How does it feel to know that women see you in public they're laughing at you?

How does it feel to know that women see you in public they're laughing at you?

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>5'7 is a dwarf and a goblin

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>one inch is the difference between a boy and a king

Most women dont have that ridiculous amount of standards. It's just these dumb thots being retarded as usual. >inb4 being called white Knight cuck
Not all women are thots but all thots are women

A troll? They're aware that trolls are typically larger than humans in most fantasy settings, right?

>mfw 6'0 but still no girl because social retardation

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Fine by me. Gib goblin gf now.

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Literally google search "exposing heightism" and you will readily be able to ascertain that the likes and retweets combine into several tens of millions of women.

This comment is autistic in an adorable way.

Who cares, every woman that I see outside, I see her as a retarded thot, so it's fair enough.

Female sexual partners chart:
Above 10: Whose prostitute?
7-9: thot
5-6: cum dumpster
3-4: whore
1-2: promiscuous
0: queen

It doesn't even make sense how it goes straight from a boy to a king. No "a man" ranking? No counts or dukes even?

>tfw 5'11


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No wonder she sucks at dating if she got standards like that you already know she a ugly landwhale
>5'3 demigod

"Lmao these guys can't even control their genetics! Fucking FREAKS!!! I need me a MAN, honey. No little boys."

.t. Unlovable ugly whale

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>mfw 6'0
manlets btfo

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what is this meme. I'm 6'3 and fairly attractive but everyone still hates me especially females.

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uh, actually it's a goblin and a troll according to the chart.
>being short AND having poor reading comprehension

>ITT americuck problems

this is a big meme stop falling for it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>idealizing something so arbitrary as height
Only a women could be so brain-dead shallow

Don't fell for for this meme, being tall doesn't help at all, actually is shit af, everything is more difficult to do because the whole world was made for people shorter than you live. the attention that you gain is not good, like if you are tall and ugly (like me) just more people will see that you are ugly

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This is stupid. There should be 2 more levels after instead of blanketing all dudes over 6 feet as "king"
>6'0- 6'2 Tolerable
>6'3- 6'5 Ideal
>6'6- 6'8 Prophet
>6'9- 6'11 God

Same but 6'4"

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Same with 6'8

>5'2 is toddler AND dwarf
>5'5 is dwarf AND goblin
>so on

Who the fuck is the retard that mad this incorrect graph? Must have been a niggres

>trying to get people to feel bad for you because you are tall

I just want one more inch and then I'm a King

>tfw 5'9
>tfw troll AND boy