You aren't a real robot if you have ever had friends, that includes online friends too

You aren't a real robot if you have ever had friends, that includes online friends too

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Real robots don't have friends. Or eat. Or take baths.

In a way I see myself as your friend user because through anonymity we can talk casually.

Real robots are dead, they off'd themselves

You are just entertainment to me, I don't care about you.
I haven't

Real robots don't solve captchas.


>28 kv, but i held hands with a teenage asian girl once for some stupid school stuff i was forced to do. and when i was 19 i went on a date with some 19 year old romanian girl who i didnt want to date anymore
- i have one semi-friend i talk to sometimes on steam, thats it
- im a castrated eunuch virgin
- im a neet on neetbux and i never held a job longer than 3 months
- hs dropout into getting a GED into community college dropout. i did badly on the community college entrance exam and was put into remedial english, and i failed remedial english 2 consecutive times in a row before dropping out. and english is the only language i speak, because i forgot how to speak russian and hebrew that i knew as a kid, because i have a horrible memory

am i a real robot?

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>that includes online friends too
You can't have online friends retard.

>started playing Warframe
>accepted clan invite, but reject every friend or coop invite
Feels awkward.

>I had a date
>I have a friend
Nope, kys. You are just a failed normie

The only time I ever had real friends were the 4 years I was in the military. Only there have I ever experienced true brotherhood and camaraderie. Nowadays I've lost all contact with them and it's getting real hard to find reasons to continue to wake up every morning. I'll probably end up a statistic sometime soon. All I want is to go back to those glorious months at our patrol base living, fighting, and surviving together without a care in the world. I wish I would have died there in the poppy fields.

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fair enough actually. i really did want to experience love as a teenager and early in my 20's but i just failed miserably to do so. and when i reached my mid 20's i became voluntarily celibate and thats where i am now

although i do find it hard to accept that there are robots who never wanted or tried to experience intimate love with a female their entire lives, i guess in theory such a thing is possible

and as for the friend, we chat on ideas sometimes maybe once a week on steam chat and we used to play a lot of dota with eachother like 3 years ago, but that was a long time ago

i can see the friendship waning each and every day, but thats normal in life as you get older i guess. i suppose you are a purer robot than me

If you haven't killed yourself, you're not a real robot then, are you? Stop telling us what a real robot is if you're not one yourself.

>The only time I ever had real friends were the 4 years I was in the military

I feel you brother, i miss my comrades as well, best cunts i ever meet. The best six years of my life

I'm a cyborg then?
I'm Connor, The android sent by cyberlife?
I'm /b/robot?

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even the most robotic guys in school had some kind of friends, you would need to be a feral child or an outlier

How can one be socially inept that they don't even have online friends. How is that even possible?

People who will themselves are normies who cant handle it when their lives go downhill

>fought for the kikes
I wish you would have died too

LOL, have you seen some of the people on this board? How can you even ask that un-ironically

I made a friend from here. I'm his only friend. Guess he's a normie now. All we do is play vidya, complain and sometimes I go to his place when I'm too fucked up on drugs to function and don't wanna be home.
He might even be reading this shit. If he's not he's either playing video games or jacking off, doubt he does anything else.

>I'm his only friend. Guess he's a normie now.

Yes he is, anyone capable of making friends is a normie