Fembots, how are you spending your Valentines Day?

Fembots, how are you spending your Valentines Day?

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i asked my mother if she wanted to eat dinner with me, but she doesn't want anything fancy so we are just eating burgers .-.

I made my dad his favorite dinner and we'll probably watch a movie together.

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Painting part of my bfs space wolf army for him

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Post space wolf army.

Sticking a couple of fingers in my pink taco because no man wants to be with me. Fucking male pigs.

>Letting someone else paint your minifigs
Your boyfriend's a cuck.

>refreshing a certain page.
Although it isn't valentines day here anymore.

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>Although it isn't valentines day here anymore.
Please be in Brisbane.

Everyone in my life has abandoned me so I'll be spending it here, shitposting. Just another day. I wish more than anything I was going on some normie date. I want to be a normie for a day.

Very good thank you!
I watched 4 different films with my someone special.

Just went to bed, had bad thoughts all day and night is when they are worst.
I just wish I had someone to hold me tight and tell me everything is alright, and I wish I would believe it.
I just wanna be OK.

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Not even close, sorry to disappoint

There are no girls on Jow Forums. Honestly any girl frequenting any part of the internet other than faceboob and instamammogram is probably mentally ill.

Of course they're mentally Ill if they're here of all places

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I summoned for the valentine banner gacha waifus and for the most part got them. Now I sit gem-less and in slight regret

We'll all be reunited in death to the dirt. It will be okay.

Where's my Luxembourg fembot gf?

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That makes me feel slightly more OK, thanks user.
But I might get that while I'm alive someday which is a thought that keeps me going.

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I'm watching overwatch league and in a couple hours I'll dust off the old rubber husband

Glad I could help. I'm pretty much constantly filled with dread now-a-days but I'm trying to look to nature for sanctuary.

Sorry about the dread part, I kinda know that feel and its awful.
How are you trying to find sanctuary in nature? It sounds really wholesome

I live on a hillside and while there are some people who go on the trails with fourwheelers sometimes generally it's pretty peaceful. I walk around the hillside and listen to music and admire nature. I also want to do some extensive gardening and I've been spending some time and thought learning about how to do it right. The woods give me great peace like no other place and I want to try to become more connected to nature.

>mentally ill girls are not girls

nice going user. this is why stacy thinks youre subhuman

That's comfy, i like going for walks in nature and listening to music too, its calming and makes me forget about stuff.
I'm happy that you have some peace in your life fren, its valuable when most of life is as bad as it sounds

Yeah. It's good you go for nature walks too. What kind of music do you like? Music is what initially kept me from falling into a rut of depression. I got super into music and eventually started to make a little and that helped inspire me.

I like sad or emotional music, also music that makes me remember old times, usually because I listened to it during a certain period of my life.
Recently I've been going out late and listening to comforting and relaxing music, it really helps when I'm stressed.
What about you? I'd genuinely like to know, im not just asking out of courtesy

This meme needs to die.

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im alone while my roommate giggles with her boyfriend
it's okay though there's always next year!

Fuck you fuck them. You all deserve this and I hope none of your wishes come true deep down you know just like the rest of us you're not humble and you don't have anything because you don't deserve it.

There's a reason we're all here and it's not because we're waiting to bloom.

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>im alone while my roommate giggles with her boyfriend
I hate this, I hate being around happy couples while I'm here trying not fucking relapse. They can all go fuck themselves.

I've known them for a very long time so it doesn't bother me as much
but yes, I avoided going outside today to not see any other couples

I like sad and emotional music too. I'm pretty open to music generally but I definitely have preferences. I usually like stuff that's sort of intense not necessarily in how loud it is, but just how passionate it seems to be. I like most emotions in music if there done in certain ways, and I definitely like comfy ambient music.

Why did fembots spend Valentines with me today?

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Why did no fembots I mean. Lets forget the fact I dont know any

Sounds like the basics of our music tastes aren't too unlike each other.
I love when I can feel the anguish, tranquility or anger dripping off a track, that's what good music is to me.

Yeah I completely agree there. You might be pretty similar to me. Do you have any other interests or hobbies?

Painting, drawing (havent in a while tho because mood), vidya, and honestly chatting to my frens but that isn't really a hobby or interest, I just do it and enjoy it a lot. I would love to learn how to play guitar, I think I might start soon.
Yes, I'm aware that I'm pretty boring.

Well if you're boring than I am too lol. I basically do the same exact stuff just replace painting and drawing with programming, and music. And that's cool you're going to try and play guitar. I've been playing guitar for a while now and I'm glad I did learning to play an instrument is a really good thing.

Do you have a discord? Might be nice to talk to you somewhere else, but you have no obligation to.

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Yeah I think it'd be nice and here's my alt discord so I don't get destroyed edgyzero

Watched tv all day with my bf. I cooked dinner early so that he wouldn't be hungry in class. He gave me some yummy chocolates. It was a pretty good day!

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I don't see it that way but ok

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Putting this together at the moment

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