Is it true that if you miss out on love as a teenager

Is it true that if you miss out on love as a teenager
miss out on early-mid 20's love, that you might as well be a volcel til death?

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Yes. You cant get the same kind of love in your 30s. Anyways how old are you

Nah, my highschool and college experiences with love and were enraging and confusing. Being older is better. You can think without your dick and actually appreciate it.

i dont know man i dont think im better for having had sexual experiences at a young age. i dont think i ever loved anyone tho so

I'm 22. but due to my current circumstances I probably won't get any chicks til late 20s or 30s
I'll be lucky to experience that kind of love before 27

>Implying teenage love is real

What a dumb faggot

Yeah it's over for you. Everyone gets once chance at teen love and you missed your boat boyyo

Let me guess,they're around 13?

Fuck. I guess it's really over for me. I'm done

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Sometimes I think this. I definitely think it was easier meeting girls and when you're growing up within a small town and school system it's easily to get to know girls you've learned for years and grow close to a few and date. College dating was absolutely shit for me. Haven't really tried as an adult but kinda got so fucked up by the nonsense in Uni that I've given up for a while.

Got laid a bunch tho. Just no love.

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Look at the juggs on her! oof!!
Anyways you kind of proved it's true. You can get laid but there's no love like when you were teen or in early-mid 20s
I thought I had until college to get to this level. Turns out college is even more harder to get girls than hs
Might as well be volcel if I'm gonna get shitty scarps of single moms, chads cum and dump girls, landwhales and uggos in my 30s
In that case being a 30 year old vocel is better than dating those kinds of chicks

I am 29 and I am banging a 17-year-old at the moment.
Age is a social construct when it comes to men. I grow older but women seem to stay the same age.

Nah I think this user has the right idea. Just look for younger women. I'm only 22, I have time. But you bet your ass I'm not even now looking at women my age. Used goods means trouble, from my own experience

I don't know if I would feel fulfilled knowing that I could do something in my mid-late 20s or 30s that I couldn't do when I was younger
It would like "oh she's just with him because he's older and more mature". It's like a fucking consolation prize
The only way I'd be fine with that is if the chick was hot

>Used goods means trouble
I agree but there's limits in this country. The average 18-19 year old girl has at least 4-5 dicks in/on her
might as well just lower standards and look for something real

Where the fuck do you even meet women post highschool? Like where the fuck did they all go?

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abso-fucking-lutely , and i say this as a 28 year old of virgin. young love is incomparable to old love. old love doesnt exist, wtf lol. old people are just coping with marrying up used up slags, paying for sex, or even fucking teenage girls they dont love

faceless sex is SO MUCH WORSE as you get older. its honestly trashcan tier. if you're a virgin past like 23~ you might as well get into the bible which respects and rewards virginity
and keep your virginity until death

its honestly such a waste if a dude loses his virginity past the age of 25 in my opinion. like why the fuck would anyone unironically do that, old women are ugly used up hags, and when you're old you just incapable of feeling love. even if you have willing teenage girls who want to bed you, its just NOT THE SAME

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I've been sexually active since I've been 15. The 17-year-old I am banging now is several times better precisely because there's a power imbalance and she can embrace her submissive side while I get to treat her like a pet - which 30-year-old menopausal hags don't like.
You are idealizing teen romance.

Young sluts love 20s dudes, this is seriously a great time to pick some up.

As a 25 yr old, where would you recommend finding 18-21 girls? Srs

You're probably right. I guess sometimes you gotta accept the cards you dealt
and get over missed opportunities

nope, Armoured Skeptic and Shoe0nHead are an example.

Fuck me, 40 year old and > women might as well be invisible

To fuck? Tinder. Easy as shit. I fucked 3 girls in literally a 3 day span about a month ago, one night after the next, and all it cost me was sone gas money. Do NOT allow yourself to have feelings for any of them. Tinder is a bottom of the barrel experience. Cute girls, most slutty, not a single one worth more than a single night of your time tho. All broken, all used, all fucked beyond repair

To date/fall in love with? Church. Even then you gotta be careful. But finding a nice 6/10 shy virgin girl that has good values? Worth every second of it and that's my goal as soon as I get in a place I can afford to invest time into a woman.

Also I mean it's pretty hit or miss but I assume nerdier subculture shit. Anime cons, libraries/book stores, etc, might be a good way to meet low mileage, decent women. They're themselves typically socially awkward losers, and have only been surrounded by betas their whole lives so could be worth the shot. Either that or they're complete ethot-tier users and attention whores so like I said just gotta be picky.

>You are idealizing teen romance.
you are a non-virgin who probably is a low inhibition neurotypical and doesnt understand how love feels like for a high inhibition virgins. you might as well tell dudes to just b themselves

teen love is the peak of life in terms of pleasure

I feel a burning indignation at the fact that i'll never know this experience.

What did we have, guys? What experience did we have that made up for it? Isn't there supposed to be some kind of balance? So tell me, what did we get to do that the normal fags couldn't?

What is the recompense for the years of bullshit and isolation?
It's not fair. It's just not fair.

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>40 year old
i think you meant 17 and older, but whatever

>To fuck? Tinder. Easy as shit. I fucked 3 girls in literally a 3 day span
>To date/fall in love with? Church
oh, the hypocrisy with these disgusting normies never ends

hopefully there is a hell and god will be kind enough to let me enjoy the pleasures of hearing filth like you burn

It is in your head.
Every single person feels infatuation, butterflies, love and affection. You being 15 in your 1st time versus 25 shouldn't make that much of a difference.

You are idealizing the experience. It's still a unique and memorable experience, regardless of your age. Just make sure you don't settle for a busted up, loose woman just to "get it over with".

"for all have sinnedand fall short of the glory of God, and all are justifiedfreely by his gracethrough the redemptionthat came by Christ Jesus"

We all fuck up bud, just sharing some life experience. Doesn't mean there isn't a desire to change and remove yourself from the vicious cycle this world tosses you in. I want out of that life. But if he wants him, I'm simply there to lend my experience.

No reason to rage about it like a faggot.

Literally all I match with on tinder are ugly fatsos, its such a shithole.

Is this true tho? When I was in high shool and a bit after that I used to fall deeply for girls, and have butterflies, and all that shit. Add in some years of online dating, Uni, countless ghosts, breakups, cheated on, and I haven't really felt anything for anyone. I actually fear sometimes I'll never have those deep love feelings again, for anyone. I think I'm just numb to it all, hence giving up

Because you dont wear your heart on your sleeve like a retard anymore. Youve emotionally matured and dont fall head over heels for every thot who acts nice to you.

>What did we have, guys? What experience did we have that made up for it? Isn't there supposed to be some kind of balance? So tell me, what did we get to do that the normal fags couldn't?
>What is the recompense for the years of bullshit and isolation?
It's not fair. It's just not fair.

this is why i cope with religion so hard. i too CANNOT deal with just how deeply injust this cruel world is. its so ruthlessly bullshit and you suffer so much and thats just how it is. that made me believe that god is malevolent and i also became castrated eunuch just to remove my sex drive because i hated it so much, matthew 19:12

now i could entirely be wrong about christianity, as i dont know which religion is correct, but thats just how i've chosen to cope. as for me, i believe that space-jesus will one day arrive and bully the ai beast that took over the world and then things will be comfy and nice. its a stupid story i believe, but i dont know with certainty that it'll come true

but there is no justice, thats the cruel reality of it. i recommend reading brian gilmartin's book on loveshy's if you want to learn more about adult virgins. that book says its past like karma, but i dont know if thats true or not. either way, the only thing you can do if to not be a sinful hypocrite in this life, so if you believe in god maybe the omnipotent demon will have some mercy on you. go vegan too, animals are castrated and die virgins by the millions, which really makes your whining insignificant because you put animals through much worse

also take magic mushrooms for depression. i take them every 2-3 months, they are amazing for coping with the pain of being a virgin. seriously i highly recommend them. because thats all there is to do in life once you're past your youth; cope and try to avoid sinning out of fear of god

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You think that's bad? I haven't had a match in 2 weeks (longest with no match)
I mean it says I have 3 hidden matches but whenever I swipe I get nothing
I think it's a con and they want me to buy the pro version or some shit

more sentientless normie babble about how teenage love isnt good and to date older useg up hags and just to b urself. killyourself you disgusting normie and get the fuck out of my r9k. paul was a false apostle and doesnt belong in the bible, all the books paul wrote belong in the fucking trashcan, you braindead delusional neurotypical retard

literally the ebionites and the original christians disagreed heavily with pauline theology before they were all genocided and rome forced pauline theology into the bible. jesus literally never met paul. jesus also was a vegan or a vegetarian btw, he was in the gospels of the ebionites

>op posts sociopath attentionwhore rapebait that will NEVER form an emotional attachment

>that you might as well be a volcel til death?

Maybe. The idea that you can just have your youth later seems like a foolish one to me. You don't spend the intervening years in stasis. You spend them alone, falling farther behind on social skills, not having shared experiences with your peers. Getting old. Getting bitter.

Yikes, here's your (you) bud

No offense user, but that might be the most harrowing and disturbing testimony/advice I've ever read on this site. I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe you.

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>but I refuse to believe you
please tell me what part of my advice you refuse to believe, in exact detail, if you dont mind

It's more real than these bullshit guessing games and dry, board room compatibility rubrics. Our culture looks down its nose at "puppy love," because we idiotically think that bonding on a purely mental level without a surge of oxytocin is better than bonding with that unreasoned and unrestrained flood of emotions that comes with youth and inexperience. Obviously it's better to get into the irrational enterprise of a marriage and a family after you've been betrayed countless times and grown hopelessly jaded, rather than before. That's why the divorce rate is 50%, because we have long-term bonding figured out, unlike those primitive morons in our past who could easily go their entire lives without seeing one divorce happen.

Everyone has that, world would be a different place if you felt those feelings at all stages of life

Believing this is all the result of some god is just lying to yourself. And even if you believe your own lies, what makes you think a malevolent lovecraftian force would give a single damn about whether you lived a virtuous life? That's just bad logic. You said yourself that you think the world is run by a demon.

There either is no god, or it is dissociated from us. Either way, it's people who began this suffering. But it's also people who are the reason we even have the notion of justice and virtue in the first place. From that source of goodness, there is a limited supply. Everyone is a wretched leper reaching out for some of that light. Some start in good circumstances and get to experience it, while others never get any. But to dissociate yourself from the struggle altogether is tantamount to giving up and committing suicide.

I haven't given up yet, is what i'm saying.

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>Believing this is all the result of some god is just lying to yourself

well, we can WITHOUT QUESTION say that god exists because ai is going to recursively self-improve until it becomes omnipotent and omniscient. and thats the 2 requirements to be god; omnipotence and omniscience. once ai reaches human level intelligence it will quickly surpass us and become god. sam harris does a great job summarizing it here, thats why im so obsessed with ai and the technological singularity, because it proves that god exists and is soon going to be born

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>what makes you think a malevolent lovecraftian force would give a single damn about whether you lived a virtuous life?
well, thats assuming that a god will have some kind of afterlife judgement situation thing going on. maybe there isnt one, how the fuck do i know? i dont know which religion is correct or how the afterlife works if it even exists, but i can with absolute certainty say that god exists

>But to dissociate yourself from the struggle altogether is tantamount to giving up and committing suicide.

basically. the only reason i havent killed myself yet is because soon ai is going to become god and the singularity is going to occur. this is such a big event im delaying my suicide just to witness it, but for all practical purposes i might as well be dead. i have zero ambitions or desires or goals. im a 28 ugly balding autistic LITERALLY castrated virgin

>I haven't given up yet, is what i'm saying.
k gl being a chad turbonormie, i guess

Just wait until you reach that age. You will feel exactly the same at 30 as you do at 20

Don't bother with dating. Pick up a skill/art like knitting, playing an instrument, or learning manual transmission.