Post dead robots

post dead robots

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well ok sir

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Many german philosophers are robots.

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he truly understood robotdom

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this man could not be happy

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This gentleman by the name of Newton.

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A true robotic man.

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I would occasionally have to walk through that cancerous section of UA when they decided to put an engineering class outside muh safespace quadrangle

cobain smashed rooadies and was a rockstar

If you disagree with you I'll skulkfuck you with rebar.

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Cant forget Kierkegaard.

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>shit music
My diagnostic... a normie.

Kierkegaard wasn't a robot, he was a failed normalfag. Dostoyevsky was short and weak, while Kierkegaard was tall even for a Dane and got engaged.

The real robot is Otto Weininger

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He literally thought he was a god chad

The OG, my nigga, a classic gangsta, St. Elliot

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unironically this guy here

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The entire Nazi Party except for Goring
Despite being the ugliest Goring was also the most charismatic of the bunch and is objectively a chad.

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I love Goebbels.
Genius man.

Nefarious robot, truly.

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Surprised nobody has mentioned Schopenhauer

Franz Kafka.

Catholics can't be robots

So did saint elliot

"such a sad, desolate, lonely, unsalvageable i feel i am..... not fair, NOT FAIR!!!! I wanted happiness!! I never got it..."

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here is the story of a roastie who kant absolutely BTFOd
>Kant once received a letter from a young lady who had read his works on ethics. Prizing Kant's genius, she sought advice on what she should do about a certain problem of hers. She was engaged to marry a gentleman whom she loved, but she was not a virgin. She wanted to know whether she should tell the man or keep quiet. Kant advised her that she must tell her fiancee. The fiancee broke off the marriage. Distraught, the woman wrote to Kant again, deeply troubled over the result of her decision and admitting she was having doubts over Kant's system of ethics. She asked if she might come to Koenigsberg to meet with Kant and discuss her doubts. Although he received the letter in a timely fashion, he chose never to reply. The woman committed suicide after some time.

He was alright

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Rest in peace robot

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>in 1935 his mother is reputed to have told him that if she had known he was going to be so unhappy she would have aborted him
Cioran and are the best examples of robots ever

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this sad animal

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anyone ever read that excerpt from francoise hardy's book where she calls nick an autist?

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Cant forget about this one.

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Ian Curtis, a classic one

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Jorge Luis Borges

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ITT: dead normies that robots try to claim as their own

It will be 1 year in a few days

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I so strongly admire people like him, who used used their autism and genius to reach excellence.
It feels bad to just be autistic and useless.

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"Literally me" thread, losers identify with famous figures who actually did things, to feel better about being shit.
>failed normalfag
How, he chose his path. Huge part of his philosophy.

Camus was like the guy who comes here and post a thread about how he fucked his girlfriend. He was a normie posing as a robot, a fucking heck.
>Fuck a ton of French qts
>Writes the stranger
>S-see guys how I'm indifferent as well?
>Writes the myth of sysiphus
>Suicide is the only philosophical problem that really matters, r-right my fellow robots?
>Proceeds to fuck another ton of French qts

>no gang of unhinged outcasts to take over the country with

Was he a cyborg or robot?

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>Beethoven died a virgin

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>virgin Beethoven vs Chad Mozart

Do you have a source or are you making shit up?

>was 6'2 with INSANE eye area, hairline, zygomatic bone and ogee curve
He mogged everyone in new york with his height and looks in that age

Young Nietzsche is how i imagine most robots look like irl

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Nobody even knows who you're talking about

Was he a robot a birth?

Or did lead paint drive him crazy?

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that's why i put names in my post

mental illness - schizophrenia

Robot by birth. Vinnie was always depressed and nuts even as a kid

His philosophy is based, but he was a total Chad in his personal life
>many girlfriends
>handsome af
>asked to model for an American magazine

One of the top geniuses of all time. Did he really die a virgin?

No, he didn't. Adolf Hitler was complete and total robot who understood his nature and was able to turn it. Goebbels too was a robot. Rest of the Third Reich gang were Chads though.

Love you user.

He got ugly and fat in his older years, check photos of young Goering, nigger was pure hyper-Chad AND war pilot.

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prove that he had sex

Some user posted excerpts from a Goggy biography some months ago. Was a really wholesome thread. Goggy was definitely a robot. He used to take really long walks, often refusing to take the train home from work, preferring to walk for hours. He got fired from his job selling paintings at a gallery because he would bother customers by explaining to them his own opinions on art rather than telling them why to buy the store's paintings. He eventually studied theology like a good boy.

>got rejected by his oneitis multiple times
>only times he had sex was with a prostitute
>started the blackpill
How has he not been posted yet?

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>started the blackpill
Exactly the opposite, user. Go read his work.

There is no reason why an adult man would not get sex if he wants to. He did have an interest in some women obviously.

>dead robots
RIP lil buddy

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He never got married. And in that age, if you didn't get married, you were practically a virgin.

>whores are a recent invention
user :/

Everyone went to prostitutes, retard.

>started the black pill
t. Zoomer who's never actually read Nietzsche

The most robot of them all

Beep beep! Patrician comin through robots

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Only real robot in this thread

Eric and Dylan are borderline normie. They could easily assimilate into society if they wanted to. They are completely unlike the other beta, sub 100 IQ, attention thirsty shooters like Elliot Rodgers or Nick Cruz.

Elliot Rodger was a failed normie. He had everything handed to him and still fucked himself

That's not what robot means y'brainlet

Schopie was as robot as it got

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Only normies care about muh labor and shit like that

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Elliott Smith


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nah, dude was severely mentally ill


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our Ted

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He lived mainly as a recluse with his cat. Based AF

All of you cringey retards in this thread combined won't amount to 1% of what these guys you're calling robots did. It should really make you think.

Fernando Pessoa
>made his own make belief friends bc lonely
>mentally ill
>anything to escape reality basically
>in love with stacy

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Yup, he was a complete loon who couldn't get laid, and drove his nephew to do a failed suicide attempt.

Hitler was the antithesis of a robot

And stop talking about shit you have no idea about bro.

He was completely AGAINST nihilsm and the blackpill.
He warned us about the decadence and the loss of meaning

In his adulthood yes, but in his earlier years, you'd be surprised

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I love cioran, everytime I read something from him it resonates so much with me