My half-black little sister told me she doesn't fit in with anybody at school...

My half-black little sister told me she doesn't fit in with anybody at school. I asked her why and she said its because she's black and nobody else. She said they make fun of her brown skin. She goes to a private school that's almost entirely white.

How can I make her feel better? She's so sad.

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Use your non-related half to give her the love she needs

That's what happens when people racemix.
There's very little you can do, larper.

How old is imouto and why aren't you snuggling her?

Tell her that when she reaches age 40 all of her friends will be a bunch of fat ugly wrinkly used up cum skin land whales and she's going to be a fucking bad light skin milf.

She is 11 years old.

Use her as an example to preach the failure of race mixing. She will have no real culture or connection to any culture, and even if you make her feel better now its only a matter of time before she goes full nog in a desperate bid to find someplace she fits in, which she won't.

Nice larp, but b lame your whore of a mother for racemixing i guess

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Was it your mother or father that race mixed?

We have the same father.

Tell your pops to make you more cute sisters.

You need to sex her and bleach her

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They don't make fun of her. None of them do. She fits in just fine. She has friends and she gets on well.
Media is telling her that she doesn't fit in. Media is telling her that she's not like them and that she must seek out the non-white side of her race and use that as her entire identity.

Try to teach her not to define herself by her skin colour. If you can do that, then she'll grow up as a decent person.

Fuck her black ass

Mutts lived a cursed life to pay for their parents sins, its enormously cruel but that is how the universe works, there must be balance

>How can I make her feel better?
bleach her to improve her

Learn to fight and then teach her. You'll both bond over it and you'll help her build her confidence. That's what I did with mine and it worked.

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This is a pasta you dumb newfags.

Post the original then, we're waiting.

Call her nigger. Everything will be fine.

You fuck her.

So... is OP white, or also mutt, or what?

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Kuro kunny

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This is honestly the only genuinely intelligent answer ITT.

That's a lot of assumptions you're making for no reason.