Do you regret choosing your college major?!

Do you regret choosing your college major?!

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yes. i regret going to college in general. my time there is proof that i should kill myself

Software Engineering. I guess I don't regret choosing it specifically, but I definitely regret going to college. Slaving away for a few years just so I can get in ridiculous amounts of debt and slave away for the rest of my life to pay it off.

yes, would rather go into wall street finances

not really cause i ended up at a top program. ideally i would've went to a better undergrad and worked for a few years before going but oh well

No, because my major is interesting and has good job prospects.

Yeah, I've been groomed since a young age to be a doctor since every Jewish family needs one. I hate interacting with people though and should have done some CS shit instead since I've always grooved with those nerds more than these overly saccharine pieces of shit.

Im considering economics

Meme or no?

Yes. I majored in econ. Should have gone into Data Science or mathematics. Those things open more doors than they close.

i majored in econ. its good if you are at an ivy league school or planning going to graduate school

meme as hell, from my understanding 99% of it is making connections

I majored in Math but I went to medical school.

I don't regret majoring in Math because it was honestly, really fun. I love Math, I'm just naturally good at it. For me, when I was deciding a major I just wanted something that would be good as a backup plan but would still be easy on me, but I also wanted to stand out. Math majors are less than 1% of med school applicants, we stand out a ton.

People always say Math is obscenely hard work but it really isn't, at least not at my uni. There's a lot of practice and refining your techniques but in terms of workload, some of my classes just outright did not have homework or outside of class activities. The onus was on you to take the time, practice and do well on exams. The professors would give us study guides or review sheets and whatever but that was all optional. There was a semester where I took 3 Math courses at once and none of them had mandatory homework, it was fucking great. As a pre-med student, that's a godsend. The classes were great, the professors were always chill as fuck, cracking jokes, it was really laid back.

It was a super casual major for me. I breezed through that shit. Most people major in Biology as pre-med, those people are fucking stupid. If you don't like Biology and you're pre-med, do yourself a favor and do literally anything else. My fellow pre-med friends were always talking about these papers and lab reports and tests and all this shit they had to read. I was laughing my ass off. Biology was fucking brutal at my uni, it was pure suffering.

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Yes. I chose microbiology because everyone said go stem and my parents wanted me to go to medical school.
I got accepted but choose not to go after graduating because I had a mental breakdown. I couldn't handle the stress, had no way to pay for it and am generally dislike people. So I was left with a meme degree I couldn't get a job in and now I'm a shitty wage cuck that hates my life.

what about a top 50 uni

i really like econ and cant see myself doing math or premed

International relations. Switched from accounting cuz that shit sucked. Been 2 years since I graduated without a full time job. I wish I fell for the "go to trade school" meme cuz it actually works. And to think i wanted to get into politics. What a laugh.




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time will tell
I don't think I will as I like it and if im good at least I won't scrub public bathroom toilets

Only if because I'm 70k in the hole right now because of my degree

It's kind of useless, but at least I enjoy history a lot. I'd rather be broke doing what I love than be a miserable autist who followed the CS meme.

American Studies... american studies... have a not bad paid job now though.

yes, i wish i had let the sacred dice decide for me

yes, chem eng is a retarded meme with no openings. Don't fall for the stem meme, get a trade

> CS

Meh...I like it, its a saturated market and Im not even half as motivated as most of the people here, but I like the field, even now that Im working I still enjoy it.

Im short, it was the best option I had.

Are you an Aussie or Kiwi?

Was majoring in environmental science but decided to switch it to premed because I wanted a career in the medical field and thought it would be more applicable. I originally chose environmental science because I thought it would be reliable back-up field that I'm also kind of interested in if the med field didn't work out, however upon further reading I discovered that any field in STEM worth its salt requires at least a masters, this prompted me to switch considering I wanted to utilize my post-undergrad education on med school. So I adopted an all or nothing attitude.....

Is what I read about STEM true? Did I fuck up and shoot myself in foot thwarting my contingency plan? I steel have cold feet about my decision....

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yes. i chose math because i am good at algebra / formulaic math, but there are hardly any jobs available that aren't inextricably linked to programming. i switched from comp sci to math after a year because programming made me want to off myself, but real actual private sector jobs in anything but financial analysis are basically just programming anyway

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>incestuous, clannish tribe that infiltrates societies but never integrates
>Exclusive religion that looks for no converts but prioritises exclusivity
>Favours Finance, real estate and the law, trades that produce nothing but money with as little physical effort as possible
>Infiltrates every level of media and government to spin doctor their views into society
I don't even believe in an overarching Zionist conspiracy, but surely you must see how poisonous you people are. Even if it's not controlled by a central movement, the activities of the Jews are never going to inspire love.

I majored in Chemistry. I like it, I'm getting my Masters.

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>going to college for network technician shit
>am only ambivalent about IT
>taking an English course right now
>really like it
A line of work that I would actually enjoy the work of is being a copyeditor, but being a network technician would be pisseasy and I could probably watch anime all day during shift. Getting a bachelor's would take time that I honestly don't have due to starting school late, and an English degree comes with a lot of uncertainty. Don't know what I should do.

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I picked CS because I wanted to get a good paying job that I enjoyed. The problem is that the classes are hard and heavy in my weakest subject, math. Hence I am now the broken wreck of a man I am today. Should have taken something easier.

Nope, I wasn't retarded and picked something gud. Got a real office job paying 40k with zero experience. Not telling my major because it's already getting swarmed by fuck-ups trying to retrain.

CS, I enjoyed it because I like the subject but I would probably have been better off to minor in math or something instead of Spanish and I spent too long staying in a backwater town where the programming jobs don't pay that well; I'd really like to pack up and move to a coastal city nice since I have some decent savings but I'm not sure how to break into the job market in major tech cities since I assume there's a thousand times as much competition for jobs there

what is this girl's name and what is she from?

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dont know her name but she looks like that one whore from huniepop2

Jessie May?
There's a resemblance but that's not who.

Thank you though.

College? I'm a high school drop out no college no worries

Rachel from Blazblue in bimbo attire.

Muchos Gracias my friendly user.
Is there anything I can do in return?

give me head

Yes but regret coming home from class to stay in my room and watch anime the entire 4 and a half years much much more.

Sorry I'm not a gay.

Be happy. One of us should be so lucky.

Not a jewfag like you but I'm a medfag. Always thought how it would be better if I did CS, but then I realized, nobody will respect you, as csfags are just a bunch of reclusive code monkeys. They all just go on Jow Forums and slave for retarded corporations, at least as a doctor you help people which is a way more impactful imho, CS is just another McDonald's tier wagie job

I regret being born and every other decision I made since then.

so really you just hate people in finance, real estate, and law?

>I regret being born
>and every other decision I made
Please tell us how you chose to be born user

I double majored in Comp Sci and Japanese
I have absolutely zero actual work experience in comp sci and I am completely unprepared to start working in the field
I'm not fluent in Japanese
I have no idea what to do


I started off aerospace engineering, but I never applied to any internships and the like. Only did engineering to please my father really. I didn't want to work for a defense contractor or military applications when I started, but I had naive hope to work for NASA or something similar. I was also naive to the way that the industry typically operates (contracts out to defense contractor type companies, NASA is mainly overhead). If you don't get a security clearance through an internship, they won't consider you usually (you get filtered out) once you are out of college. I learned only a minority of aerospace engis really work on the space side of things. I became disillusioned with the major, failed to see the point, stopped attending class, and nearly failed out my mid junior year.

I eventually returned and finished a hybrid aerospace/physics general type degree that really isn't applicable to anything, after destroying my GPA and potential for grad school. I had originally wanted to do astronomy/geophysics in high school, but I didn't see much of a job market for it unless I stayed in school forever. Kind of wish I had just started with that, as I had would have been far more motivated. Minored in it. It wasn't until my senior year one of the astronomy professors asked if I wanted to do research (thinking I was a grad student), but I declined as I was graduating. Department was small and needed people. I should have said yes and had a reference to maybe look past my awful transcript.

Work doing oceanography/geophysics now, but stuck on the entry level of things. Might go back to school eventually, if I can find a way to get rid of my shit past transcripts.

Long story short, if I had done what I had wanted originally I would have been better off. I shouldn't have tried to do something my parents wanted.

Yes, applied math
I was good with math in middle and high school and at first thought shit was cool but by the end of my first year I was super depressed and had to take a year off
Now in my third year and I'm still pretty miserable, all subjects feel like a chore but I get by thanks to depression pills and therapy

Yep. I'm also kinda autistic and studying medicine. I see it as a way to get better at social interactions. Also I don't have that much of a problem if I'm the one having the power over a conversation. And if it doesn't work out I can still go into research and do lab work, never seing a patient in my life.

In law school atm, i'm shit at theorical stuff but all my teachers have told me that practice is a whole new story and from what i've heard at the family table, i'm probably going to enjoy it.

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if you're from LA I think I know who you are

Computer engineering don't know how to feel about that

Yes. Physics Teaching. Learned a lot and it was nice, but it was a rather specific major, and if you didn't get into the field you're basically SOL. And I didn't get in, for whatever reason. Blew an interview, obviously didn't have a car, or whatever, but I wasn't wanted, despite sterling recommendations.
Which is fine, because I like my job now, but it definitely didn't need the degree - or any degree. If I had known I just needed the relevant work experience, which I got as a student employee of the uni, I would have done something more fun for my degree. Like Astronomy. I did that as several of the physics electives, and it was a relative blast. Always liked it, but never considered it because I don't want to do research, and I didn't see any other avenue for the future there. But doing babby-tier research (but still real, actual research) for class was quite fun and interesting.

Yes, high school teacher here

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yeah, i was studying compsci but fucking hated it so i'm switching majors to arts this semester. despite this being the thing i actually enjoy i'm pretty sure i'll regret it once i'm graduated and only capable of getting shitty jobs