All my friends are ghosting me

>all my friends are ghosting me
is this the beginning?

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no, it's the end

You know what they say!: can't be ghosted if you ghost 'em first!

>im ghosting my friends

is this the end?

Oh, you damned, naive little kid. You have no idea how far it goes down.

maybe, i hope not. how do u know?

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how far, share some insight old wise fren

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help an user out, youve made clear of my incomprehension, share some light on the abyss old wise user

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original cometn

Hopefully you're just overreacting. People get busy, and it doesn't necessarily mean they're ghosting you to be mean--they might just feel bad saying no but they also know they don't have time to hang out.

Be persistent asking people to do stuff, but be understanding if they say no or don't show up. Hopefully things turn around.

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Its been a slow process, gradually turning down hang outs, either cause lazy or because they had another night planned out. Everytime ive asked them to hang out they gave vague answers (ill tell u later etc) so they could say no if something better came up. So yeah. One of them cancelled and then asked me if i knew any cool jazz bars. Fucking asshole.

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Might be time to start scoping out new friends.
If you have any hobbies, look for a place to meet up with people who share it just so you at least have somewhere to go. Might meet someone you get along with.

Yeah but for me its not like going to the supermarket and picking friends from a shelf. Im awkward as fuck and im seriously depressed i feel the fucking void. I go to the top of my building from time to time, at sunset, i watch it go as the sky slowly descend into darkness, i sit there smoking for a while and then i leave. As im leaving a fresh wind touches my face and for a moment i confuse it for a kind hand. I descend back and just sit in my chair, just waiting for another sunset.

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Honestly in the same boat as you right now and share your concerns about it being the beginning of something bad. I know I am afraid of social interaction but I do try but still find people disliking being with me or generally disappearing. I think the true robot life has began.

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Yep right there with you. My friends saw my power levels last fall and ever since they wont really talk to me. Seems like every 5ish years I gotta pick up and go somewhere new

how did they saw your pwr lvl? did u sperg out and went full alex jones mode?

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Maybe find a bar you like at least? Good luck, user

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I can easily tolerate being a virgin or being not in a relationship, but being almost friendless and no one, including my old friends, not caring about me is what hurts the most.

it's my fault too, I began isolating myself and didn't even realise. not sure what to do

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It's the beginning of the end for them, and the start of a new, greater you. For all that they ever were, were, obstacles in the odyssey that is your life. Carry on, forth, in strides. Row that boat, find your path. Seek out that light. Grab life by the horns, even if in babysteps. One day at a time. Fail more than you succeed, but never stop fighting. Bash your head against that wall until the wall bleeds. For you are man, and not even god himself will hold you in place.

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off yourself so your friends will feel guilty for ghosting you

Always ghost them before they can ghost you. And just avoid having friends in general.

I would not feel guilty if someone offed itself because of me, itd just make me feel powerful and important