Do guys really do creepy stuff like this? Have you ever done something like this?

Do guys really do creepy stuff like this? Have you ever done something like this?

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that guy looks better than she...

>100% stalked a woman
no, I've had stalkers before though
Damn thirsty women

nah women just want to believe theyre always being victimized. she literally thinks someone as ugly as her would have a stalker.

guy in my class called this one cute chick "mommy" and kept asking her to change his diaper... yeah. Weird stuff looked like a typical neckbeard that would post here.

She seems ecstatic, as she should be.

I had girls creep on me.. I think it's cute when it's a girl but when it's a guy it's disgusting..

A lot of people do that, probably usually subconsciously. Only ugly men get called out on it though.

BTW being "creepy" usually means just being ugly

>ywn be creeped on by a tired pale qt teen boy

Ungrateful bitch

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>80% of the pic is her face
women, every time

That guys a good looking bloke that fatass is delusional look at how much make up that pig bitch is wearing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

she's trying to get a picture of him without it being obvious (that might trigger him to escalate to violence), so she pretends to take a selfie
it's not that hard to understand

He was looking at her so she had to make it seem like she was taking a selfie.

Hahaha yeah a guy too meek to initiate a conversation is gonna suddenly become aggressively violent lmao
Roasties are so delusional

He's probably looking at the food stains you somehow got on the back of your shirt, you gross pig.

that was so mean haha i'm sorry

It could be the case that the dopey looking fat bitch was holding the camera unnaturally high and at a weird angle for a selfie which would catch attention, essentially what I'm saying is this could all be fake shit. Women tend to make shit up for attention, i once had some bitch cut my name into her inner thigh near her pussy so she could tell people I was making her do those things to herself and because I called her a slut she then went on to cut the word slut into her leg, then showed it to everyone. Like a bunch of retards, her friends all believed her. As far as I'm concerned unless that fat pig skank winds up dead in a lake somewhere, that guy just happened to be looking in her direction and shes a paranoid powdered whale.

I did this to my oneitis while going through psychosis, even followed them home and know where they live. Didn't plan on doing anything but I was still creepy

I'm a guy and have guys do this to me so yes. One time I was in a waiting room and some splurge sat there staring at me for about 20 mins until I have him the finger and he got up and walked away

I've done it like three times? Maybe four or even five and I don't care honestly.
All I did was look I didn't rape I probably could've on two of those occasions but I didn't. So I don't wanna hear no complaints but then again thats all women know how to do.

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I feel bad for him, he even looks better than the roastie.

Why would people do this to "creepers" anyway? They've obviously got issues and you take a picture of them to spread on social media? It will only make their lives worse.

Might have just wanted to ask her out but was too nervous and awkward to go through with it.

Feminists really do hate men.

>Fatty makes pic of herself
>Afterwards at it she realizes some random dude was looking at her while making the pic
>Seeks attention "im totaly gettin stalked you guyz, ugh"
It's not a unique trait with fat women, they thirst so much for attention that they create attention where there isn't any. For example i had a hamplanet in my class back then who thought she was hot shit, i said something nice to her like once and because of that she misunderstood that i am interested in her and suddenly told me one day "i'm sorry but i like classmate x" as if i cared.

I did this at school. The school buses were running late and their were hundreds of kids waiting around. I was standing alone like a virgin with my backpack and hands in my pocket. There was this girl sat on the grass playing around with here friends and I just stared at them non-stop. She caught me and gave me this death stare that I'll never forgot. She then shouted "Do you want to take a picture or something!?" and then I quickly looked away. I honestly have no idea what came over me and why I did it, it was almost impulsive and I just laugh looking back at it. She wasn't even hot and just mediocre like this OP chick but I do think I developed a weird infatuation about her now that I think about it. Thank fuck mobile phones have no cameras back then because I'd probably be on social media today too, I feel sorry for this guy.

maybe you're just a weirdo, you don't deserve a gold star for not raping.
why do I even come here anymore, it's not the comfy place I remember I hate all of this.

And today user learned of his homosexuality.

thank gosh
gay boys are the best

I full on stalked a dude once but Im homosex

That is king as fuck, brother

I stare at the same girl in my lectures. Sometimes she smiles back, sometimes she doesn't. I catch her looking at me though too and she looks away. She is very beautiful. I hope to marry her.

>as if i cared.
>still remembers it
Jeez Buffalo Bill, have you added he to your skin suit yet?

No, but women treat me like a potential rapist all the time. If I'm walking behind a woman it's almost guaranteed she will look over her shoulder at me several times, speed up her pace, and/or beeline away from me.

i stare at women all the time. Id give up a lot to have women stare at me

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>I did this to my oneitis while going through psychosis, even followed them home and know where they live. Didn't plan on doing anything but I was still creepy

What was going through your head at the time?

Its fake, just somthing females make up in their minds to feel important. They need validation at all times as well as attention to distract them of what a horrible piece of bland retarded useless shit they actually are so the go around making shit like this up.

>stare at all sorts of people non-sexually
>just find people interesting to watch

i follow girls on the street often
only do it when there's almost no one around / very few people, so it looks like im following her
i just like knowing a girl is thinking about me and probably scared
eventually i just go home or wherever i was going

Talk to her faggot. Take some phenibut or a benzodiazepine if you're prescribed one.

based and stalk-pilled
gtfo moralfag

oh i'm not afraid to talk to her. I just haven't had a chance to organically strike up conversation and she sits across the classroom. I

never met a girl that was worth stalking

im sure she made this up most girls like that will claim these things happen to them to inflate their egos because of their low self esteem, clearly this dude has no interest in her and was probably only looking at her because she saw she was illegally taking his picture

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Is that, that senator bitch who's bi.

synema?? fuck no dude

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No. I literally make a conscious effort to not make more than a passing glance at women.

Every woman thinks all the guys are checking her out. They are that narcissistic.

>tfw accidentally lock eyes with a guy
one of the worst feels in life

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If you're remotely self-conscious then it isn't that great. You'll feel like your shirt's inside out or something like that most of the time.

was about to do that, going to my ex's house today
But when I started going that way I just realized I didn't want that, so I'm in my path home

Here's what really happened:

They attend the same class, and he arrived and sat behind her.

Then they left at the same time, and he went to his car, which is parked in the same lot as her truck.


I zone out a lot and my eyes will usually pick something to blankly stare at during this. Sometimes it's a person.

I'm pretty sure most people figure out that I'm not looking at them. Of the few that are too socially retarded for that, I suppose most of them keep their feelings to themselves.

I did have some fat girl get loud enough on a train to break me out of whatever mindless reverie and start paying attention. I'm still not sure what she was talking about because she trailed off into silence fairly abruptly and stared at the ground once she realized _now_ I was looking at her.

I waited a couple seconds and then drifted back out. She was gone when my stop came up.

Stalkers, hunters, trappers. Me, I'm a poacher.

based and diaperpilled

Here's what really happened, reddit:
That guy is a creep.

Here's what really happened
>fatty mcfatfuck is feeling insecure about herself
>mcfatfuck gets the idea to pretend she has a stalker because, like, she's SO desirable.
>mcfatfuck very obviously points phone at herself and takes selfies with pig fat porcine smile
>dude in the back notices and is like "wtf?", glances at camera for 0.0000000213 femtoseconds, and fatty gets a single picture of him "staring"
>mcfatfuck makes up some bullshit about him following her to her car
>et voila

I fucking feel that dude.

I also like my eggs poached REEE

I don't poach eggs but I'd shove a couple up your little sister's ass. Raw.

an egirl claimed to stalk/look out for my posts on this site. I say claimed because she lied to me and I can't verify any of that. the idea of it was really endearing prior to when I broke up with her though

I once thought a guy was staring at me during a lecture but then it turned out that I was sitting right below one of two clocks in the room and that he was only looking over at me because he wanted to see what the time was.

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Haha look at how normies participate in a society without raping any wide eyed naive cunthole like that. Shocking.

I do this on accident from time to time. I either shift my gaze from random object to random object, stare into space in whatever direction I'm facing, or stare at whatever moves. Sometimes w*men have the nerve to exist in the path of my eyebeams when I'm looking around the room or staring into space, so it looks like I'm creeping on them when I'm not.

>feel someone looking at me
>look back at the guy
>he gives me an expression like he's angry/annoyed that i dare look at him

Is this piggy Laci Green?

One time when I was in a really dark place I followed some stacy and her friends to their dorm to see if I could ever engineer a situation where we met. I wanted to figure out her interests, etc, but I didn't want to actually approach her because I don't know how to talk to people.

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>I can't remember things I don't care about

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Looks like this fat bitch everybody hated at my old high school. Ive definitely glanced at a few good looking women but never stared or stalked.

An alpha autismo. Nice.

Roasties toil in schadenfreude, even if they don't know it.

> did this shit with a girl from a class in uni
> did it for the whole semester (she was cute as hell)
> the fucking girl text me at the end and tells gather courage and talk to her next time

Shit was pretty fucking weird.
It was probably some kind of joke from on of her friends, but it still made me happy like a retard for a couple of weeks (never ended up talking to her of course).

literally how is it different you faggot.

am other user ()

It's mostly a non-issue for men, and when you're so lonely and isolated you want to fantasize about it happening to you

don't hope to do shit if you won't take the initiative to talk to her.

law school is a little different because the classes are much smaller and theres alot of gossip. you dont want to do anything that will rock the boat so i really have to wait for an appropriate time

Well, eye contact is always the first contact to approach. It was only creepy cuz she wasn't into him. You're gonna pass as a creep sometimes, sometimes she's gonna reciprocate. It's all a numbers game so it's important to not be taken aback by the times you fail.

i have both stalked boys and been stalked by boys. you would think getting stalked would steer me away from stalking, but no, i'm just a grade-a creeptard

She probably shouldn't be smiling and bragging about it, she's obviously getting off on the attention.

I do when it looks like people are filming me. Like wtf. Also that chick was stalking that dude.

I used to stare out the window that was behind a girl that sat next to me. She seemed to enthusiastically turn her head, but was dissapointed that I was explicitly looking out the window.

She's hot as fuck. Total PAWG.

You think you could do that without breaking it?

I, too, like starring at planets.

pretty sure everyone experiences this

This didn't happen. He was just sitting there and she made up a story to feel important for once in her life.

A true protagonist of earth's manga.

I had one friend back in high school who got in real big fucking trouble when he got caught stalking girls and sending lewd videos of himself jerking off to them

>goes grocery shopping
>notices one of the cashiers goes all fawn-y over me despite treating everyone in front of me like they don't exist. Every. Single. Time.
>she's nowhere near my type and as a fucking autist who likes being invisible I would probably ignore her even if she wasn't
>notices her noticing me later every time I'm in her vicinity
>finally at one point I'm leaving when she's seemingly going back in after lunch
>I leave the mall in general by the back door and like 30 seconds later I hear it open and look back and it's her looking around
>after a moment, I realize she's looking for me
>now really glad the mall backs up to a small wooded area with a trail I was going through and it was the middle of summer so it was leafy as hell so she couldn't see me in my darker clothing
>I now no longer go near the store if I see her present, especially now that she's a manager and could fuck with my life for ignoring her passes

Do these women know they're on thousands of cameras every time they come out, and creepy people and creepy software are analyzing their every movement and action?

Lol wtf are you fucking insane my nigger?

>I have a creeper xd

The absolute state of western women. They're so desperate for the dopamine rush of attention they actually WANT stalkers and their followers to go "woahh whaaaat hahaaaa"

She just had to include her face in the picture, typical narcissist.

>she's a manager and could fuck with my life for ignoring her passes
managers are powerful, man

I'd rather fuck a pig than her

I still stalk her Instagram.

Yeah even that day, yesterday.

I don't know why I hate myself so much.

she couldn't have noticed he was staring unless she was staring at him, plus she took photos of him, she's creepier



This is a hot thought, being dominated by a manager of a store. I'd let a manager peg me.

> muh truck

how would she "fuck with your life" exactly?

Whenever i go to my friend's house i always masturbate on his sisters used clothes and once i found she sleeping drunk and used her hand to jerk me off

>That cashier that didn't talk to the 4 people in front of me, but made a bit of small talk when it was my turn

>tfw no bi senator muscle gf