate dimension 5D gf

>Got fired from my wager job a week ago because my managers said that I looked too sad and miserable.
you should be able to get free shekels from the government for this

i hate this day with a passion

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plis giv me this year

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The hair turned out bad but that's not your fault just the limitations of the creator. Good job

Hey guys. This is me waifu.
How did I even get here.

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>no latina gf to snuggle with

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it's easy as fuck to get one. are you employed?

yeah but i'm autistic and asocial

wholesome, want to protect
he's adorable, want to hug him
looks miserable just like me :)
props to her for trying still qute
the waifu gal
depressed girls probably wouldn't want me so this just upsets me
she looks great user
the demon scene girl
don't fuck her cherish her....
me too buddy
rock bottom is a long way from here, enjoy the fall
she looks like she's having fun to
its ok i havent given up either
i want to cuddle him
simple is still good
right in the heart, seeing this in text instead of my head actually shattered me
cute girl its ok
hope you marry her for real one day user
yup, digging the hair
good hair
good redesign always go with goth
am i seeing double
her smug aura mocks me
that maker is cooler thanks brew
im sorry...
at this point finding others suffering has been my only solace

All in all doing this just made me wanna put lead in my pathetic dome which is pretty cool

Im a uni student, my state is really white

Hit me up if you look like her

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that's fine. you can get a 7-8/10 venezuelan gf easily

are you willing to get a foreign gf?

read: >are you willing to get a foreign gf?

if you're in uni and not employed. you have to wait probably

sure but a venezuealan escapee is probably more interested in a green card than connecting with me

short hair is patrish
sounds about right
i love her
maybe someday
bonus for confidence
she seems like a very kind person
bonus for trying with the hair
oh no...
good luck
freckles r good
me too amigo

part two fuck me

Muh sleepy hitler waifu

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it's probably your best hope

just tell her she gets deported if you guys break up, and don't let her talk to any chads

welp i made another fuck me

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no thanks user i'd rather be alone than a big meanie

I didn't think I would actually make one u.u

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My waifu is so hot tbqh

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Pretty good maker, thanks op

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Based off irl girl

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not sure how you would be a "big meanie" by improving a girls' quality of life by 10-fold

you deserve to die alone

Let me fucking post god damn you

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Made another one, this time with black hair

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She's so perfect

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>i love her
me to, i would do anything to make her real

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how normie is my waifu anons?

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>elf ears
>suspended hair
Way too normie

Thanks for the (You) user, makes today a little less lonely

>mfw I finally get my cute waifu with short messy hair

This actually made me feel good, dont know if that is good or bad, but dont really care.

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Jow Forums has stuck with this longer than the other boards, why do you anons think that is?

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you know the answer you jerk