My Life

My Life
>kissless virgin wizard
>full time NEET no job no nothing
>cant get laid
>cant drive
>depends on my mother for full support

well, today she said she is putting me into a group home.

I just wanted to say, after today i will be gone. I've ordered an exit tank. I wanted to share some photos of me, so you can know who was behind 40% of the posts here.

For 4 years of my life, I'd post here every day around 40x a day.

When I die, you will feel my loss the heart and soul of r9k will be departed.

I just want you guys to know, I'm in peace.

Save my photos, keep my legacy alive while I am dead.

Thank you robots.

>pic related, it's me.

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Good luck and may success be with you, fellow NEET.

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thank you bernd. this suicide will be a loss for all of r9k but nobody in my real life will even notice my loss. I will depart this planet and finally be free from the disabilities I have which bind me prisioner.

>pic related, me and my family, me on the far right. when i had blonde hair.

It stinks my mom is kicking me out but she has tired of taking care of me, and I am just done. I refuse to go to a group home.

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here is a pic of me and my pika. I always loved him, he absorbed many of my tears. It has been many painful years.

I just truly believe suicide to be the best answer for me. In fact. I am happy finally, because i know tomorrow at this time I will be gone from this planet.

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hey man theres no need for that, its never too late to turn your life around. start small and get your license, then find a job, then start saving money to move out. if she sees youre working on changing your life she wont put you in a group home.

dont leave bro

I hate my mother and father, this is them. I can not believe they would send their own son to a group home. It is not cool, and this group home wont have any computer time. I'd rather die than be forced to talk to autistic retards all day. Hence, tomorrows suicide. I got the 'exit kit; of choice and a full fucking plan. i will be dust in the ground.

if anyone wants, tomorow i can come on and live stream the suicide? so my robots can watch me in my last moments?

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Goodbye OP you will be missed
Hope to see you soon

Don't leave us
Just post from the group home
God has big plans for you

that wont happen. im mentally disabled, i cant go anywhere without having a nervous breakdown. i have a very bad case of autism. there is sadly no cure for me. im also schizophernic and hear voices. i want to be free from this painful horrible life.

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they said no computers or phones :( i will be dead trust it. i am not strong enough for this stuff.

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sure user, just give us the time

this gave me chills. please. if you must stream do it. I'll light a candle for you.

Ask Jesus to save you and he will

I'll make a stream on youtube at 5am EST. I'll be going live with about 20 bottles of oxycottin and a blade. I have to do at that time because thats when my parents are sound asleep, the stream will take place in my backyard, its country here, i will be in the woods when i do it. but before i do, im writing why i did it on my body in sharpie, so when they find me, they know why i did it. i want my mom to have to carry this with her forever, it is her fault! and she will suffer forever and hopefully kill herself shortly after me, or maybe possibly will die of a broken heart.

RIP user
you're making the right call here

but we will miss you :(

im very sorry to hear about all this bro. if you do actually go through with it then i wish you nothing but peace and happiness in the afterlife or whatever comes next when we die.

thank you i know i am worthless for sure. just cancer to society. my time has come to depart. at least i wont hit 30. and i'll never be a real wizard, because i wont hit 40. thank fucking god.

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Don't go through with this please I'll pray for you

make sure to give us the link for it on here user

>user just suffer through life instead
>living in a shitty group really can't be that bad
mckill yourself

You sound like a broken person.
Blaming others isn't the right thing to do, and I bet you know it too.
I hope you don't do it user, things can and have changed for people.
I think you should just leave eveything behind, maybe just steal some money from your mom if you don't have any and go somewhere, nowhere, wherever.
Do something, even if there's pain.
Sometimes the suffering gives us answers.
Gonna repeat,
Don't do it user.

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im doing it. have to. the group home will abuse me and ill be treated like an animal.
i will promise.
ill be on later bumping it with time stamp photos of pills etc.
exfuckingaxtly! fuck these religious fuckers
im legit doing it i already got all the equitment and you guys are gonna be watching me. im gonna die a meme.

If you're streaming on youtube it'll get shut down before you even kill yourself

shit ok where should i go then? any reccomended sites? what about, periscope?

Why the theatrics? No one wants to watch you die.

>not going out with a bang and fucking shit up for society, like blowing up an oil refinery or something
Weak. You might as well just keep living.


You were muted for 2 seconds because your comment was not original.

Live on in peace brobot

Out of curiosity, why can't you drive?
Also, couldn't you just get a job? You could learn to code and work for yourself if you don't want to work for someone else.
Also also, you're not even ugly, just fat.

Well it was a fun ride at least

Try livestreaming it, and if not at least some photos and timestamps will do. One last goodbye you know, it may even appear on the news somewhere

i cant drive because of my autism it doesnt let me focus. and i dont know anything about computers or even have one im posting from my tracfone

i will and ya if not time stamped photos ya, i really want to have my mom feel very guilty for this. she will be so hurt like yes!!

user here is right, OP if you went to gym 3 times a week and did cardio for an hour or two you'd lose weight. You're not even ugly and killing yourself now would be killing yourself without knowing your potential

Thanks for answering. If you do end up giving yourself a game over, I hope it goes well. Good luck either way.

>Using autism as a clutch and not even having the decency to learn about computers online

i dont even know how to use my android trakphone. im using google chrome app to post here xD

stop using snapchat filters

go to the fucking gym

Hey user, why don't you try out the group home?
I know it might be hard to appreciate right now, but a detox from places like this might actually do you well. Your current way of living hasn't worked out for you so don't be so stubborn about someone forcing another path onto you. This site is a fucking sore on the mind and really shouldn't be used by half the people here. Nobody will remember you and nobody is saving your pictures. Not trying to be hard here but if you're taking solace in an online legacy on a site full of other suicidal rejects you're fooling yourself.

lol true
im sure i wont be remembered, i just came here because i spend like 15 hours a day on this site. so i felt they deserved a goodbye.

Was there anything you wanted to do before you died, user? Like go sailing or visit Japan?

snapchat filters cant hide that disgraceful lack of a chin because of your fat. go to the fucking gym. take regular pictures once you get fit. invest in your fucking self

all i ever wanted was to have a family a cute sexy wife and a kid :(

lol i honestly love this dont take rispradol kids, shit made me fat asssfff

You need to get some perspective user. Have some empathy for your parents.

I don't say this to make you feel bad, I say because I was in a similar situation for a while.

How do you think it feels to have a baby boy, to have hopes and dreams for him, and for him to end up some 28 year old hikikomori posing with his dolls for his "online friends." They probably made excuses for you for a long time, convinced themselves you were just a late bloomer, but there comes a point where you have to face reality.

Your parents look working poor, having someone like you is a massive strain on them and they are probably going to have to retire later than they otherwise would because of you, and they will have no one to help take care of them when they get older. They are putting you in a group home because they can't support you anymore and because just being around you fills them with shame/regret. They will be devastated when you kill themselves and might follow suit.

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they will be relieved when i kill myself. and your legit right you know me well just from these pictures, i have around 809 online friends on my facebook and we text all day, i didnt even tell them im planning to die, theyre clueless...

are online friends for losers? because i didnt think so.. but ok

You're saying that to me so I leave you alone but I know you're hoping you're going to be remembered. That's why you're streaming it online.
You won't be. Clips might be saved to liveleak or something but there's a million guys out there who blow their brains out all the time with no legacy. No memory. No "remember autistic user #4245?" posts on the anniversary. Nothing.
Try out the group home. In time you'll learn not to resent your mother for trying to help you with the only means she has left. You might even be able to buy her something nice.

your love with that toy sure is twisted faggot kys

kill yourself

Your child isn't your future investment or property, they are an individual and if you can't respect that you honestly don't deserve to have children because you will make their life hell and drag your own life down with them.

im never having a fucking kid because i might make op the second

if youve been browsing this board for so long youd know that attention fagging isn't robot like at all and self posting is against the rules, so long you retarded spic

I felt the same way user, I thought no one cared. Your parents care about you user, more than any of your online friends or anyone here. Online friends come and go but your parents love you, if they didn't they wouldn't have supported you so long. As hard as it is to believe the reason your parents are setting you up in a group home is because they love you, they see this isn't working and that something needs to change.

You seem to ignore the meat of my post though, probably because if you thought about it you'd probably have to consider what it's like to be your parents and how they must feel.
I think expecting your kid to be a doctor, to like the things you like, or have the personality you want them to have are unrealistic expectations that you shouldn't place on your children. I think wanting your completely healthy kid to do literally anything at all with his life and not be living with you once he's 28 is a pretty reasonable expectation.

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how the fuck did you know im mexican without me saying shit. wow

ok but i never lost even one online friend

I went to mental health group meetings where many of the individuals were from group homes and the females hated theirs to the point of crying about it. Maybe the guy ones are better but I don't know. I only knew the one male autist and he didn't seem to mind it. Guess it depends.

yea. they have strict regulations on online time, so people who have their whole life online lose it all. to a room of silence, stuffed animals... and play doh..

>severe autism
>non white
>no chin

Just let the poor guy die and stop torturing him. Can I just say OP, no offense, but your mom looks low IQ as fuck. Whatever you have clearly came from her.

thanks ya she is trash and i hate her. i hate my whole life. im only to glad to die, i know other friends who are NEET and loving life, but they have wealthy parents, i dont. my mom gets gov assistance too...

my friend whos parents are billionairs, lives in a manchen, goes on Jow Forums all day on his expensive ass computer, that guy. is the luckiest autist alive. he lurks here, but he wont see my post, hes offline rn.

why the fuck is your dad licking your mom wtf

Why does she get gov assistance? And why did your dad marry her? He looks normal and self aware, she looks like there's really not much going on inside her head.

are you sure your little billionaire friend is telling the truth? if he is why not just move in with him?

Maybe he wants to see what she tastes like.

because shes unedducated, my dad is a social recluse with a job, i suspect maybe he had no moves.

hes telling the truth i got him on facebook they are high class his entire family. but hes in the UK and he says his parents dont want me when they already got their son.

its a shame, but yeah they wont 'adopt' me.

so he sits there with every fucking video game he could ever want, etc. fuck him low key. hes the luckiest NEET i ever met, two successful parents and a whole family of wealth. hes lucky.

taste like fucking curry and poor dreams i bet her pussy is hairy as fuck and if its shaved its all stubble because you know that fat cunt doesnt put no effort into her shit.

This world is not a kind place rip my nigger, I never knew you

Well I'm gonna go to sleep. Save the timestamps for me anons

Whew, lad this is just rancid. My your body be cleaned up quickly and your parents be happier. Disgusting, I hope if anyone sees this it's to serve as a warning

>exit tank
you're gonna fuck it up and you're going to go into a mental institution instead of a group home. The most reliable method is clearly a big honking gun but retards like you don't even deserve death.

Good luck man. Originally that is.

Bruh why not just eat and sleep at the group home and chill somewhere with free WiFi

I assume you will an hero tomorrow and after reverse image searching I found nothing so I will save all of these pictures and post them all again on 2/15/2020 and every year of my life for as long as I live I respect your courage OP and I know there is no changing your mind you have more balls than any of us OP godspeed
Your fren -Mason

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