Girl living in the same flat as me

>girl living in the same flat as me
>she has a boyfriend
>he's a decent guy, hardly ever spoken to him but I'd hang out with him if I wasn't a total social retard
>this girl goes on and on about how loyal they both are to each other
>the past few weeks she's constantly been having this other guy over
>keeps saying he's just a good friend but this guy's over all the fucking time, even spends the night in her room
>today, she went out with that fucking guy instead of her actual boyfriend
I feel bad for the guy but I have no way to contact him and I don't wanna get in any drama shit. What a total bitch

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That looks like someone you don't want to be, just remember the signs so it doesn't happen to you.

>I don't wanna get in any drama shit
Yeah mate, don't get into others' relantionships. As cruel as can sound, you'll be branded as the bad guy, and the other 2 will pretend that nothing happened, off course could be the other way around, but who knows.

Have you jerked it to her dirty panties or....? I know this isn't relevant to whats going on but also would be interesting to know. I would at least do that if I was gonna be a living with a girl who doesn't fuck me.

Give him an anonimous letter and explain it to him in this letter. It's that easy.

Mind your own business, OP. It has nothing to d with you.

Toastie detected

op tell her boyfriend. dont listen to the fags here telling you its "not your business". fuck that bitch.

The problem isn't the girl. The problem is how life is designed. No one is destined to someone else. If you would be with a girl and suddenly she gets ugly and doesn't attract you anymore and in the same time another bomb that make your heart boil and cock hard like diamond is starting to get around you and arrouse you.. you would also leave your gf for the new hot girl. We are designed to live in drama. The solution is to not play the game anymore. Do not take part in human affairs and become a master of your mind. When you realize this reality is nothing but truman show you will be free and even the chadest man plowing your ex one-it-is will not make you bat an eye, you will just walk away, completely indifferent.

People are allowed to change their mind and date other people. If he tells his roommate's boyfriend that she's seeing someone else it will only fuck him in the ass. He still has to live with this woman. I'm guessing the people who are encouraging him to spill have never been the messenger before so they don't understand that it's the person who tells that gets shit on the most with misdirected anger. He needs to mind his own business or move out and then tell, but even this it's extremely petty. People are allowed to fall out of love with their partner.

if she no longer liked her boyfriend im sure shed have announced a break up.

Why would she announce it? People don't do that.

give anonymous tips. with credible proof ofc

get evidence and blackmail the girl. ez munnay

They're allowed to change their mind while they're still dating the other one. That's fucked up. That shows a complete lack of value in the either one of them, and a profoundly selfish and narcissistic nature.

what? so shed break up with her boyfriend and tell no one?

Most people aren't happy about failing at their relationship and tend to keep it to themselves or only tell the people who actually matter and are close to them. Why would she tell some random roommate?

Not too likely, though it depends on his relationship with the BF.
I say go for it anyway, better to have done the right thing and be punished than the wrong thing and get away with it, your conscious will eat you up and the guilt will be far worse than having 2 people dislike you.
I wouldn't want to be reminded of my shortcoming every time I looked at the girl or the guy again. Just tell him OP.

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Women tend to tell anyone and everyone of their problems. Society doesn't put a clamp on their bitching like they do with men. With men you're expected to suck it up and get over it, women don't have that social pressure so they bitch freely into the wind.

>People are allowed to change their mind and date other people
Sure, but the right thing to do is break up first. She's a cheating whore, the state of this fucking board. You're either a cheating roastie yourself or the most pathetic beta white knight.
I can't imagine white knighting a cheating roastie but goddamn, hats off to you faggot.

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Actually I was thinking more about OP's quality of life. Clearly none of you have lived with a very pissed off woman roommate or you wouldn't be telling him to inform her boyfriend of her discretions. Also, no, women do not tell the autistic man sharing their living quarters about their social lives. OP turning into a gossip spewing drama queen isn't going to help anything.

Drop it down casually next time the bf is over
>Go to fridge
> onions milk is gone
>Hey anonette. Did you or user drink my onions the other day?
>I thought I still had same left

Then 360 and walk away

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>360 and walk away
Uh, you'd end up facing the fridge again and walk into it. Unless you're moonwalking away

That would be stylish though

I fucking told you faggots women are gold digging sluts and they will cheat on you. it even goes against evolution for women to be loyal. evolution works by having the best males reproduce so your girlfriend will activity try to cuckold you to secure the best genes.

enjoy your no future and no society if you are just going to allow women to cheat then.

You're thinking of a 540, mate

It's not your place to fix other people. Seriously how immature are you?

>Actually I was thinking more about OP's quality of life. Clearly none of you have lived with a very pissed off woman roommate
This x1000
For your own well being and also the safety of you/your belongings stay out of it. Solely for that reason. It isn't unmoral, you are just protecting yourself from unnecessary harm

Op yous till here? I want to know what you're going to do.

Yeah, I've been reading all the replies. Like I said, I hardly know the guy (don't even think he really knows my name) so probably not a good idea to tell him myself but I am somewhat more familiar with one of his friends. I'm probably going to tell the friend and ask him to pass it on.

It pisses me off that this girl's preaching staying loyal to your partner whilst literally cheating at the same time. What a fucking cope.